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How to Remove a Sink without Damaging the Countertop?

Do you want to remove the old skin installed in your kitchen countertop? Worried about the countertop damage during the removal? Then read this article, it will help you by giving the simple step-by-step process of removing the sink without damaging the countertops.

Removing the sink is a simple process and can be done by a few simple steps as follows:

Step-1: At first use, gloves to your hand because the removal process can be hard as the rim of the sink will be hard. Now start the process, shut off the water at the shut off valve that is under the sink. To catch the excess water that is flowing out, you need to place a bucket.

Step-2: Now if your plumbing is attached to the disposal or a dish washer remove the plumbing connection that is below the countertop by loosening the slip-nuts. If they are corroded and difficult to remove, cut down the faucet pipes with a tubing cutter. To remove the remaining nuts, you can apply oil to the nuts and leave it for some time. Then, it becomes easier for you to remove.

Step-3: Loosen the mounting clips and unscrew them that are under the sink. Then use a knife to cut any adhesive or caulk and remove the seal slowly that is around the edge of the sink without damaging the countertop at the edges of the sink. For this, use a caution of the blade. Know lift out the old sink slowly.


  • Protect your countertop surroundings with a shielder, so that it doesn’t get damaged when un-installing the sink.
  • To avoid the scratches or stains on your conutertop during the removal process of sink, use a soft cloth over the countertop and let it bind to the countertop until the removal process is completed.
  • Sometimes the sealant applied over the sink edges is too hard to remove in that situation take the help of the professional to remove that, because as they are expertise in that particular field they will have some techniques to remove it smoothly without making any damage to the countertop.

These steps are likely to help you remove the sink without affecting the countertop adjoining. Follow this step-by-step process and remove the old sink from the place and replace it with a new sink that suits your kitchen countertop.
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How to Maintain Laminate Kitchen Countertops?

Proper maintenance is required to make sure that any countertop lasts long. Here, let’s know how to maintain laminate kitchen countertops.

Tips to maintain laminate kitchen countertops:

  • As these countertops are non-porous and do not have seams, they are easy to clean. They have to be cleaned with a soft cloth and a soap and water solution. Do not use abrasive cleaner as the surface of the countertop may get damaged. Such cleaners create scratches and harm the finish of the laminate.
  • If anything spills on the countertop, wipe it immediately before it gets dried and adhered to the surface.
  • Ensure that you use seal for the laminate countertops. Different types of sealing materials can be used, and the regular maintenance of your countertop depends on the specific sealing material.
  • These countertops are not heat-resistant and hence, avoid placing hot objects on them.
  • They are also prone to scratches easily. So, you should use chopping board when cutting vegetables.
  • Though they are strong enough, do not drop heavy objects suddenly as they can get damaged.
  • Too much water flooded on the countertop creates problems with seams. The substrate of the countertop may swell when water goes inside. This may damage the appearance of the countertops.

Most people opt laminate kitchen countertops as they are inexpensive when compared to others. It is often believed that these cheaper models need no maintenance and care to ensure that they remain looking new and clean. However, this is not true. So, when planning to install laminate kitchen countertops, be sure that you follow these tips and maintain their beauty and function. Read the rest of this entry »