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Few Tips While Choosing Mens Jewelry

Mens jewelry you choose should always complement the outfit and it should blend with other accessories which are worn. When you choose the mens jewelry, it is important to match the venue and time of the day. You need to consider all other fashion accessories and specially taste of the man. When you purchase mens jewelry you need to consider the following things, such as:

  • If you want to present mens jewelry as a gift, then you need do consider the style and function. Fro example, a watch adds to the style and function to wardrobe. Since long time, watch is considered as number one accessory for men. It is a practical accessory, being a jewelry item.
  • If you want to present ring, then they should reflect the personal style of your man. Some men do not like to wear the rings, until they get married. There are many type of rings like silver, gold and platinum and more, which match for all types of clothing. Consider the non traditional metals, such as titanium and tungsten, when you want to purchase wedding band or ring with little more style. Because you can get a wide varieties of styles, designs and colors in this metal.
  • If you want to purchase the mens bracelets, it should be stylish and it should match for other accessories and costumes. If the bracelets are made with natural materials they will be simple and have casual look.

The important thing you need to remember while choosing one is that jewelry should be simple and fashionable.

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Tips For Choosing the Imitation Diamond

Jewelry is a friend for all, but when the case of price tag comes it becomes the best enemy. As only some people can afford buying the real or the genuine jewelry items. The cost of the genuine jewelry items is much higher than the cost of the imitation diamonds. Some of the people use the imitation jewelry because of the reasons like cheaper, wider varieties, matching etc.

But one should be careful in choosing the imitation diamonds, which add beauty to the attire. Choosing the imitation diamond is the cost effective alternative for real diamonds. Let us see some of the tips which are useful for selecting the right imitation jewelry.

  • They are two different types of imitation diamonds which are popularly used. They are cubic zirconia, moissanite. Among them, the resemblance to the original diamond is more for the moissanite. It is very hard to detect it as the fake one as the shine and the glow of the diamond is high.
  • Before choosing the fake diamond, observe the genuine diamond and observe the light reflections and the bounces. Then choose the imitation diamond which has similar properties like color, clarity etc.
  • For selecting the imitation diamond one has to select the jewelry first, select the best quality of the jewelry material, so that they may not fade.
  • Before buying the imitation diamonds, one should be familiar with the cleaning and the storing tips, so that they store and clean according to the instructions.
  • The cubic zirconia is the softer rock, so better go for moissanite.

These steps are helpful for selecting the best imitation diamond.

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Trends in Neck Wear and Jewelry of US: 2008 National Retail Federation

Coming to the neck wear which is mostly for the men, there are two major classifications like younger fashion market and the older luxury market. Coming to the ties, narrower ties of about 3 ½ inch ranges are the main trends. Depending on the age, the width of the tie gets narrowed i.e. suppose, for young men the width gets reduced.

Apart from the main stream or the trends, knit ties are being used, Bow Ties are also used.

Jewelry: During the year 2008, the costume jewelry played a major role in the market. Although the price is more, the statement jewelry with big stones and the bold stones were being used rapidly. Because of the retail assortment, with the demand in the necklaces, there is a decrement in the sales of the bracelets when compared to 2007. Even the fashion continues for the long chains and the novelty beads with the asymmetrical styles. Gold colored bangles with enamel paint are being sold. The fun bracelets like colored pyramid studs are also very hot.

With the unique material mixes and shapes, artsy necklaces are being used. Even the chandelier earrings are also used. These are the perfect accessories which are being sold a lot.

Bright hand-painted resin, glass and crystal beads are under usage. The specialty chains are being developed using distinct, store branded jewelry and the profits have increased. The unusual diamonds like black, roughcut, rose-cut are being studded in the jewelry. According to the world gold council, fine jewelry has been squeezed out because of the luxurious customers, as the cost of the gold has increased, the people are using it as an investment.

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Tips for Buying Jewelry as Gift

Now-a-days we find men and women equally are fond of jewelry and are choosing the styles according to latest trends. Jewelry gifts are costly and are ideal to be presented on the occasions of wedding, anniversary, birthday etc. The receiver keeps the jewelry as the precious one and even valuable one. Some tips should be kept in mind before selecting Jewelry as the gift item.

Selecting the best jewelry item: There are four major key points which are to be kept in mind before buying the jewelry item.

  • First and the foremost one is your budget. Plan according to the budget. While you want to buy the jewellery item keep a flexible amount so that it may go up and down.
  • Think according to the person to whom you want to give it and plan accordingly. Decide whether it is suitable for the given person or not and try to choose the best article.
  • If your budget is high choose jewellery from middle to expensive ranges because as the jewellery items are being used for the long term purposes.
  • Even sometimes play the role of detective to find whether it will be according to the choice of the receiver.

For selecting men’s jewellery: We have limited options for buying the jewellery. Generally the items will be rings, chains, bracelets. Here also the budget should be considered.

For Selecting women’s jewellery: Plan according to the money and think if it is suitable for the person and decide to buy gold, diamond, platinum. You should select as per the latest trends and it also considered according to the ages.

General types of gifts are necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings etc.

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Highlights of Fourth Quarter Jewelry Sales in the U.S. Market

There were many important points which featured fourth quarter sales. They were observed both for the calendar period (October-November-December 2008) and the fiscal period (November 2008-December 2008-January 2009). These main highlights are as follows:

  • High-end (highly sophisticated) specialty jewelers’ sales reduced to worse than the industry average. This was an outstanding departure from historical trends.
  • Mass market specialty jewelers’ sales decreased less than the industry average. This was highly abnormal.
  • Consumers were desiring to invest money on jewelry, even though total spendings were less than previous years’ levels. At the time of fourth quarter of 2008, American consumers invested 80 percent-to-95 percent of the levels in the previous year, depending on total industry purchases figures.
  • It was a Price and Item fourth quarter. Jewelers who recorded the strongest sales on a relative basis benefited certain items at sharp price points. Emotional and institutional advertising did not imply to motivate consumers to invest money on jewelry.
  • Consumers invested much more heavily when jewelers provided the impression of value.
  • The Movado Outlet stores recorded a solid sales gain of +20 percent, due to two factors, namely they offer the impression of value and 2) they introduced several new jewelry items during 2008.

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