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Why You should Prevent Website Blacklisting

website monitorWebsite hacking makes your sites get blacklisted. This is because of landing the website on unsafe register were it gets malicious code injected in the site by the hackers. This is the major problem, most of the sites are facing today. This affects your business badly and the website doesn’t get indexed in search engines, which in turn affects your business. The common reasons for hacking are listed out below see to it and follow the tips for preventing your website from being blacklisted.

Reasons for the website being hacked
Compromising in many ways leads to the hacking and blacklisting of a website and some of the common reasons are:

  • Passwords that you are using for your website are of poor choice
  • Vulnerabilities in the web-applications
  • Vulnerabilities in the server level
  • Having insecure FTP connections
  • Using third party add-on

Therefore, in-order to avoid this you need to follow few ways through which you can avoid website from being blacklisted. See the below listed ways and secure your website from blacklisting.

Setup strong passwords: Usually hackers attack the mail servers and they can easily identify the password through the list of commonly used words. To avoid this vulnerability, users should use very strong passwords by combining the letters, numbers, symbols, etc. And also scan your local PC, network or workstations with good anti-virus software that is updated.

website monitoring serviceSecured FTP connection: For secured FTP connection you need to change the connection to any of the solutions SCP/ssh/SFTP.

Have SMTP authentication: The users should use the SMTP authentication to check for the spoofed emails which is a real problem for the website and enable the sender match authentication. This will reduce the senders spoofing mail accounts.

Check for vulnerabilities: Continuously check for the vulnerabilities in the website like malware, virus and try to avoid them with good anti-virus which shows the updated information regarding the threats. This avoids vulnerabilities in web-applications and also at the server level.

Check for the plug-in: Check if you are using third party plug-ins to your website. This may bring some vulnerabilities into your site. So, see to it that you use only reputed add-ons or plug-ins in your site and update them regularly.

Apart from all the above, having a reputed website monitoring service for your site will make your website to prevent from blacklisting due to hacking and protects your business reputation. Hiring a good website monitoring services will perform regular monitoring along with uptime and downtime monitoring of a website.
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Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting Services for Your Website

website monitoring serviceWeb hosting is a service provided by web hosting companies for maintaining websites through proper hosting. But the hosting company that you have chosen should be a good one so that your site will not face problems, or it will lead to issues as follows.

Doubt regrading credibility of the site
If your site is not maintained properly, and it is taking more time to load, your site visitors may doubt the quality of the information that your site presents. This may be because of the free web hosting service that you have chosen for your site.

Poor technical support
Free hosting providers may not give you technical support when necessary. For example, your site has poor uptime occurred due to a large number of sites hosted on a single website. Then, you may ask for the help of the hosting provider of your site. They may not cure your problem.

This make make the problem bigger, and may affect your site a lot in the form of decline in the number of visitors. It’s, therefore, sensible not to go for free or cheap web hosting service. Technical support must be given by the hosting provider whenever needed. So, go for the one that can help you when you need service.

No security
Security of the site is the main issue of concern in the free hosting because as it is free or cheap they host your site on a shared web server. In shared hosting, all the resources will be shared by multiple sites. There could be a chance of security issues like the spread of malware, virus attacks in shared connection, etc.

Limited features
Free or cheap web hosting service providers will give a limited number of features that may or may not be sufficient for your site like less space, etc. Sometimes this feature may not be useful at all. Therefore, before going for a free web hosting provider, you need to check the services and the features that they provide for your site are sufficient and necessary.

Search engines may ignore your site
Search engines may ignore the sites that are under free or cheap hosting providers thinking that those sites may not have quality information.

Thus, it’s not advantageous if you hire cheap/free web hosting services. Therefore, see the terms and condition, services and features of the service provider and then choose the web hosting service. This will be helpful for you and your site.


Hacked Website and Steps to Take When a Website is Hacked

website monitoring serviceIs your website hacked? Here are a few steps to identify a hacked website and also the steps to be taken after a site is hacked.

