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Best Way to Hire a Nanny for the First Time

Parents need to be very thoughtful as well as careful while hiring a nanny, especially, if they are hiring her for the first time. Any kind of laxity in respect to selecting a nanny can put their child’s security at stake. Hence, every parent while hiring a nanny is required to be mindful and follow few practices so that they can end up hiring a responsible and professional nanny.

List out your requirements
Before you start with the process of hiring nanny, list out all your requirements. Your list may include – timings of nanny, service the nanny should give, other responsibilities she needs to handle (like preparing food, helping in domestic chores, etc.), regular responsibilities of the child she needs to handle (taking care of child, helping the child with its studies, cleaning the child’s bedroom, looking after the medical needs, feeding the child, pick and drop the child at school and so on), special needs of the child, salary to be paid, etc.

Following the listing of your requirements is screening/interview. Scan the application with regard to qualification, training, years of experience, expected remuneration, etc. This is useful to elicit the quality and caliber of the prospective nanny.

Introduce your child and check her interaction
This is significant because it is your child that the nanny is to deal with. Check her interaction with your child – whether she gets to know your child soon or tries to do so. Know how patient, caring, loving she is towards your child. Check whether the baby is crying looking at the prospective nanny, as she is a stranger and how the nanny reacts to it in return.

Ask appropriate questions
Once you make sure that the applicant is suitable in respect to interaction with your child, ask some critical questions pertaining to childcare and her career.

  • Why did you quit the last job?
  • How do you commute and how soon?
  • When the baby cries, how would make her stop her crying?
  • If we are late home, what would you do?
  • The baby gets a fever and we are not home, what would you do?
  • (If the baby is breastfed) Are you comfortable while feeding expressed breastfeed?
  • Which activity of the baby do you like most?
  • If the baby annoys you, what would you do?
  • We are late, can you stay bit longer?
  • What age children did you serve in the past?
  • Do enjoy watching TV?

And any other question, that you may think relevant.
You can judge the suitability of the candidate based on the responses she furnishes.

References and background check
Checking the social background is significant as you are going to leave your beloved little one(s) under the personal care of a nanny and you are hiring for the first time. May be, you do not have knowledge to judge the criminal antecedents of the nanny. Ask her previous employers as to how she performed, her social background, driving history, behavior with children and other attributes you feel necessary to know. Check with verifiable documents like social security number, driver’s license, credit card history, etc.

Work agreement
If you are fully satisfied with the verification of background results, it is time to undertake a work agreement with the nanny. The agreement should detail the work, work-schedule, timing, duties, responsibilities, emergency, contact numbers, remuneration, leaves, code of conduct, etc. Work agreement is highly important, as it acts as a source of reference for both the parties, should any difference arise in regard to work between you and nanny in future.

It is best to consider applicants with appropriate and reliable references from reputed nanny referral agencies. The applicants forwarded by these agencies are well qualified, have good background and hands-on experience. Since, this is the first time you are hiring, it is better advised not to take chances and take help of professional nanny referral agencies.
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Things to be Included in a Nanny Contract

Hiring a nanny is the best solution to provide in-home care to your kids. However, a clear and open communication is essential to maintain the positive and effective relationship with the nannies. A nanny contract serves this purpose. It helps in clarifying the roles and responsibilities of you and your nanny. Professional working relationship is to be maintained with the help of a nanny contract. Know some of the things that you need to include in a nanny contract.

