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Koshrut Dietary Laws – What to Eat and What Not to Eat

Jewish dietary laws also called as Kosher laws (Koshrut) that deals with what food to eat and what not to eat and also on how the food should be prepared and eaten. In this, the word kashrut comes from the Hebrew root that means fit, proper or correct. And the word – Kosher that descrbes about the standards of the food.

The origin of these laws always been the subject of scholarly research and debate. However, these laws have significant impact on daily lives of Jewish people. In this article, we will discuss Jewish dietary laws on what Jewish people can eat and what they cannot.

Land mammals: According the Kosher dietary laws, Jewish people can eat animals that have two qualities – cloven hooves and chews its cud (with the exception of swarming rodents). If any land animal does not have the above qualities it is considered forbidden.

  • Examples:
    • Kosher animals: Cattle, sheep, goats, deer and bison.
    • Forbidden: Camel, rock badger, hare, pig, etc. These land animals are forbidden because each one lacks with one of the two qualities mentioned before.

Sea foods: People can eat the sea animals that has fins and scales. So, the animals that do not have these qualities are considered forbidden.

  • Examples:
    • Kosher (Permitted): Fish like tuna, carp, salmon and herring are permitted.
    • Forbidden: Shellfish such as lobsters, oysters, shrimp, clams and crabs are all forbidden. This is because they don’t have fins and scales.

Birds: There is a list of forbidden birds but they do not mention specifications why these birds are forbidden.

  • Examples:
    • Kosher (Permitted): Chicken, geese, ducks and turkeys.
    • Forbidden: Eagle, owl, swan, pelican, vulture, and stork – as well as their brood and clutch of eggs

Other Forbidden Animals: And other animals that are forbidden are rodents, reptiles, amphibians, and insects.

Therefore, any product that are obtained from the forbidden animals such as eggs, milk, organs or fat should not eat.

Fruits and vegetables: As per dietary law, all fruits and vegetables are kosher (permitted to eat). However, the fruits and vegetables that contain bugs are considered forbidden.

Example: Strawberries, raspberries, leafy vegetables, flowery vegetables, etc. are mainly prone to bugs. Therefore, it is advised to inspect carefully before cooking them.


When to Hire an Automotive Accident Attorney

As we all know minor accidents probably do not need any attorney, but many auto accidents cause personal injury and major damages so it should consider the factors before hiring the attorney. Here, the first thing you need to do is determine whose fault was it?

The next thing you do is call the police and request them to take note the collision report. You should tell them of any injuries or other physical problems that you have suffering and also supply them with the names and contact details of any witnesses of the accident. Also, gather the other vehicle’s details including name contract details, insurance of the driver etc. And also make the detailed notes about the damages, etc. because it can also help to your lawyer.

And it is better to hire as early as possible to avoid any costly mistakes. As the filing personal injuries claims vary from state to state and you may need to pay for medical bills. So you should hire the attorney in shortly after the accident occurs that too before reaching the settlement to the insurance company.

Know what a car accident attorney will do for you:
He will establish liability and makes sure that you are properly compensated for the damages which have occurred through the accident.

He can help you get the opposite person to pay your medical bills for every pain suffering that you got from the accident. Also helps you to understand the insurance law and you recover if any losses when you dealing with the insurance claims. Attorney takes you to your insurance company and helps to protect your rights, and advises about that what you get for your damages and injuries. And also help you by making sure that you meet the necessary deadlines for filling a lawsuit.

So take sufficient time to hire a good attorney who deals good for you.
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Role of a Lawyer in Home Purchasing Process in USA

Of late, home buying/purchasing has become more complex. The best buying process also involves legal jargon and complicated language. There will be some unscrupulous property sellers who take the advantage of inexperience home buyers. It is, therefore, important to hire a real estate attorney; s/he can save you from making costly mistakes throughout the complete complicated process. It is better if you consult the real estate attorney before you take any step in purchasing a home and most importantly before signing any legal document.

The first step in the process is acceptance of an offer to purchase. The brokers most often prepare an offer letter in the pre-printed standard form.

