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Tips for Choosing a Videographer on Wedding

Not all videographers having some skills use the camera. There are many things to look for in a videographer. A videography creates a video with all the sights and sounds of the event. This leaves as a memory of the wedding and can be watched over a lifetime. A perfect videography depends on how you choose a videographer.

Hiring a best videographer for a wedding is by looking at his previous work. See the entire video from start to end if possible to know how they cover the whole event and point out minor errors.
Choose the style of the video according to your comfort from different styles. The video should include most part of the ceremony and important parts of reception. The video styles range from a duration of ten minutes to ninety minutes.

Minimum number of cameras must be used to record the ceremony. They must provide a better coverage and create a good visual imagery. The number of cameramen should be suitable to properly cover the whole video. The videographers must use sufficient lights to record, else the quality of the video may suffer if proper lighting is not used. The cost of the videography is more in metropolitan areas. The expected cost depends on the length and nature of video coverage, number of cameras used, number of camera people and how much editing the videographer does. Finally an agreement is made with the videographer and whatever he expects from you is written in the agreement.

The clarity, audio, composition and quality of the video as well as the details of shooting and editing should be considered while selecting a videographer. The videographer should use latest technology and advanced equipment to give a video which you like.


What Color Car to Choose for Your Wedding?

The color of the car will depend upon the theme which you choose for your wedding. But traditionally white is the most commonly chosen, as white is the symbol of purity and truth. Therefore, white limousines are the better associated with the wedding event because of their color for making them more traditional. People generally hire white limousines on their wedding.

The white color car allows decorating more easily than others with flowers or the steamers by making the colors pop out. The white limousine is expensive compared to the other colors. The white color car has a coordinated look with the bride’s gown. It also gives hear a better picture and beautiful contrast in the photographs when they are set it against the church and with its environment.

Most wedding gowns are in pearly white, white is the tradition, and if you don’t want to deviate from it, choose the white color car for your wedding.

Some couples choose silver color car on their wedding, because they want their wedding day elegance and modernism. There are many varieties in the silver color limousines to choose from for your wedding day. It gives a chance to the couple not only to personalize the color but also the style.

Whatever the color you choose on your wedding ask whether the limousines are available in that color or not. Then consider what to choose.

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Top DIY Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding is more a tedious task. Many people hire a wedding planner to plan wedding process but it costs a few bucks. Instead of giving every work to wedding planner, do it yourself some works to save few bucks.

Below are some of the DIY wedding ideas:

  • Wedding cakes: Cutting a wedding cake is a tradition in wedding. Instead of buying a cake, bake your own decorate the same with delicate chocolate candied beads. Finally to look better, keep the cupcakes visible wedding cake form and use a few flower petals between them.
  • Bridal dress: Never select a dress given in the wedding magazines because it costs more. Instead, create a dress a lower cost, and make it special by choosing the right designs according to your taste. Even you can visit to the local stores which can give you discounts on bridal dresses.
  • Bridal bouquets: Professionally designed wedding bouquets are another area where a lot of money can be dropped quickly. Instead you get seasonal flowers from local stores and prepare it on your own. At last you tie with a satin ribbon at one side of the bunch of flowers.
  • Wedding accessories: Instead of buying necklaces, earrings directly in a jewelery shop you visit to the local store and buy individual gems and stones, and prepare a jewelry on your own. This saves you lot of money.
  • Wedding favors: Visit the local craft store and get a number of ideas from them. Select some boxes and fill with your own things and cover it with a wedding theme stamp. Now you can give it to your guests.

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Tips for Successful Outdoor Wedding?

Planning a wedding outdoor will be a great and will have unique experience but you have to be more careful in hosting. Weather conditions, strong storms may ruin your entire big day to the worse day. Therefore, outdoor wedding takes too much planning, forethought and attention.

Following are some tips for successful outdoor wedding:

  • First set up a location where you want to celebrate your wedding and also take permits of that location because some local authorities do not allow you until they give permission.
  • Choose a location which should has both indoor and outdoor accommodations such that you will have an alternate option if any changes happen in the weather. This facility will make your guests feel comfortable from rain, cold and extreme sun. And also keep in mind that whenever you are planning your wedding, the sun should not fall on your head of your guests.
  • Make sure that location you selected should be clean, neat, and should look like a good view for your wedding. Location should not be selected where it is so clumsy, clutter, noisy places etc.
  • Always make your guests feel comfortable by providing cool bottled water in sunny days; provide heaters in extreme freezing and melting time.
  • If you are planning at an open place, make sure that you provide shelter from sun/rain.
  • Decorate your wedding location with a flowers, candles, lanterns, torches, and archways to enhance your outdoor wedding.
  • Inform to your guests that you are planning your wedding on outdoors and also inform climate and weather conditions to them such that they will also arrange how to come to your marriage.
  • Choose the dress for your wedding in such a way that it should be appropriate to your wedding.
  • Choose the menu in such a way that it should not be uncomfortable to guests. Remember here that choose the menu which are available in that location and of seasonal.
  • Provide non-alcoholic drinks before, during and after the ceremony.
  • Provide mosquito repellants in that area so that they will feel comfortable.
  • Choose a photographer who captures your photos with the natural beauty of outdoors.
  • Provide dancing stage to make your day more memorable.

Above are some of the tips you must consider while you are planning for outdoor locations.
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Why Spring Time is Really Wonderful for Weddings?

Spring time is a great time for the weddings because it is the most fabulous season of all the seasons. Majority of the couples want to get married in this season only. They also believe that spring season provides a strong relationship between them. Another major advantage of getting married at this time is, couples can get natural wedding locations at this time.

In the spring season, flowers and trees flourish. They start blossoming again. This season gives more of good fragrance flowers. At this time, wedding decoration is also very inexpensive as people can get fresh and attractive flowers very easily. The wedding decorations can be done with more colorful seasonal flowers which are available at cheaper rates. Moreover, spring time weddings have the biggest advantage of beautiful weather accompanied by beautiful flowers, which make the whole environment in the wedding ceremony more like a fairytale wedding.

Spring time wedding requires the real time umbrellas. Spring season is generally associated with rains, so having umbrellas is an ideal thought. Spring time wedding also gives the rain favor, which makes the occasion even more memorable. One more advantage of the spring time wedding is, normally in spring season many attractive candies are available. These candies are available in many styles, with many colors and with many shapes. Candy decoration also provides additional attraction to the wedding ceremony.

Finally, spring time weddings bind the precious moments with the nature making it wonderful time for the weddings. So it is very friendly and most enjoyable time of all the seasons.

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