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House Closing Documents You Need to Know

You should understand the basics of closing documents relating to the real estate, if you are involved in land or any other real estate issues. In most of the closing processes, documents are delivered on the day of closing or a day before to the closing day. You have to sign on many papers on that day.

HUD – 1 Settlement statement form: HUD – 1 settlement is the most important when selling or purchasing land. This form is prepared by the closing agent. It contains all important details of purchase or sale of home. Those are like the amounts paid between you and the seller, prorated real estate taxes, charges and fees of loan, amount of financing and the price. HUD 1 settlement form must be signed by both the seller and you. Your lender will keep the original form. This document provides a list of funds which have to payable at closing. These closing costs or settlement charges are categorized into seven series of sections.

Mortgage note: A mortgage note is the legal evidence of your mortgage. It includes your formal promise as you repay the debt. It also contains penalties, terms of the loan and the amount. If you do not make the payments on time, the lender will impose the penalties, as well prepayment penalties that may be required.

Deed of trust: The deed of trust is a lengthy document by having approximately seven to twelve pages. It requires the signatures of all the owners of the property. It is for the purpose of granting a security interest. If you do not live up to the terms of the mortgage, this document will provide your lender to claim against the house. It lists the legal obligations and right of the lender and you. It includes the right of the lender to foreclose on the home if you failed to pay the loan.

Warranty deed: There are two types of warranty deeds. Those are warranty deed and the special warranty deed. The warranty deed should be used in all the real estate transactions and it is the most secure deed. When seller is signed on this form is guaranteeing that there are no title problems on the land that he is selling. The special warranty deed is a type of compromise deed. It guarantees that the title is clear only during the time that the real property was owned by the selling party. It does not provide for any guarantee for the issues having before the selling party owned the property.

Quit claim deed: This is the most common deed. It is a deed to quit any claim that you have on the real property.

There are many forms available at the time of closing. The most important forms that you must have to check are HUD 1 settlement statement, the trust deed note and the warranty deed. Check the HUD1 form figures to make sure they are not overcharged. In the trust deed, check the spellings of your name. If there is any loan, carefully check the loan amounts and the dates.

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