The role of the lawyer in home purchasing is as follows:

  • Provide an overview of the process.
  • Protects the buyer interest that is s/he examine all the documents before you sign them and look after your interest in the overall home buying process, negotiate the seller’s attorney.
  • Negotiate the purchase and sale agreement as it is an important legal document in property purchase. At the time of closing the document, it is required to deposit the money along with other valuable information. The real estate attorney will examine whether all the important documents are addressed in the agreement.
  • Negotiate, explain, draft, and review your contract to purchase.
  • Negotiate and communicate repair issues related by your home inspector.
  • Examine the commitment and the survey to determine that you are purchasing property contracted for without title defects you have not agreed to accept.
  • Explain all the contract contingencies, if any monitor deadlines to make sure those contingencies to meet.
  • Explain the mortgage financing options and verify and also explain the tax pro rations and also other closing figures
  • Attend the closing to ensure the compliance and to review the home documents, to verify your loan agreement and after closing, review the recorded deed and the final title insurance policy for accuracy.
  • If you hire a real-estate attorney all you have to do is make the agreed upon the escrow payment, s/he will administer the escrow account and also ensure that the fund is properly distributed among the property inspectors, sellers and also to the title examiners.

The whole process can be said in the short, that the real estate attorney looks after your interest in over all the home buying process. S/he mostly acts behind the scene, apart from the examining the legal aspects. It is also the duty of the attorney to monitor the other members progress in a home buying team that includes real estate agents, property appraisers etc. In the other words it is said that the real-estate attorney administers the overall procedure of the home purchasing so that you do not face any problem and you get the best possible deal in home buying.
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Importance of Understanding Pooling Clauses in Oil and Gas Agreements

Pooling clauses are considered as the important clauses to be considered in the oil and gas agreements. They are a bit tricky and when ignored, forces the owners to enter into a pooling agreement even though the owner don’t feel like accepting the pooling agreement. Before going to know what the pooling clause says let us know what pooling is, then followed by the clauses in the agreement.

Pooling: Pooling is combining the leased lands with the adjacent leased lands to make a single unit. This process helps the mining companies to drill oil or gas in different leased lands using a single production unit and can utilize one common underground geological reservoir. This saves a lot of money for the drilling company and reduces labor costs effectively.

Understanding the pooling clause: It is important for the land owners to check whether the the content in the pooling clause is the same as they discussed with the companies. It is due to the best interest of the mining companies that the pooling clause is included. It is very necessary to check for the pooling clause and to understand the rights prior to signing the agreement so that the land owner can avoid legal problems. In some cases, if the owner is not aware of the pooling clause and didn’t noticed the terms and conditions in the pooling clause, he/she will be subjected to compulsory pooling of the leased land under state laws.

So, it is always beneficial to check for the pooling clause, to understand the details in that clause and finally to sign the agreement when you are satisfied with the terms in that clause. In case you do not like pooling or any other policies in the agreement, you can mention it upfront to the company so that they can make necessary corrections and settle the issue before signing the agreement.

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Want to Know about Wrongful Termination Laws?

An unfair employment discharge due to unlawful reason is termed as wrongful termination. If an employee is terminated based on the race, age, disability, or gender, it can be considered as a wrongful termination. Sometimes employers also fire individuals if they come to know that a person has filed a claim of discrimination against the employer. Wrongful dismissal may also be evident when an employee refuses to commit an illegal act suggested by the employer. There are certain wrongful termination laws to help employees regarding these issues.

The laws that protect employees from termination due to unlawful reasons are called wrongful termination laws. The laws are different for different jurisdictions. Filings based on discrimination, breach of contract, harassment, or retaliation are concerned with these laws.

The wrongful termination laws are pertained to all the companies which are under the particular jurisdiction. However, they are enforced only when a complaint is given by the employee. The complaint is taken from an employee for a wrongful termination action against the employee only after being fired. There are different rules for determining the process of a wrongful termination action.

It is necessary to file a formal lawsuit against the company in a court at some severe instances. Also, the employment disputes must be kept before the law officials. If an employee feels that he or she is fired because of discrimination, then a proof has to be showed to the law officers regarding it. A strong proof for the cause of discrimination or any other reason can make a wrongful dismissal case successful. On the basis of documented violations written in the laws, the employer is punished.

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