How to know a website is hacked?
There will be some signs for a hacked website. Some of them are:

  • Defaced website
  • Malware usage on your local system to identify the log in credentials.
  • Changing passwords of the site by the hackers
  • Using outdated software in your website.
  • Unusual activities in your website.
  • If you have technical skills you can just look up the files of coding in your website whether it has been changed by the hacker.
  • They place something really increases the bounce rate.

You can detect this problems by using some tools like Google webmaster tools, Better WP Security, etc.

website monitorSteps to be taken after hacking:

  • If your website is being hacked then follow the steps stated under to get rid of the problem.
  • If your website is hacked the first thing you have to do is tell the people or the visitors about your problem through social networking sites so that they will come to know otherwise there is a chance of completely loosing your website visitors.
  • If you yourself detected the problem and if you are able to rectify it then go to solve the problem otherwise approach your host.
  • Contact your hosting company. They will detect the problem and will take necessary actions.
  • Next thing is in your hands, change all the passwords and log in ID’s that your website is having. Change the passwords with strong/unbreakable passwords so that in future the problem won’t repeat again.
  • Install the software’s which are necessary and acts as a firewall to your website and avoids the problems like crashing, and also protects your site from attacks and injections.
  • All the files of your website must have a back up so, there won’t be loss of information.
  • Save all the drafts in offline cloud and also in your personal system. If any one of them is lost the other will be available.
  • Your local systems must also be scanned for malware and virus before saving the file.
  • Keep monitoring your site regularly to avoid further problems.

These all steps may help your web site free from hacking and also recommends you for future precautions and alerts.
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Four Reason Why You should not Hire a Free Web Hosting Service

monitoring serviceIt’s important to make your business’s website easily accessible to your customers/clients as well as visitor/prospects. For this, you need to look for web hose who could make sure that your website available to all anywhere and any time across platforms. While choosing a one make sure to research well. However, avoid choosing web host that offers service free. We have four reasons why you should do so.

1. Irritating over pop ups and advertisements
The issue is important not only from the owner’s point of view but also the customer’s side who may loose interest in the product and the firm.

Web hosts that offer the service at no cost feature pop up ads frequently. It may slow down the website and it may distract your visitors’ attention. They visitors may leave your site not to come back.

The unexpected and unwanted pop ups can be a major issue because it affects the aesthetic look of the website and tarnish the image of your business. It can go to negative popularity of the business and the brand.

2. Reliability and safety issues
Free websites are the favorite spots for hackers and viruses to corrupt computer systems and steal important information through phishing by means of attractive cursors or cell phone offers. Further, the integrity of the website is under threat related to content matter. Security is the key feature of a good web host, which free web hosting services can least provide.

website monitoring service3. Poor service quality and features
It is not worthy to ask for extremely or sufficiently good quality for what has been coming free of cost! Hence, needless to say that the features will be limited. The speed of access may be too low for uploading and downloading files. Similarly, the bandwidth may be limited allowing only a few users to have access to the website. Additionally, the uptime for the website is not guaranteed. The website can be down from the server from brief to long durations at any moment.

4. No customer support services
The free web hosting firms do not have customer support services in place as the service is offered free does not ensure quality. Therefore, during down times, the website owner will not get any technical support. Their grievances will go unaddressed.

It’s for these four reasons that your should avoid choosing a web host that offers the service free. Such hosting firms are websites of the those who want to do business with someone without offering service after getting the price.
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Understanding Ad Servers

An ad server is simply a computer or web server. This server is backed up by a database, which stores the advertisements and used them in internet marketing. The web server delivers those advertisements to website visitors. The web server content is constantly updated, so that the ads displayed web page or website contains new advertisements when the page is refreshed or visited by a user.

