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Understanding Ad Servers

An ad server is simply a computer or web server. This server is backed up by a database, which stores the advertisements and used them in internet marketing. The web server delivers those advertisements to website visitors. The web server content is constantly updated, so that the ads displayed web page or website contains new advertisements when the page is refreshed or visited by a user.

  • Ad serving: Ad serving is the service and technology, which places ads on websites. The purpose of the ad serving technology companies is to deliver the targeted ads based on the website visitor’s interest. These companies provide software to the advertisers and websites to serve ads, different advertisement campaigns progress monitor, count the ads, and choose ads that make advertiser or website most money. These will helps for an advertiser to determine Return On Investment (ROI) on a particular website.
  • How it works? When a visitor visits your website, it will display ads along with the content. If you are subscribed to a third party ad server, they place the ads. Means content is from your site and ads are from other website or server. Browser assembles all the information that fed from different sources because both website’s original content and the ads appear on the same page. To assemble the ads correctly, website directs the browser to collect the data from different website’s ad server.
  • Functionality: The functions of the ad servers are uploading rich media and advertisements, trafficking advertisements according to different of business, targeting ads to different content and users, optimizing and tuning based on results, reporting interaction metrics, post impression activities, post click, clicks and impressions. The other advanced functions are frequency capping which makes users to see the ads for a limited time as well advertisers can also set a frequency cap on spending of money and limit their ads. Sequencing ads provides users to see messages in a specified order. It is also called surround sessions.
  • Optimization and targeting: One aspect of this technology is semi-automated and automated. Which means targeting, placement, optimizing bid prices or other characteristics? Significant methods in ad serving technology include behavioral targeting, contextual targeting and creative optimization.

An ad server can be run by third party or locally or remote ad servers. Remote ad servers serve the ads different domains, which are owned by different publishers. The ads delivering by these are from a central source, so the publishers and advertisers can track their online advertisement distribution. It is single location for distribution and rotation of the ads across the web. Local ad servers are run by a single publisher. It can allow serving the ads to that publisher’s domains.
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What are the Features of Mainframe Computers?

Businesses/companies rely on mainframes because of their great features. Here we help you know about mainframe features.

  • After processing massive amount of data, mainframes continue to perform the task accurately. No malicious attacks.
  • Mainframes are known for its long-term performance. Once installed and operated, they run for many years.
  • Mainframes can prevent huge loss by detecting problems in early stages.
  • Mainframes have higher capacity of processing levels to handle huge amount of data at reliable speeds.
  • These computers have high storage capacity because they process large volume of data and they have the capability of storing the data.
  • While processing data, some amount of workload is shared among different processors and input/output devices. This facilitates higher performance.
  • Mainframe system allows centralized computing of operations.
  • Mainframe systems can run multiple operating systems at a time and thus we can say it is not a single computer.
  • Mainframes gives access to multiple users and operate data simultaneously because of its time-sharing feature.
  • Input-output connectivity levels are at peak state.
  • Provides maximum band-width for input-output.
  • Handles and manages large number of users.

These features make large companies or business enterprises consider mainframes as their best computing device for processing critical applications.

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Facebook Timeline- Favorite Application of FB Users

Facebook timeline is the new application launched by Facebook. It is the application which has made the total look of a profile more appealing. Timeline consists of three parts.

Facebook Timeline Cover: This appears to be seen first when a user visits your profile. It is loaded with a unique image that represents the best of you.

Facebook Timeline Stories: This represents the story of your profile from months and years that is; from beginning, middle and till date. It shows the Facebook posts, photos, videos and life events.

Facebook Timeline Apps: It shows the social apps that represent who you are from the things you do.

Facebook timeline will become available for all user’s, once you activate timeline, you’ll have 7 days to preview your timeline to others.

Timeline allows users to select and highlight the posts, photos and life events which let you tell your story. Timeline also comes up with privacy options, letting you show the events only you wish to your friends.

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Understanding WAN Optimization

Wide area network is a type of computer network which covers a broad area. It is used to connect all the types of networks, so that people and computers in one area can communicate with the computers in other area. Each organization requires a private WAN, tailored according to the needs of the organization.

