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Ideas for Using Old/Used Objects as Containers in Your Garden

Fairy HousesAre you worried of your limited budget for purchasing containers for your garden? You don’t have to worry about buying the containers because, you have enough containers in your home. Confused? Then, we will clear your doubt. See, you can use many of the old/used objects in your home as containers for your garden plants. Some of them are as efficient as your garden containers. So, we have listed few ideas of using your old objects as containers. See the list and use them. This will help you save money.

If you have old cabinets which are not used, then see them whether it is in a good condition or not. Check the walls of the cabinet and make sure that they are not broken to protect the soil to not go out. Drill some small holes for the drainage system and then use it as a container for the plants.

Water bottles
Generally, people use the same bottle for sometime and later dispose them, but disposing them won’t give you any benefits rather increases the plastic on the land and makes environmental affects. So, you can cut those bottles in the middle and use them as a container for small plants especially seed plantings.

If you basket has become too old, don’t throw it. Because, with minor changes you can use it as a container which gives innovative look to your plants.

Coffee bags
Using coffee bags for hanging the plants and it is a creative idea. Coffee bags usually look attractive and are durable. So, with small drainage system you can use it for long time with small seed plantings.

Miniature plantsKettle
Kettle works for small herbs. So, if you have any stainless steel kettle that is old and un-used, you can use it for planting herbs. But, you should water it carefully because including the drainage system in steel is some what difficult.

If you have old and big shoes that are not used. Then, use it as a decorative piece by adding tiny plants in them. You can transform its look within few minutes.

Bathtubs gives large space for planting group of plants in it. Plan the area properly and use it for similar plant species if necessary.

Water cans
Water cans were also one of the good options as containers with some alterations.

These are the few old objects that you can use them as containers for your garden plants. This will save you lots of money on garden containers.
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Lean-to Greenhouse and Its Benefits

A greenhouse adds beauty to your home and also provides larger space for growing plants of different kinds. It can be constructed in two different ways including free-standing and attached styles. The attached ones can also be considered as lean-to greenhouse. It is very much beneficial to choose a lean-to greenhouse. Want to know the reasons for it? Then, go along.

A lean-to greenhouse is generally affixed to your house. So, it helps to gain much space of the property and cuts down the amount of garden space you use. Various garden greenhouse requirements are available directly from the main house. Water, heating or electricity needs for the greenhouse can be solved easily. It can be a perfect option if it matches well with the model and layout of your home.

As it is attached to the main house, at least some part of building needs are reduced and needs only half construction. This helps in reducing the construction costs as the materials used like the polycarbonate sheets, amount of glass frames, etc. are less required. Lean-to greenhouses are better options for adding an extra living area to your home. There are many styles of greenhouses which offer limited living space. However, lean-to models provide an extra area to relax and enjoy your warm summer evenings.

With the lean-to greenhouses, you find enough time to attend the plants at any time you want. Most of the lean-to greenhouses are often supported to wall structures and this is the main consideration you need to look for when planning to build one. However, be sure to select right plants to be grown in the lean-to greenhouse and enjoy its benefits. Read the rest of this entry »


Know Various Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening

miniature gardenHaving greenery in and around your home not only beautifies your home, but also provides relaxation. It is also meant to have some positive effects on the health of people. With many creative ideas, people plan to have a beautiful garden. Hydroponic gardening is one such way of gardening where you grow plants without any use of soil. Simply, a nutrient mineral solution is used to grow the plants and hence, the name is given as hydroponic gardening. However, it is associated with many benefits. Have a look on some of them.

  • It is easy and convenient way to grow plants.
  • With the increased scarcity and cost of lands, hydroponic gardening has become popular for plantings in greenhouses, multilevel buildings, rooftops or basements.
  • It is also much eco-friendly saving water. This is because you can recycle the water to save the priceless and limited resource.
  • As the minerals and nutrients are directly supplied to the plants, the plants need not search for the nutrients as in the case of soil cultivation. So, they concentrate on using more energy for growing faster and producing more flowers and fruits. This increases the yield of the plant.
  • It is even less associated with insect infestations, diseases and viruses.
  • This reduces the use of pesticides which is much beneficial to the environment.miniature houses
  • The extra supply of oxygen in the medium enhances the speed of uptake of nutrients. This quickens the root growth. With this, the growth rate of hydroponic plants is considered to be 3 to 50 percent faster than that of soil plants.
    As it does not use soil, there are no problems linked with soil erosion.
  • It is not at all climate-dependent and is more effective for plants which are grown indoors.

With these benefits, you can prefer to grow various flowering plants through hydroponic gardening. Read the rest of this entry »


Enhance your Garden Beauty by Decorative Garden Pots

fairy housesThere are many ways to decorate your garden and make it more attractive. Even, smaller things like using decorative containers can enhance its beauty. Clay, concrete and terracotta garden pots available in different designs can be used for planting. You can place them in garden or patio.

Decorative concrete pots are considered to add beauty to patio, courtyards, poolsides, deck and stone walls apart from the garden. Contemporary and classic designs and colors of concrete pots are available which suit your decorative accent. Patios are the best places which provide relaxation. You can arrange some chairs in a patio and sit looking at the natural garden environment. The patio can be decorated by adding colored concrete pots filled with flowering plants. They can even be placed on a stone wall to further bring a touch of elegance. You can use garden urns with decorative accents. Even, garden bowls are decorative pieces which offer wide planting area.

Fairy gardenPlastic and clay pots are also used for garden plants. You can turn plain clay pots into attractive objects with paints and sand. Plastic pots too are in great demand. They are also sometimes given a terracotta look to make more beautiful. These days, polyurethane pots have been in use. These are found in different sizes, shapes and colors and fit any plant and décor. The specific advantage of these pots is that they can withstand both heat and cold. Duracotta pots are the other decorative pots using durable polyethylene plastic for mimicking the terracotta pots. Select the right one from any of these varieties and increase your garden beauty.


How can You Select a Garden Style?

miniature gardenAre you planning to create a new garden in your home? It’s a great idea to elevate your home appearance and value. However, it is very much necessary to choose a garden style. You have different choices of garden styles and you can choose any of them. Do consider your environment, style of your house and personal taste of plants you need to keep in the garden. Keeping these things in mind select a garden style that is apt and aesthetic to your home.

Contemporary and traditional styles of garden always look beautiful. Trees and bamboos are the common focal points of such gardens. You can use brushed aluminum furniture or stainless steel table and chairs in these gardens. This style includes only limited colors and that too green predominates generally. English garden style is the other one which can include different features like arches, arbors, old stone sculptures and statues of vintage style. You can also plan for a simple modern garden which can contain architectural plants having huge distinctive leaves. Formal styles of gardens are even opted by some people. These have symmetrical designs, level with close-cropped lawns. Some of the features of simple formal gardens include central pathways, pergolas, and inspired formations of beds and lawns.

It is often thought that gardening only is ideal for those having larger outdoor spaces. However, there are even many options for home owners with only limited space. Patio garden or a terrace garden are some of the ideas for people living in cities and a condo. Even container gardening is the best solution for them. Vegetables as well as flowering plants can be grown in containers and placed indoors as well as in smaller outdoor places like patio or balcony. However, the choice of containers with respect to the size and material should be appropriate. Indoor home gardens not only add beauty and décor to your rooms but also liven them. They maintain a fresh and healthy atmosphere indoors. So hurry up to select a garden style and choose the plant accordingly to improve your home. Read the rest of this entry »