  • The job roles and responsibilities of a nanny are the most important. Include details of any household activities that a nanny should perform apart from the childcare activities.
  • Mention the nanny’s base salary in the contract. Also include the salary reviews for specific time line depending on her accomplishments.
  • Mention the expected schedule and number of working hours. However, you should also include the necessary notifications when she is kept for working extra hours at urgent situations.
  • Certain benefits for nanny such as sick days, personal and vacation days, and so on should also be clearly included in a nanny contract.
  • Specific boundaries for discipline are to be explained to the nanny while writing them in a contract.
  • You should also mention how certain necessary changes are to be made in the agreement, and how the agreement can be ended.
  • It is also better to include certain driving rules and insurance coverage information.
  • The most important thing to add in a nanny contract is the employer’s legal tax obligations.
  • Specific terms and conditions of notices, warnings, and ground for dismissal have to made clear in the contract.
  • All the facilities provided to a nanny along with other salary requirements are to be mentioned in it.

Once you write a nanny contract, you and your nanny should sign in it understanding the working conditions. It ensures a safe and trustworthy agreement between you and your nanny. Read the rest of this entry »


Want to Know About a Babysitting Co-op?

Are you planning to go for work or some other place where you cannot take your children? Are you worried for their care and maintenance? Here is one solution called babysitting. Some instances arise in your life where you have to leave your children alone. Hiring a babysitter to take care of your child till you come back is common these days. The babysitter may be an adult or a young person providing childcare in your absence. The child will be allowed in some fun or educational activities till you return. Babysitting co-op is a new idea of childcare. Do you want to know about it? Then proceed further.

A babysitting co-op is nothing but an organized collection of babysitting resources for parents. It is also called as a babysitting club or a babysitting cooperative. A group of families in a community come together and decide to share the babysitting task in a babysitting co-op. In a babysitting co-op you are going to look after the other kids when their parents are out. In return you do get money. However, you get a babysitting by the other parent when you need. The main purpose of setting the babysitting co-op is therefore to save money on babysitters.

Do not think that it is quite difficult. You can easily take care of the other children along with your own ones. You can engage them in some plays and activities where your kids enjoy with them. It looks like a play date for them. Have a look on the benefits of babysitting co-op.

  • The foremost benefit is that it does not include any costs.
  • The co-op provides quality childcare.
  • It ensures a support network of other women for help. They are also involved in dealing with the same daily issues as you and hence it is not a problem for them.
  • You can attain a new group of friends for yourself and your children as well.
  • An opportunity is provided to spend time on yourself in a babysitting co-op.

However, make sure that the rules are organized in a proper way to avoid any problems.

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What are the Benefits of Childcare at Daycare Centers?

One of the best options for getting childcare is the daycare center. It has special staff and qualified people who are professional in childcare. A daycare center looks after a group of children at certain place. All you need to do is to drop your child at the center when you go out. However, some daycare centers also offer transportation facilities like picking up and dropping your child at home. There are many benefits of childcare at daycare centers. Here are some of them.

  • A proper and disciplined routine is followed in a daycare center. The structured environment makes the children know about the schedules in their activities. Though the day-to-day activities do not go as planned, the children are provided with guaranteed meal times and required period of rest.
  • Other most important benefit of daycare center is that, additional support in supplementing the child’s education is provided. Based on the age of the child, the daycare providers assist the children in their homework through tutoring and help in completing their assignments.
  • On the basis of regulations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the licensed daycare centers should provide healthy meals and snacks. This is also a good advantage maintaining the health of your child.
  • Socialization is the best thing that a daycare center provides for your child. It is necessary for children to learn how to interact with one another. Children also feel confident and free in social gatherings and situations.
  • Childcare at daycare centers help in enhancing the cognitive development of the child. Kids are provided with age appropriate games, toys, and other activities that play a role in improving the intellectual skills.
  • Care for kids at daycare centers is also considered to improve memory and behavioral skills of the children.
  • It also helps in preparing the children for kindergarten. Most daycare providers also give certain age specific curriculum activities making them learn alphabet, numbers, and colors.

With these benefits associated with a daycare center, there is no chance of worrying. So go and find the best daycare center for your kid right now.

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Ways of Communicating with your Childcare Provider

Childcare is the primary concern for parents these days. However, many daycare centers and home care providers provide a big relief for parents. A positive relation should be maintained with the childcare provider. Any problems related to childcare are prevented and resolved by good communication skills.

