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How to Make Wedding Cake Yourself at Home?

To make your wedding cake yourself, first you need to select how much inch layer you need- 6 inches, 8, 10 or 12, better it we take the big one 12 but remember, for this you need to use hand held mixture to beat the egg whites. Therefore, you should have an extra-large standing mixer.

For 12 inch layer you need two cups of cake flour, two teaspoons orange extract, one cup of butter which is melted, four teaspoons grated orange peel, half teaspoon cream of tartar, two cups of superfine or granulated sugar, twelve large eggs.

For making a cake you need round cake pans of different sizes for making different size layers, which should be height of two inches on sides, cardboard cake rounds of different sizes, this will be sold in cake decoration supply stores. Plastic drinking straws or 1/4 inch of wooden dowels, a narrow flat-bladed offset or icing spatula, a pastry bag and a plain 1/4 inch tip for piping cream at base of each layer, decorative tips for piping and any embellishments on the finished cake.

First butter the bottom of the appropriate fan, then line the bottom with the cooking parchments, or a waxed paper, butter paper and dust with flour, to make each layer of the cake.

Then in a bowl, stir egg yolks, melted butter, orange peel and orange extract together. In a large bowl, with an electric mixture at high speed, beat the cream of tartar and the egg whites until the mixture holds the very soft peak. Add sugar and beat it again to dissolve the sugar completely and the white should hold stiff and shiny peaks. Then add whites to yolk mixture and sift flour over the whites, then using the flexible spatula, gently fold in deflating the batter as little as possible.

It is the time to scrape better into the preparation pan and then spread the level. Then bake it in 350 degree Fahrenheit oven until the top springs back when lightly pressed in the center. Here we took 12 inches then we have to keep it for 50 minutes. Then set the cake layer on the rack to cool completely, after that runs a knife on the edges of the cake to release. Invert the layer onto the matching sized cardboard round which should be corrugated. Peel off the paper.

Repeat the procedure for other layers by changing the pans and quantity of ingredients as per the size. For example, half the quantity of the ingredients for eight inch layer. Make the cream as you like but here we have chosen orange flavor so make the orange cream, and apply on the layers, then arrange one by one according to the sizes after applying the cream. After that if you want to decorate the cake then decorate as per your choice. You can also decorate it with the original fresh flowers that give pleasant look.

These the procedure to make the wedding cake, hope you will make one on your wedding to surprise your partner.
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Guidelines for Writing Thank You Notes on Receiving Gifts

In western culture, before wedding, gifts are sent by guests who receive invitation from the couple who are going to be married. The couple who receives the gifts will reply to the guests by writing thank you notes to them because they are participating in the couple’s wedding to make the wedding more special and memorable day. Most couples get confused about what to write in the thank you note and how to reply it. Here are some of the guidelines listed below for writing thank you notes on receiving gifts.

  • Don’t pick the readymade thank you cards for replying your guests. These are simple and just have one word “Thank you”.
  • Always write with a pen and take your own time for writing words in a thank you notes which will make the guests feel great.
  • Sincerely write the thankful notes about the gift and be thankful to them. And also write mentioning the name of the gift that sender sends by giving brief description. Thus, if someone sends you a dinner set, mention in the notes by writing “thanks aunty xxx for sending dinner set which will be helpful in my kitchen”.
  • If a large group of workers have sent a single gift, then reply them with a single note addressing all the workers.
  • If they send gift in terms of cash then reply to the sender by mentioning how it is going to be useful for their household spending. Here don’t mention the amount in the note while addressing.
  • If you received a damaged gift then don’t mention in the note to the sender, instead find out from the department store.
  • If a gift that is sent by the guest is not according to your taste, even then write thank you notes for the guests.

These ‘Thank you’ notes can be sent before and after wedding but be careful of correct timing.


Tips for Successful Outdoor Wedding?

Planning a wedding outdoor will be a great and will have unique experience but you have to be more careful in hosting. Weather conditions, strong storms may ruin your entire big day to the worse day. Therefore, outdoor wedding takes too much planning, forethought and attention.