WAN optimization products, help in accelerating a broad range of applications accessed by distributed enterprise users by eliminating redundant transmissions, staging data in local caches, compressing and prioritizing data, and streamlining chatty protocols. WAN optimization also avoids packet delivery issues which are very common in WAN environments. WAN optimization helps in interconnecting the branch offices, vendors, partners and mobile workers. Generally an organization uses WAN optimization to cut down the costs and for reducing the network traffic.

Application performance management (APM), is the system which monitors and manages the performance and service of the software applications. There are two ways in which the application performance is measured. First is the resource used and the second is response time. Application performance management is related to the measuring of end user experience, which is the major criterion for measuring the performance of an application in the production.

Generally in WAN optimization Application Performance Management is used to measure the increase in the performance level and decrease in the reaction time.

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WAN Optimization Accelerates Application Performance

Faster application performance ensures that a business effectively renders quality services to its employees and customers. WAN optimization is essential to businesses that are using network applications at its headquarters to stay in touch with branches at remote locations through WAN. WAN optimization enhances the application performance by techniques like bandwidth management, caching, compression, and Protocol optimization and significantly accelerates application performance.

Improves Productivity
Slow speed of application performance really hampers the employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Use of WAN optimization techniques accelerates the applications over the WAN, speeds up the data transfer and reduces the end-user application response time. This in turn makes transactions faster thereby leveraging the employee productivity. WAN optimization reduces the time taken to complete repetitive operations and helps in increasing employee productivity.

The employees waiting for long time to get a transaction done or download a file can not give prompt service to the customers and it results in unsatisfactory customer experience. By eliminating the network problems and reduced throughput, the remote employees can access the network applications that are installed on other locations at a faster rate. Accelerating the applications over the WAN also helps the mobile workers making it easy for them to cater their services to consumers.

Reduces Bandwidth Cost
Using WAN optimization techniques like bandwidth management/QoS, caching, compression, and Protocol optimization can significantly reduce the usage of bandwidth which in turn pulls down the network costs.

  • In Bandwidth Management, limits are set on network applications as to how much bandwidth they can use. This ensures maximum utilization of existing bandwidth by critical applications without providing additional bandwidth, saving considerable amount of money.
    In Caching, the copies of important files are stored in multiple locations. The users need not have to download these large files every time thereby reducing the bandwidth utilization.
  • Protocol optimization decreases the transmission delays thereby increasing overall speed of transmission and transaction response.
  • Compression techniques help to reduce size of the data thus saving time of transmission. Compression helps to send data in a faster way thus increasing reducing load on communication links.
  • Compression and caching together help keep the communications link uncongested and reduces queuing delays.

All these factors reduce bandwidth usage which in turn reduces cost. WAN optimization allows users to access WAN applications at speeds similar to a LAN.

WAN optimization accelerates application performance by eliminating issues like redundant file transmissions, chatty protocols, network latency, packet loss etc. WAN optimization ensures consolidation of IT infrastructure of the business at remote locations thereby ensuring higher productivity at remote offices. Using WAN optimization, the businesses can reduce remote office infrastructure cost by effectively centralizing applications, data storage, and server at data centers.

WAN optimization techniques increases transaction speed, improves productivity, and reduces bandwidth cost enabling businesses to be competitive and focus on newer markets. WAN optimization implementation helps businesses to get excellent ROI on their investments by reducing bandwidth costs and improving overall productivity.

Source: Apsera Tech, Inc

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Uses of School Management Software

Each and every field needs the technology for the development and for the growth. As a part of enhancements in the technology, various types of software are provided by the technology for various fields.

If we take the educational software, school management software is one of the important software. In the schools the computers have a wide variety of applications. Coming to the school management software, this is used by parents, teachers as well as the students.

For the students, the software is used to access the needed books from the online library. It provides information about the schedules of the examinations. For the parents, it is used to check the performance of the kid as well checking out the attendance.

Just a single sign up of the account in the software will lead the parents to access the child’s performance. It also gives the information regarding the child’s extra-curricular activities. Effective communication with the teachers can be maintained using this software. Day to Day track sheet regarding the activities, lessons and tutorials will be mentioned in the software.

Along with the parents, this software is also used for the teachers. This software enhances the way of teaching lessons, to teach lessons according to the schedules. It also helps in creating reports for the meetings of parents and teachers. Communication between the teachers and the parents will increase which helps in tracking students performance regularly.