At a starting stage, the childcare provider ensures that the required information regarding childcare meets the parents. Many providers give a daily report that is sent to home with the child. Any lesson plans, special achievements, behavioral models, lunch details are also provided to the parents. Though this is sought to be a good communication, it is better to have direct communication with the parents.

You can communicate with the caregiver through internet. So wherever you are, whether in workplace or any other place, you can know how your child is. Email is a way of connecting the parents and childcare provider. Some providers also teach children the basic keyboarding skills so that they can type a message to their parents on their own.

Ensure that provider knows the way to contact you at any time, at emergencies in particular. When they contact you, you should respond to them promptly without negligence. Whenever you are free, visit the childcare center unannounced and ask about the daily schedules and reports. Get the details of any discipline issues and behavioral problems related to the child. Provide the caregiver some details of your child’s likes and dislikes, food and nap preferences, and others that can make her job easier. Volunteering to help with activities and parties at some instances make your provider feel that you are interested in your child’s experiences. So don’t forget to have a good communication and relation with your childcare provider.

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Information to be Shared with your Childcare Provider

Today’s lifestyle is so busy that there is no chance even to take care of our children. A family where both the parents are working are facing difficulty in their child care. Hiring a childcare provider has become a necessity for those families. This has increased the business of providing child caregivers like babysitters, nannies, au pairs, and many others. Many professional agencies or institutions provide quality child caregivers for the families. However, it is the duty of the parents to maintain proper relation with them and get the work done.

The childcare provider can only do her job if your provide accurate and enough information regarding the duties. Here is some information that you need to provide her for an efficient and perfect childcare without any place for issues.

  • Give yours and your guardian’s contact information. Also provide the emergency contact information to be needed at the time of emergencies.
  • The details of past medical history of the child have to be shared with her. Tell her about the allergies or any other current medication details that the child is associated with. In case, the child suddenly feels ill, it should not be confusing for the caregiver.
  • The likes, dislikes, and hobbies of a child can also be a helpful information for her.
  • Give her proper guidelines of discipline techniques to be followed.
  • Provide her the information regarding the food preferences and feeding schedule. Also give her the details on the bedtime or nap routines of the child.
  • Mention the list of restricted activities that are not to be encouraged by the children.

Providing this information to the childcare provider is helpful. It makes her duties easy. All the information should be shared with her on the day of her joining itself. It is also good if you mention all these at the time of writing a contract. This avoids any misunderstanding between you and the caregiver.

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Necessity of Background Checks while Hiring a Nanny

It has become common these days for both the parents to go for work. They employ a nanny for taking care of their children. Most of us face this problem and therefore should be very careful while hiring a nanny. Once you select a nanny with good qualities and characteristics, before signing a contract, background checks have to be conducted.

A nanny background check is considered as a type of search intended to check for the criminal history of a nanny to be hired. It is necessary to ensure that no information is hidden from the nanny’s side before you hire her. Background checks are conducted to build trust on the person with whom you have to leave your children.

A nanny background check includes checking of criminal records, child-abuse records, and also driving records. Criminal background checks are conducted these days easily through accessing some online databases. You can get information regarding criminal records, sex offenses, law suits, and address history through these databases. You can check if the person is arrested for theft, drug usage, or child endangerment. A criminal background check can provide you a peace of mind and ensure that no mistake is made while hiring a nanny. Driving records of the person are also checked for finding if the nanny had a history of unsafe driving.

It is not wise to take a decision in without conducting a background check. You should confirm that you are not deceived by the person in any terms. A background check helps you to take right decisions in hiring a nanny.

