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HR Management: How to Handle Termination of Employment

Employment and termination of employment are both a part of employer responsibility. Sometimes the reason for termination of employment is humble enough but at times, it is terminated due to harsh acts of indiscipline or fraud related acts that goes against the values and interests of the company. The employer anger is justified in this case but the issue has to dealt in a fair and legal way in good faith keeping the anger aside. This makes the process of termination somewhat complicated. It is the responsibility of the HR manager to conduct the process coolly and in a professional manner keeping all the grudges aside.

Things to consider while issuing termination
The topmost priority of consideration while dealing with employment termination of an employee is the compliance with employment laws of the state and the federal government. The process should be compliant with the laws and ensure that laws are not violated. Violation of laws can lead to lawsuits against the firm and other penalties.

Next thing is the fairness of the process. The process of employment termination should not be influenced with his past activities and grudges. Clear reason has to be furnished regarding why the termination letter is being issued. In case the termination is issued without a cause, laws and legislation affecting it should be considered.

If the employee is entitled to some commission, payment or other benefits, they should be cleared. Generally notice period has to furnished for the effect of termination. In case of immediate termination, laws affecting the process has to be followed.

Exit interviews help in self assessment
It is a widely accepted fact that conducting exit interviews provides a valuable assessment of the company. An exiting employee is believed to speak only the truth and clear facts without any manipulations. Hence, the HR manager is recommended to conduct exit interviews for any employee before employment termination. This is helpful in many ways. An exit interview helps in recognizing the strengths and limitations of the company. This leads to identification of the areas where the organization needs to work upon in order to strengthen itself.

Suggested inputs can be requested by the interviewer. The employee may appear rude since he is speaking out the facts or he may be behaving rudely intentionally. The HR manager has to manage the situation coolly and wisely without losing temper. A good questionnaire has to be worked beforehand for exit interviews. Finally, HR manager can bid him farewell and express his gratitude for his contribution towards the company.

Handling exit interviews professionally and fairly as per law is important. Compliance with laws saves the organization from legal trouble and the fair trail of the employee fetch goodwill for the company. Exit interviews are a great source of self assessment and to know about the limitations of the organization. As in the popular culture it is said that employees are biggest asset to a company, even the leaving employee adds a lot of value to the firm through exit interviews.
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All You Need to Know About Head Hunting

Head hunting is a professional approach in searching, tracking and selecting people who are talented and are working in some other company. It is mostly used by large organizations. Head hunting differs from other recruitment process. Patience, commitment and much efforts are needed in this process. A lot of time is involved in this process. It is done to select the best candidate who can make your business successful.

Things that you need to know about head hunting:

  • Updating your profile: Your LinkedIn profile should be updated, as it will keep you in demand and noticeable. It should be updated with current information.
  • Using keywords: Keywords are used by recruiters for searching on Google and LinkedIn. If appropriate keywords are not there in your profile, you will not be ranked in recruiters search.
  • Reviewing your CV: Latest version of your CV should be loaded on LinkedIn and Google and must be given to recruiters as it will be saved in their database.
  • Registering with relevant recruitment agencies: Before registering yourself, see to it that the recruitment agency is relevant or not.
  • Making yourself known: Getting involved with networking groups, speaking at events, publishing articles, etc is the best way of making yourself known. In this way you will be recognized by many industries and head hunters. You will be approached by many companies and head hunters.
  • Be good and make yourself present: People will not like you, if you are not good, pleasant and fair (not in complexion, but in work). They may also not recommend you if you are on LinkedIn or Google.
  • Having a twitter account: Create a twitter account as twitter helps making someone more visible. To get double coverage, get linked to LinkedIn.
  • Posting your CV online: This is the best way of getting head hunted, as most companies search on website for talented candidates.
  • Creating a portfolio: Making a slide share power point presentation can also help in your profile getting raised.
  • Facebook: Facebook is often used to find out junior candidates attitude, your facebook privacy setting should be checked so that you won’t get overlooked by recruiters.