  • Ad serving: Ad serving is the service and technology, which places ads on websites. The purpose of the ad serving technology companies is to deliver the targeted ads based on the website visitor’s interest. These companies provide software to the advertisers and websites to serve ads, different advertisement campaigns progress monitor, count the ads, and choose ads that make advertiser or website most money. These will helps for an advertiser to determine Return On Investment (ROI) on a particular website.
  • How it works? When a visitor visits your website, it will display ads along with the content. If you are subscribed to a third party ad server, they place the ads. Means content is from your site and ads are from other website or server. Browser assembles all the information that fed from different sources because both website’s original content and the ads appear on the same page. To assemble the ads correctly, website directs the browser to collect the data from different website’s ad server.
  • Functionality: The functions of the ad servers are uploading rich media and advertisements, trafficking advertisements according to different of business, targeting ads to different content and users, optimizing and tuning based on results, reporting interaction metrics, post impression activities, post click, clicks and impressions. The other advanced functions are frequency capping which makes users to see the ads for a limited time as well advertisers can also set a frequency cap on spending of money and limit their ads. Sequencing ads provides users to see messages in a specified order. It is also called surround sessions.
  • Optimization and targeting: One aspect of this technology is semi-automated and automated. Which means targeting, placement, optimizing bid prices or other characteristics? Significant methods in ad serving technology include behavioral targeting, contextual targeting and creative optimization.

An ad server can be run by third party or locally or remote ad servers. Remote ad servers serve the ads different domains, which are owned by different publishers. The ads delivering by these are from a central source, so the publishers and advertisers can track their online advertisement distribution. It is single location for distribution and rotation of the ads across the web. Local ad servers are run by a single publisher. It can allow serving the ads to that publisher’s domains.
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Advantages of Ad Servers

An ad server is a software platform. It tracks the distribution and placement of advertisements. Generally, most of the ad serving companies will adserverprovide suggestions and reports to maximize data benefits and to improve the campaign performance in the future. In this article we will see the advantages with ad servers.

  • With an ad server, there is no need to rely on the vendors for your campaign statistics. The payment is not based on vendor report delivery, but it is based on actual delivery.
  • You can access the statistics throughout the campaign. These real time statistics will allow you to ensure and revisions of your campaign performance.
  • Removing the old ad and adding a new ad needs a few simple clicks.
  • Multiple ads can get displayed and rotate together in one placement. It is including ads from affiliate programs or ads from ad networks and from your own advertisers.
  • You can stay in control with the ad servers on your ads. From your available impression inventory, you know how often each ad takes, and where the ad shows on the website. Ad server can optimize your ads using your chosen criteria; it helps to display ads better and more often.
  • For audience engagement and efficiency, multiple creative pieces can be compared and used. Modification is easy for certain improperly performing creative pieces.
  • With the multiple landing pages, you can get the ability to compare and use various landing pages for each creative piece. In addition, at any time landing pages can be swapped out.
  • With the ad servers you will have the capability of serving and interfacing rich media.
  • You can test multiple ad locations or ad versions to see which is better for your revenue and for your advertisers.adserver
  • Advertisers have their own accounts to view CTRs, clicks, impressions and visitors seeing their ads. Since you put your advertisers in control, this is beneficial to them, or you can schedule a weekly automatic email report to their inbox.
  • Your advertiser and you can target a narrow and specific group of visitors from a specific time zone, interest, city, or region.
  • On the user’s web browser a cookie will dropped when they exposed to the ad. The banner receives credit for site visit, if the visitor ends up skipping the advertiser’s website.

Experiment and try with different pricing models like simple flat rate, CPA, CPC or CPM can be possible. Each of these formats can have a different rate. Promotion of own advertising opportunities or up-sell or cross-sell of other related products can do from the same spot. To display and manage the ads, ad server is a very flexible tool and that keep the ideas alive.
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Why Does Your Website Need an Ad Server?

Ad serving solutionAd servers help advertisers, networks and publishers with ad trafficking, campaign management and ad management. Ad servers have so many alternative names, those are click trackers, affiliate tracking systems, yield management platforms, ad network optimization systems, click tracking systems, video ad servers, mobile ad servers, advertiser management systems, ad tracking systems, ad platforms, ad serving systems, campaign management platforms, and ad management platforms. These names come based on the functionality of the ad servers. Now we will see why your website needs an ad server.