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Interview Questions to be asked while Hiring a Nanny

Most of the parents these days require a nanny for taking care of their child on a consistent basis. A nanny is the person who remains close to the child in the absence of the parents. In the process of getting nanny parents need to hire a nanny based on the requirements. Interviewing is a very crucial step for hiring your nanny. Plan your interview in advance. You should conduct a formal interview which ensures that all the points you want to discuss are covered. Some of the topics that need to be asked in the interview are listed here.

  • Ask the nanny about the need for choosing the profession of nanny.
  • Find the details of experience of the nanny. Ask her about the ages of children that she has taken care earlier.
  • You also need to check for the details like training in CPR and first aid.
  • Know whether she enjoys working with children. You can get the positive and negative points of the person.
  • You can ask about her personal strengths when working with children.
  • Ask if the nanny can drive and take the child for an outing.
  • It is also important to know about the salary expectations.
  • Also ask her about the educational qualifications and background.
  • Know whether she is aware of the developmental stages of infants and children. This can help you know if she can handle the child growth properly or not.
  • Ask her to give some examples of the problems she faced while handling kids. Also ask the ways how she handled those problems.
  • Find for how much period can she sign a contract with the family.

These are some of the issues to be covered while interviewing a nanny. In addition, you can also ask the personal needs that she would require if you want her to be at home as a live-in nanny.

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Know the Steps Involved in Hiring a Nanny

Most of the parents are preferring to hire a nanny for their child care. The basic care provided by a nanny includes watching, feeding and bathing a child in the home. Parents feel it difficult to find a nanny suiting their requirements. Here are some steps you need to follow for hiring a nanny.

  • Envision the role and responsibilities of your nanny based on the requirements. Make clear expectations on the experience and characteristics your nanny should have. Also, decide the budget that you can afford for paying the nanny.
  • Once you finish your planning, then you can search for a nanny through nanny referral agencies or online nanny services. You can advertise posts online, or in newsletters, or in local agency bulletin boards. Take help from your relatives, friends, and neighbors.
  • Once you a get a list of nannies, pre-screen them by evaluating the prospective candidates through a phone call or e-mail. You can determine their level of interest and suitability by this initial contact.
  • The next step, interviewing, is a crucial one. You can conduct a formal interview for about 3-5 candidates you feel good about. Some people also opt for a telephonic interview. But, it is better to conduct a personal interview which creates a chance to meet the candidate in person before hiring. Ask all the questions you need to ask without any hesitation. Find the experience and personal details of the person.
  • Once you select a nanny, conduct a background check to find the information of the nanny. It can include checking criminal background, driving record, and so on. You can also check for the past-employment record.
  • A contract can be signed if everything is clear. The details of compensation, pay frequency, benefits, holiday, sick and vacation day policies, tax treatment and so on are to be included in the contract.

One must ensure that all these steps are to be followed without any negligence to hire a good nanny for your child.

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General Expectations of Parents About Nanny

Generally, parents worry about their children, especially in case of parents who leave their children for the first time, in the care of nanny. If you choose a nanny with thorough process then there is no need to worry about your kid and you should make nanny free to do her job. Parents can expect few requirements from a nanny such as:

  • Nanny can be expected by parents to arrive on time for work.
  • Parents can expect a nanny to provide up to date information about their children’ milestones, changes, and any issues about their children.
  • Parents can expect from nanny to convey the details about activities, whereabouts, and eating habits of their child daily.
  • Nanny can be expected by parents to provide the safe and positive environment for their child. They can expect the children should be taught reading daily and provide stimulating and educational play, crafts and other activities. They can expect nanny to be as model for positive behavior for their children.
  • Parents can expect nanny to respect their privacy and behave in professional manner with them and their children.
  • Parents can expect nanny to inform if their child has any illness. She has to inform about her late arrival to home and her absence before only.
  • They can expect to have have needed training in areas such as CPR certification, first aid training, and professional development, etc.

Generally, parents expect nanny to provide personal care for their children. These are the common and general expectations of parents about nanny. But, parents should be careful about choosing a best nanny for their children to reach their expectations.

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