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Benefits of Hiring an SEO Professional for Your Small Business

SEO professionals design SEO services based on your business requirements to give you better rankings in search engine result pages. These professionals apply possible latest technologies which have great impact on your website to give successful results. Here you will see, benefits of hiring an SEO professional for your small business.

It frees you from understanding search engine algorithms: Search engines are smart and intelligent, they change rules in an attempt to prevent black hat techniques from delivering results. SEO experts have up-to-date knowledge on such modified algorithms and also on the nature of search engine in ranking sites. Based on this, they will make your site rank in search results. If you do it by yourself, it eats away your time, money and efforts in understanding how search engine works and how they rank your site. So, in order to avoid this, hire a professional SEO to save your time and efforts.

Understands your business requirements: SEO experts before starting an SEO campaign, thoroughly understand what are your business requirements like where you want to see your site in search engine. And also they do research on who are your target audience, what are the keywords used by your audience and also the strength of your rivals. Based on this, they set up a strategy to make up a successful SEO campaign.

You can concentrate on your business: When you hire SEO professionals, they will see all the activities relating to your site like optimizing, marketing and ranking. So, you will be having peace of mind to focus on the core activities of your business.

Delivers high end reports: SEO company provides you with periodic reports on the development of the project. This helps you to know whether it is performing as expected or not. At the end of the project, they deliver a detailed and comprehensive report that describe their inputs and also about the improvements in ranking your sites.

Greater return on investment (ROI): SEO experts monitor the metrics of SEO performance of your website. Based on that they make necessary adjustments to get you a greater return on investment.

In-depth knowledge and resources: SEO professionals have the experience, in-depth knowledge and resources of their industry. These things helps them to adjust their strategies on the changing search engine algorithms. Therefore, they deliver results in less time without your involvement.

Follows different techniques: SEO professionals are familiar with different types of techniques and they use only appropriate techniques which suites your business requirements. These techniques involves in development, designing and content of your website.

Drives traffic to your website: SEO providers follows different techniques to drive traffic to your website like cost per click, cost per impression and optimizing content, videos, images, etc., to drive traffic to your site.

Focus on long term success: SEO professionals strive to get long term success for your small business website by following white hat techniques and guidelines of search engines.

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When to Hire an Automotive Accident Attorney

As we all know minor accidents probably do not need any attorney, but many auto accidents cause personal injury and major damages so it should consider the factors before hiring the attorney. Here, the first thing you need to do is determine whose fault was it?

The next thing you do is call the police and request them to take note the collision report. You should tell them of any injuries or other physical problems that you have suffering and also supply them with the names and contact details of any witnesses of the accident. Also, gather the other vehicle’s details including name contract details, insurance of the driver etc. And also make the detailed notes about the damages, etc. because it can also help to your lawyer.

And it is better to hire as early as possible to avoid any costly mistakes. As the filing personal injuries claims vary from state to state and you may need to pay for medical bills. So you should hire the attorney in shortly after the accident occurs that too before reaching the settlement to the insurance company.

Know what a car accident attorney will do for you:
He will establish liability and makes sure that you are properly compensated for the damages which have occurred through the accident.

He can help you get the opposite person to pay your medical bills for every pain suffering that you got from the accident. Also helps you to understand the insurance law and you recover if any losses when you dealing with the insurance claims. Attorney takes you to your insurance company and helps to protect your rights, and advises about that what you get for your damages and injuries. And also help you by making sure that you meet the necessary deadlines for filling a lawsuit.

So take sufficient time to hire a good attorney who deals good for you.
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How to Hire The Right Person For Your Organization

Hiring the right candidate to your company is very important and that too is not easy. Hiring the right candidate requires more time to test him/her thoroughly. The process involves considering the positions key requirements, technical qualifications.

