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All You Need to Know About Head Hunting

Head hunting is a professional approach in searching, tracking and selecting people who are talented and are working in some other company. It is mostly used by large organizations. Head hunting differs from other recruitment process. Patience, commitment and much efforts are needed in this process. A lot of time is involved in this process. It is done to select the best candidate who can make your business successful.

How to Hire The Right Person For Your Organization

Hiring the right candidate to your company is very important and that too is not easy. Hiring the right candidate requires more time to test him/her thoroughly. The process involves considering the positions key requirements, technical qualifications. Easy steps to recruit right candidate for your organization are, Advertise your requirement: Advertise your requirements internally or […]

Different Sources of Recruitment

Recruitment helps an organization to select the candidate with right skills required by the employers. Recruitment sources are the sources which supplies right candidates for the organizations. There are two types of recruitment sources available for an organization and they are internal sources and the external sources. Internal sources: Internal recruitment sources are very important […]

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