  • Tracking campaign statistics: Tracking campaign statistics is very important for any business. Without an ad server accountability of the campaign process and results. Ad servers provide the entire information that relating to your online marketing campaign. It will help you for future prospects.
  • Control over the ads: Giving ad tags to an ad network or a publisher to run in their ad server provides control over how ads are served, what ads and to which users. In addition, in the perspective of creative, can get more control over the ad formats like expandable ads, video ads, or running text ads. As well, ad servers also provide ability to optimize ad delivery.
    • Centralized management: Without an ad server, you have to depend on the publisher’s ad operations team for the campaigns creation and management. If the publishers are increased, logistical complexity will dramatically increase. If there is an ad server for campaign management, across all of your publishers, you can create a centralized management control, and in a single database can aggregate all the campaign statistics.

website monitoring service

  • Data control and ownership: With an ad server, you can control and own all of your campaign data. If do not have an ad server have to rely on publishers and there is no ownership and control over the data. If your campaign goal is return on ad spend (ROAS), must have to track the revenue. As well you may do not want to reveal how much profits you are making on the publishers ad inventory. In this case, ad server gives confidentially track the campaign performance metrics by controlling and managing your campaign data.

Several different ad servers are there. Those are for publishers, for agencies, marketers or advertisers, and for ad networks. The publisher’s ad servers are designed to maximize publisher’s revenue by serving the ads as highest paying is first and it is easy for the trafficking team or publisher’s team to start a new advertiser and monitor the performance. The advertiser’s ad servers help in campaign management. The ad servers for ad networks similar to publishers and in addition to them, it provides the information that the revenue produce by publishers.
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What are the Different Ways to Improve Website Uptime

website monitoring serviceIf the website goes down, the user requests will slow down and make it unresponsive. Website owners want their sites to have 100% uptime and many techniques can be used to improve the uptime and make the website work smoothly. Online businesses rely on quality web hosting providers to get reliable services. Software and hardware optimization improves the website performance and uptime. Different ways to improve website uptime are:

  • Optimizing the static content. It improves the speed of internet files and pages that get loaded.
  • Compressing the images by retaining the visual quality.
  • The web server must have a balanced load.
  • Split up the databases vertically, horizontally over multiple servers.
  • The software such as HTML and other emerging standards can be used. This contains built in systems which make the websites robust.
  • By making less number of HTTP requests to retrieve a website, the connection speed will remain consistent and less crowded.
  • The content management system must be optimized by decreasing the number of database calls for every page request.

The improvement in uptime of a web server and website can be accomplished by following few primary tactics. They are compressing the content, database arrangement, optimization of content management system, improving programming or software and upgrading hardware are few methods. The businesses will not suffer from uptime issues as well as improve the performance. Read the rest of this entry »


What Applications are to Be Monitored in a Website

site monitoringSince your website is online and accessible through internet, to overcome the online issues that degrade the performance of your site, it is necessary to monitor the website’s performance constantly.

If you won’t get time to monitor the website there are services called website monitoring services that monitor the website and ensures that your website is responding correctly.

In order to run an effective website the statistics of the website such as the amount of time in loading the site, response time and cart failure must be monitored by using website monitoring services.
Depending on customer needs, the following are to be monitored:

  • e-commerce transactions,
  • traffic and load,
  • changes in content of the website,
  • navigation of the website,
  • vulnerability,
  • website monitoring service

  • SEO online marketing results,
  • tracking visitor’s
  • links present in the website
  • page views
  • response time
  • CPU Load
  • hardware components like RAM, disk space
  • marketing progress
  • and more

The statistics of above mentioned factors, help immensely in making the website perform effectively. Read the rest of this entry »


How Application Monitoring is Helpful to Your Website?

website monitoring serviceThe online businesses are growing with the use of web-based applications. These applications are important for setting the business strategies effectively. Network monitoring is different from the application monitoring. Network monitoring tools are standard at trouble shooting, reducing down loading time, doing research on website performance using different applications.

Application monitoring is effective at accelerating the server speed while showing results. This is effective at eliminating the errors in websites and these are cost effective monitoring tools of the website.

monitoring serviceApplication monitoring is very specific at monitoring the particular locations and restricts its servers to find the errors at that particular areas. The collaboration between the networking monitoring and application monitoring is needed to set the optimum performance level and to eliminate errors.

Application monitoring is effective at monitoring each and every application, it provides the alert facilities on finding the errors. Application monitoring is easy and prompt at error detecting to increase the website performance. Read the rest of this entry »