Easy steps to recruit right candidate for your organization are,
Advertise your requirement: Advertise your requirements internally or externally, these sources spread information. Spread this information on requirement through industry contacts. Internal advertisements in organizations provide the requirement information to their friends or relatives.
Here organizations are giving preference to references, organizations are having the chances to get the loyal candidates.

Indirect interview: It involves recruiting people communicate with the candidate through phone. Candidates are checked for candidates communication abilities and confidence levels. Through this interview they get some personal information.

Face to face interview: It is conducted by the supervisor or manager or HR personnel. The candidate is asked job related questions. They want to know his capabilities and knowledge. They want to know candidates past performance records, if they want test the experiences, balance those things with required position responsibilities to take decision.

Informal discussion: When candidate successfully completes all interview processes, talk with them informally whether s/he is ready to join for the salary proposed, in this office environment, any expectations etc. These are important where finalizing the candidate for your organization.

For most organizations following these simple recruitment processes, the main objective of recruitment process to recruit the candidate for long term and make more productive is fulfilled.
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Employee Retention Tools for the Organization

Almost every company is focusing only on increasing their turn over, but is forgetting the loss caused by the resignation of an employee. Generally to recruit and train a new employee costs around 35% or more of the average employee salary for the company and it also costs time of the organization. So to avoid all these losses the companies should focus on retaining the employees and below are few tools to retain employees:

Employee Reward Program:
The companies can make a provision of Monthly or Quarterly Award for the best employees. They can be given given gifts or money in the form of awards.

Career Development Program:
Companies can provide conditional assistance for certain courses in such a way that they are beneficial for the organization and for the individual employee.

Loyalty Bonus:
Loyalty bonus can be introduced in the organization in which the employees who have successfully completed a certain period of time in the organization are rewarded. The reward can be in the form of money or position and this encourages the other employees.

Employee Recreation:
It is better for the companies to provide recreational programs to the employees such as taking the employees to a trip or for an outing every year.

Companies can give gifts to their employees on special occasions and this makes them feel good and understand that the management is concerned about them.

The employees should be made accountable, so that he/she can also feel that he is an important part of the organization.

Employee Referral Plan:
Introducing employee referral program reduces the costs of hiring a new employee and on every successful referral, employee can be given a referral bonus after 6 or 9 months of continuous working of the new employee as well as the existing employee.

Conducting regular surveys for feed backs about superiors as well as other issues like food, development plans and other suggestions from employee make them feel of their importance and the caring nature of the company.

Retaining an employee has many benefits for an organization. By following the above procedures, an organization can retain its employee easily.


Different Sources of Recruitment

Recruitment helps an organization to select the candidate with right skills required by the employers. Recruitment sources are the sources which supplies right candidates for the organizations. There are two types of recruitment sources available for an organization and they are internal sources and the external sources.

Internal sources:
Internal recruitment sources are very important for the organization but they can’t fill every vacancy in the organization. Internal recruitment has two processes: internal recruitment and promotions. Internal recruitment sources for the organization are present permanent employees, present temporary employees and retired employees.

Present Permanent Employees:
Candidates from this source are considered for the higher level of jobs due to the availability of most suitable candidates for jobs.

Present Temporary Employees:
Candidates from this source are used to fill the lower level jobs owing to the availability of suitable candidates.

External Sources:
External sources brings the candidates from external environment using different techniques. In this process the human resource department in the organization screen resumes of candidates that applied, and select resumes that are qualified for the position.

Employment at Factory Level:
In this kind of external recruitment the applications for vacancies are presented on bulletin boards outside the Factory or at the gate. This kind of recruitment is suitable for employing factory workers.

Employment Agencies:
These are the professional private organizations that supply man power for the companies in return of some fee.

In this type of recruitment companies generally advertise the vacancies in the news papers or televisions. Advantage of this type is it covers a wide area of market and scattered applicants can get information from advertisements.