Following are some tips for successful outdoor wedding:

  • First set up a location where you want to celebrate your wedding and also take permits of that location because some local authorities do not allow you until they give permission.
  • Choose a location which should has both indoor and outdoor accommodations such that you will have an alternate option if any changes happen in the weather. This facility will make your guests feel comfortable from rain, cold and extreme sun. And also keep in mind that whenever you are planning your wedding, the sun should not fall on your head of your guests.
  • Make sure that location you selected should be clean, neat, and should look like a good view for your wedding. Location should not be selected where it is so clumsy, clutter, noisy places etc.
  • Always make your guests feel comfortable by providing cool bottled water in sunny days; provide heaters in extreme freezing and melting time.
  • If you are planning at an open place, make sure that you provide shelter from sun/rain.
  • Decorate your wedding location with a flowers, candles, lanterns, torches, and archways to enhance your outdoor wedding.
  • Inform to your guests that you are planning your wedding on outdoors and also inform climate and weather conditions to them such that they will also arrange how to come to your marriage.
  • Choose the dress for your wedding in such a way that it should be appropriate to your wedding.
  • Choose the menu in such a way that it should not be uncomfortable to guests. Remember here that choose the menu which are available in that location and of seasonal.
  • Provide non-alcoholic drinks before, during and after the ceremony.
  • Provide mosquito repellants in that area so that they will feel comfortable.
  • Choose a photographer who captures your photos with the natural beauty of outdoors.
  • Provide dancing stage to make your day more memorable.

Above are some of the tips you must consider while you are planning for outdoor locations.
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Wedding Venue Decorations According to the Seasons

Wedding is a special occasion in anyone’s life. Making it memorable is not a tough task. With proper planning and a bit of creativity, one can create wonders and can make their wedding an visual feast to the guests. Venue in one of the important aspects to consider in order to make successful celebration, followed by its decoration. Here we are going to discuss on the wedding venue decorations, that too according to the seasons.

Spring decorations: Spring itself is a colorful season, which signifies rebirth and a new beginning. This season is especially suitable to get married. Decorations during this season are also quite easy, since they are more related to the nature. Flowers, leaves, birds, flies, and any thing which is a part of nature could be your theme. If you are not planning to have a themed decoration, you can simply add bright colored flowers like daffodils, images of fruits like berries and so on to your decorations.

Summer decorations: Summer season can also be represented using wedding venue decorations. The main theme here should be the idea to reflect the warmth of summer. Moreover, warm colors are also a good choice in order to make the decorations more apt for this season. Colors like ivory, blue, pink, etc., are great additions to any kind of summer decorations. Flowers can also be standing images to represent summer. List the available flowers in that season and create a theme with single or a combination of colors.

Autumn decorations: The climate of the autumn itself gives a nice background to your wedding decorations. Garden weddings are preferable in this season. Even though you want to celebrate indoors, make sure that you are adding the key elements from the nature, like leafy tress, flowers in bright colors, which help you to reflect the theme of the season in your wedding decorations. Moreover, you can use the same themes in your invitation cards, in order to make the theme applicable to every aspect of your wedding.

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Best Wedding Car for Your Memorable Day

Wedding day is very special for every couple. They do all the arrangements for getting that special impression. They spend more money for getting special and beautiful things, to make the whole occasion look elegant and special. Among the many special things used in wedding, wedding car is given high importance. Couples want to choose a special car for their wedding. A good wedding car can express the wedding’s tradition and prestige. Wedding cars come in different styles like classic cars, modern cars and vintage cars.

Classic cars: classic cars also called as a traditional wedding cars are used in traditional weddings like church weddings. Most of the people use these classic cars. Classic cars come in large sizes which have wider inner space. Classic cars can provide the luxurious look to the wedding ceremony. Generally classic cars come in white or silver color with a red ribbon attached which is a mark of tradition.

Modern cars: Modern cars come with modern looks for the special day. These cars give modern as well as luxury looks. Modern cars are special as they come with unique facilities. Many luxurious car brands have developed their models like Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Rolls Royce etc., by giving a modern touch.

Vintage cars: Vintage cars are available in unique designs and so are used in unique wedding themes. Using the vintage cars take you back to the wonderful days. Vintage cars usage is rare because it is more expensive, yet people use these cars on their wonderful day to give a special feel.

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