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Know About Legal Translation

The translation of all the legal documents by professional translators is termed as Legal Translation. Compared to other translations, legal translation is bit hard to do because the translator should not only posses the knowledge of target language but also needs to have in depth subject on legal topics. Learning the language is very easy […]

Translation Memory and Its Benefits

A translation memory is a database that stores the segments which have been previously translated sentences or sentence like units. A translation memory system stores the words, phrases and paragraphs that have already been translated and they assist the human translators. It stores the translation units which are the pairs of source text and its […]

Importance of Good Medical Interpreter

Medical interpreters are generally used in hospitals, doctor’s offices, courts, conferences and any other medical area where the patient can’t speak the native language. Medical interpreting is a subset of public service interpreting, consisting of communication, among medical personnel and the patient and his or her family. A medical interpreter is a very important person […]

Types of Marketing Translations

Translations are not only confined to legal documents or websites, it is also an important part in marketing department. With the advent of internationalization, everyone is thinking of expanding their businesses. A business is sheer waste without marketing, as marketing is the only tool which connects the business with the target audience. Hence, when a […]

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