Educational Institutions:
There are certain professional institutions which serve as an external source for recruiting fresh graduates and it is generally called as campus recruitment.

Employment Exchanges:
Employment Exchanges are run by the Government and most of the government undertakings and concerns, employ people through such exchanges.

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Factors to be Considered Before Making a Job Offer

Employees are the most valuable assets for any organization. Their performance increases the value and success of an organization. Recruitment strategies provide competitive advantage for a company, so the hiring should be done carefully, methodically and strategically. There are some important factors to be considered before offering a job and those factors are given below:

  • It is important to review the feedback information from the members of the interview panel because it is very difficult for 10-12 people to sit at the table to make the final decision.
  • It is better to get the feedback from the former employer of the applicant and if you get positive responses from them it is better to hire those candidates.
  • Companies need to assess the potential employee with appropriate training and mentoring, and they also should consider the candidates experience in the relevant job. Rarely is a new job an exact match with what an employee did in another organization.
  • The candidates that the company wants to offer a job should have the potentials to fit with the organization’s culture.
  • It is also very important to consider before offering a job, if the candidate has the potential to learn and continue to grow his skills in the organization.
  • It is also important to think about whether the potential employee has the capabilities of progressing in the organization.
  • Finally companies need to assess which candidate will add overall strategic and personal value to the workplace.

As every employee plays a valuable role in achieving organizations goals, it id very important to consider all the required factors in the candidate, which benefit the organization.

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Necessity of Background Checks while Hiring a Nanny

It has become common these days for both the parents to go for work. They employ a nanny for taking care of their children. Most of us face this problem and therefore should be very careful while hiring a nanny. Once you select a nanny with good qualities and characteristics, before signing a contract, background checks have to be conducted.

A nanny background check is considered as a type of search intended to check for the criminal history of a nanny to be hired. It is necessary to ensure that no information is hidden from the nanny’s side before you hire her. Background checks are conducted to build trust on the person with whom you have to leave your children.

A nanny background check includes checking of criminal records, child-abuse records, and also driving records. Criminal background checks are conducted these days easily through accessing some online databases. You can get information regarding criminal records, sex offenses, law suits, and address history through these databases. You can check if the person is arrested for theft, drug usage, or child endangerment. A criminal background check can provide you a peace of mind and ensure that no mistake is made while hiring a nanny. Driving records of the person are also checked for finding if the nanny had a history of unsafe driving.

It is not wise to take a decision in without conducting a background check. You should confirm that you are not deceived by the person in any terms. A background check helps you to take right decisions in hiring a nanny.

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Interview Questions to be asked while Hiring a Nanny

Most of the parents these days require a nanny for taking care of their child on a consistent basis. A nanny is the person who remains close to the child in the absence of the parents. In the process of getting nanny parents need to hire a nanny based on the requirements. Interviewing is a very crucial step for hiring your nanny. Plan your interview in advance. You should conduct a formal interview which ensures that all the points you want to discuss are covered. Some of the topics that need to be asked in the interview are listed here.

  • Ask the nanny about the need for choosing the profession of nanny.
  • Find the details of experience of the nanny. Ask her about the ages of children that she has taken care earlier.
  • You also need to check for the details like training in CPR and first aid.
  • Know whether she enjoys working with children. You can get the positive and negative points of the person.
  • You can ask about her personal strengths when working with children.
  • Ask if the nanny can drive and take the child for an outing.
  • It is also important to know about the salary expectations.
  • Also ask her about the educational qualifications and background.
  • Know whether she is aware of the developmental stages of infants and children. This can help you know if she can handle the child growth properly or not.
  • Ask her to give some examples of the problems she faced while handling kids. Also ask the ways how she handled those problems.
  • Find for how much period can she sign a contract with the family.

These are some of the issues to be covered while interviewing a nanny. In addition, you can also ask the personal needs that she would require if you want her to be at home as a live-in nanny.

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