Apart from benefits to the teachers, students and the parents, this software is also helpful for the administration. Paper work decreases and manual errors get reduced.

Thus, school management software is used for making the student increase their performance.

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Benefits of Using Microsoft Exchange Server

To make e-mailing faster and more efficient, Microsoft has designed this software product called Microsoft exchange server. Most of the companies are using this server for e-mailing purpose.

The main benefit of using this Microsoft exchange server is that it improves the security features which are included in the package. For eliminating the different threats like viruses, spams, hackers etc., this software package plays an excellent role in maintaining its security features. Email will be remained confidential by using this software. By using this software package in any company, the company feels confident about the protected e-mail system and it even allows the employees to utilize the e-mail system at its full potential.

Apart from providing the security, the company even allows the remote access of the e-mail i.e. the e-mails can be accessed from any part of the world. Employees can respond to the company’s needs and can access all the documents from anywhere. The main reason behind making the e-mail and the contact management simple is the email platform that is Microsoft Office Outlook. It is used by the Microsoft Exchange Server for making trouble free e-mail messaging. By using this Microsoft Office Outlook, the features which are included are the calender features, Scheduling features, voice mail storage, and contact management programs.

Monitoring facility has also increased by the usage this server. By using the monitoring facility, the issues can be detected before the losses have occurred. Access to the address books, access to e-mail accounts from any configured computer and the file sharing can be done more efficiently.

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Know The Difference Between LCD, Plasma, HDTV, LED, and OLED

There are many technologies emerging in display devices like TVs. Every technology excels in particular feature of display and has particular method of display. Different technologies used in TVs are:

Before purchasing a television, know the difference between each technology and purchase the one which has features you desire and comes in your budget.

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Pros And Cons Between Analogue And Digital Electronics

Generally the information is encoded differently in analogue and digital electronics, the method they process a signal is consequently different. All operations that can be performed on an analogue signal such as amplification, filtering, limiting, and others, can also be duplicated in the digital domain. The first electronic devices invented and mass produced were analogue. The use of microelectronics has reduced the cost of digital techniques and now makes digital methods reasonable and cost-effective. There are all some main difference between analogue and digital electronics:

Noise: Because of the way information is encoded in analogue circuits, they are much more susceptible to noise than digital circuits, since a small change in the signal can represent a significant change in the information present in the signal and can reason the information present to be lost. Since digital signals take on one of only two different values, a noise would have to be about one-half the magnitude of the digital signal to cause an error; this property of digital circuits can be exploited to make signal processing noise-resistant. In digital electronics, for the reason that the information is quantized, as long as the signal stays inside a range of values, it represents the same information. Digital circuits use this principle to regenerate the signal at each logic gate, lessening or removing noise.

Precision: A number of factors influence how precise a signal is, mainly the noise present in the original signal and the noise added by processing. See signal-to-noise ratio. Fundamental physical limits such as the shot noise in components limits the resolution of analogue signals. In digital electronics additional accuracy is obtained by using additional digits to represent the signal; the practical limit in the number of digits is determined by the performance of the analogue to digital converters, since digital operations can usually be performed without loss of precision.

Design Difficulty: Digital systems are much easier and smaller to design than comparable analogue circuits. This is one of the major reasons why digital systems are more common than analog. An analogue circuit must be designed by hand, and the process is much less mechanical than for digital systems. Also, because the smaller the integrated circuit (chip) the cheaper it is, and digital systems are much smaller than analog, therefore a digital system is cheaper to produce than an analog.


Ie 8 Gets Hacked Inspite Of Microsoft’s Lauds

Microsoft is releasing Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla is into releasing Fennec and Google into New beta of Chrome browser. With all these big browsers with big brands entering into the market, a question arises how safe are they?

You know how hacking has become a serious problem. Amid of these it is not only viable to use the older browsers but also to use the newer ones’ without knowing their security levels.

When Microsoft was marketing its new Internet Explorer 8, the main features it lauded of were ActiveX lockdowns, Automatic crash recovery, InPrivate browsing and Filtering, XSS filter, Data Execution Detection, etc. The words are big, but did not work when they actually had to. It was hacked within few minutes, in 10th annual CanSecWest Conference. So you know the new IE 8, with all its big security features, is still vulnerable. And the vulnerability is said to increase by adding new add-ons to the browser.

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