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T.V ad in CBS and NBC

Barack Obama planed a prime time TV ad before Nov 4, day on which elections are planned to held. Already advertising at record levels, Barack Obama has scheduled a half-hour commercial for prime time on Oct. 29, six days before Election Day.

Obama campaign officials said the campaign had secured a 30-minute block of time at 8 p.m. on CBS and NBC. CBS already was juggling its lineup to accommodate the Democratic presidential candidate, moving back an episode of “The New Adventures of Old Christine.”

Such a vast purchase of commercial time is of multimillion-dollar expense, but Obama has been spending dramatically on ads, overshadowing rival John McCain and the Republican National Committee.Adserver

Short political spots have been the traditional way for politicians to communicate with voters. But a prime-time, sitcom-length commercial would provide Obama an opportunity to make a closing argument to the entire country.

He was not shy about spending huge amount for the one ad and on Monday October 6, 2008, for instance, he spent $3.3 million on a single day of TV advertising. At that rate he will spend more than $90 million on ads through Election Day — more than the entire money Republican rival John McCain has to spend on his entire fall campaign.

This illustrates Obama’s continuing to reassure voters about his candidacy as an African American.

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Differences Between Internet Advertising and Traditional Advertising

adserverSince the early 90’s, the internet has become known as a medium for advertising. It has also been favored by consumers and businessmen in public shopping and business dealings. Unlike any other media, like television, radio and print, internet advertising solutions with its low cost has become extensively used. And growth of internet users and also low cost inexpensive advertising solutions many Internet advertising agency is established in globally. And it has more capability for multimedia subject matter. It could capture texts, images, video and audio. Usually advertisers could produce logos, moving banners, animated and 3d imagery. With these in hand, advertisers mix these forms to produce successful and low cost internet advertising solutions.

Not only does reasonable internet advertising solution serve as a communication station, it also assists in an easy system for transaction and distribution. This is the only medium that could help people do business within a small period of time. With just one click and a money-saving internet advertising solution, shoppers could get all the information they need by visiting any web site. The businessman could get the services he needs. The company is happy doing business with their clients. The clients are happy doing business in the ease of their homes. Generally meeting person will need the time and money could be wasted, the low cost internet advertising solutions benefits the company in which the services and products are receiving sales and also customer get the maximum satisfaction.

ad server pricesLow-cost internet advertising solutions are able to guide other advertising medium because they were developed to be interactive. When a consumer reads and clicks on a web advertisement, it is easier and more convenient to respond or inquire with e-mail and business reply cards. Unlike other advertisings, low cost internet advertising solutions’ capability to answer feed backs in real time enables the companies to reply, resolves complaints and answer inquiries. Internet advertising solutions provide a low cost and effective resolution for attracting targeted, high quality customers. But conventional advertising could never be replaced. However, because of developments in the technology, people prefer their services online. With low cost internet advertising solutions present, the consumers, companies, advertisers and even the common people’s lives have been given a deserving contentment. Today many Professional SEO companies are offering these services at reasonable price.

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