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Understanding Ad Servers

An ad server is simply a computer or web server. This server is backed up by a database, which stores the advertisements and used them in internet marketing. The web server delivers those advertisements to website visitors. The web server content is constantly updated, so that the ads displayed web page or website contains new […]

Advantages of Ad Servers

An ad server is a software platform. It tracks the distribution and placement of advertisements. Generally, most of the ad serving companies will provide suggestions and reports to maximize data benefits and to improve the campaign performance in the future. In this article we will see the advantages with ad servers. With an ad server, […]

Why Does Your Website Need an Ad Server?

Ad servers help advertisers, networks and publishers with ad trafficking, campaign management and ad management. Ad servers have so many alternative names, those are click trackers, affiliate tracking systems, yield management platforms, ad network optimization systems, click tracking systems, video ad servers, mobile ad servers, advertiser management systems, ad tracking systems, ad platforms, ad serving […]

How Application Monitoring is Helpful to Your Website?

The online businesses are growing with the use of web-based applications. These applications are important for setting the business strategies effectively. Network monitoring is different from the application monitoring. Network monitoring tools are standard at trouble shooting, reducing down loading time, doing research on website performance using different applications. Application monitoring is effective at accelerating […]

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