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What are the Types of Marijuana Drug Testing

Marijuana drug test helps to know whether a person used marijuana drug or not. There are many types of marijuana drug test available to find out the marijuana drug abuse.

Urine drug testing: This test is most commonly used test to detect the presence of the marijuana in the body. This test is less expensive. According to the SAMSHA, cutoff levels of marijuana are 50ng/ml. For single use, the detection period of this drug is 2 to 3 days and it is 12 weeks, if it is habitual use.

Saliva drug testing: Marijuana drug testing can be done by testing the saliva as specimen. It is more expensive than the urine drug testing and cheaper than blood drug testing. 50ng/ml is the cutoff levels of the marijuana in saliva drug test. In this test, drug can be detected even after 12 to 24 hours of drug abuse.

Hair drug testing: This is other type of drug test to detect the marijuana, in which hair is used as specimen. Cutoff levels of marijuana in hair test is 50ng/ml. It detects the drug after 90 days of drug abuse.

Blood testing: This is one more way to conduct marijuana drug test. Marijuana is detected by testing the blood of the individuals. It takes four to six days to provide the results of marijuana drug test. This is expensive test.

These are the types of marijuana drug tests based on the specimen used.

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Rules About Employee Marijuana Drug testing

Marijuana Drug test is conducted to know the presence of the Marijuana in the body. Marijuana is the one of the commonly abused drug. If drug test shows any positive result then it may result in employment termination.

Drug testing is a new and risky, though drug testing of job applicants and current employees, is conducted by many employers. The gradual development in federal laws and state laws are trying to balance the privacy of the employee from the employer’s right to maintain work place as drug free place. There are five categories of employee drug testing. Such as:

  • Applicant drug testing.
  • Random Drug testing.
  • Post accident drug testing.
  • Scheduled drug testing.
  • Treatment-related testing.

If any employer wants to conduct marijuana drug test or other drug test for the job applicants, then it can be done after offering the job, otherwise no employer is required to perform drug testing. It is important for companies which have more than 15 employees and this is discussed in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It important to ask an individual, that any prescription medication is taken before conducting drug test. Employer should inform the candidate about drug screening is the standard part of the hiring process in advance and company should make sure that they test other candidates in a similar way. Prospective employee’s advance agreement in writing is taken by the employer. Employer makes sure about test is conducted by the state-certified lab.

Employer should speak to an attorney to make sure that their program is according to the relevant state and federal laws, before starting any drug testing program. Current employees can be terminated by employer for refusing to take drug test.

Employee should be careful and make sure whether the company has solid drug testing reasons, though drug testing has become common in every organization.

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How Does Saliva Drug Test Work

Saliva is the name of the sticky fluid which is present in the mouth of the human body. This is released from the three salivary glands present in the mouth. On an average for a day a human being releases 1000 milliliters of saliva. Now-a-days, this human saliva is often termed as the oral fluid.

Many people are using the drugs in an illegal way. One can detect the presence of the drug by using five testing methods which are commonly used. The testing methods which are used for finding the usage or addiction are Urine drug test, Blood Drug test, Hair drug test, Sweat Drug test and Saliva drug test.

Many organizations are preferring this saliva drug or oral fluid drug test because of the advantages. Some of the main advantages like adulteration cannot be done using this, privacy is not needed, cost of the test when compared to hair/blood test is less and simplicity. All these make the Saliva drug testing more usable. But apart from the advantages, there is a drawback that this test cannot detect the previous history of the drug abuse.

Working of Saliva Drug test:

  • Scrub is used for detecting the presence of the drug. Scrub looks almost like the tooth brush, but instead of bristles a swab will be used for detecting the drug.
  • The swab is placed between the lower cheeks and the gums for about two minutes.
  • Once the swab absorbs saliva, then it becomes completely wet and then it is put into the vial.
  • Then it should be sent to the laboratory for the results.
  • Now-a-days even home drug kits are available which can directly detect the presence of drug without sending them to the laboratory.

Thus, this is how the saliva drug test kit works for detecting the presence of drug.


Few Facts About Saliva Drug Test

Saliva drug test is useful to know the presence or absence of drug in human body. Saliva-Drug test can be done in many ways, earlier it was done through the urine tests, blood tests, hair follicle tests to find out the presence of drug in the body. Saliva Drug test has some advantages like simplicity, easiness, comfort in usage, and it can give fast and reliable results. There are some facts regarding saliva-Drug test, such as:

This Saliva-Drug test is also called as oral fluid drug test. Saliva is refined version of plasma, and the amount of drug can be traced and this ensures metabolites for a period of 24 to 36 hours.

Kits of saliva-Drug tests come in many shapes and forms. In general, this kit is placed in mouth of individual to test. The saliva is drawn by the kit through a membrane. This membrane strips get wet when kept in mouth. These strips contain media of antigen dyes. These act as an indicator. If the strip changes in color, it is considered as a positive result and it means that the person is using drug and there is a particular color for each drug.

Many drugs can be detected by this saliva-Drug test like alcohol, and it can be detected within the time of intake of 12 hours. And PCP detection period is few minutes, from minutes to next three days after taking the drug. Methamphetamine and Ecstasy can be determined within 3 days. Amphetamines can be determined from some minutes to 3 day after ingestion of the drug. Opiates can be detected within one hour to 3 days after consumption. And Cocaine takes from a few minutes to one day for detection. Cannabis will take a few minutes to one day after consumption of drug.

These are the facts about saliva-Drug test. This test has become mandatory in many organizations to test the employees, to detect the usage of drugs.

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