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Use Glow Products to Highlight Halloween Food Presentations

Halloween is an occasion celebrated with great joy and excitement. People of all ages will definitely enjoy this as there are things which cause kids to surprise and act through which the elders derive most of the fun and thrill. The arrangements are quite different in Halloweens are typical when compared to the remaining parties and celebrations. The main aim and theme of the Halloween is to make people scary with unique decorations and food presentations. There are lot more ways to decorate a Halloween since the availability of various items is very easy in every market. However, when it comes to food presentations, it needs special care and attention because the food should be made of eatable material at the same time it should be presented in a unique way.

Glow sticks and other glow products add much more fun to the food presentation as they are available in various designs and styles. Many kinds of glowing glassware such as the glow glasses, glow mugs, glow stirrers, glow ice cubes can be used to make much more impressive presentations. With this kind of utensils and using few more glow sticks we can arrange a glow in the dark dinner also which is quite apt for the Halloween celebration.

Food and all the dishes including drinks can be served in the glow in the dark glass ware and trays. The areas which need extra light can be lighted up using some glow sticks and other glow products. They not only act as a source of light but also emit colorful light which is quite apt for the situation. It is better to offer people who came to have dinner with glow necklaces and bracelets so that they can have light source for themselves as well as brightening up the area. This way we can highlight even the food areas in the Halloween with the help of glow sticks, accessories and other glow products.


Bulk Glow sticks are Available in Assorted Colors and Sizes

Many people get used to buy glow sticks in single since they want to invest little at a time. But they are not aware of the fact that they are paying more for what is not required. They come to know this the moment they buy some glow sticks in bulk. There will be a huge cost difference between the cost per piece when purchased in bulk and between the piece which is purchased in single. However, there are many advantages of buying glow sticks in bulk. Among them the availability of glow sticks in different colors and sizes at cheaper prices is one. Let us see them in detail.

Assorted colors: Bulk glow sticks are available in a wide range of colors both in single and multi color combinations. These days all the parties are based on the particular theme, which either follows a single color or a combination of colors. In such cases in order to get a specific combination of colors it is only possible through a valid order. Since it is a party and you need a same combination for different arrangements we need them in huge numbers and hence it is beneficial to place an order in bulk. Different colors range from green, red, yellow, blue, violet and so on of which green and yellow are termed as the brightest colors. ‘

Different Sizes: If we are purchasing the single pieces we can get only standard sizes of glow sticks. Whether they are useful for you or not, you have to take them and personalize them according to the need and necessity. But if you buy glow sticks in bulk we can order the sizes which are required by you and can get them according to our requirement. Different sizes are especially used in decorations of various things and quite helpful to conduct games and entertainment activities. Especially when it comes to mini glow sticks they are quite useful for making a Halloween costume and some glowing balloons and lot more things.


Enjoy Your Halloween with Orange Glow Sticks

Halloween celebrations in dark are the greatest occasions to make use of lighting products for fun and entertainment. They are even used to boost the scary effects of various activities and decorations of the Halloween. Glow sticks are one of the many lighting novelties which strike your mind when thinking of upgrading the Halloween celebrations.

Considering the perfect match of each and every item used in a party makes it more attractive and excellent. Among the many different colors of glow sticks, orange colored ones are considered to be more apt for Halloween celebrations. Elegant light sticks of orange can be given as the party favors during these celebrations.

As you know, any Halloween d├ęcor can be enhanced with the use of glow sticks. Consider to prefer orange glow sticks to other colors of glow sticks to show the perfect match or usage. Include pathway or walkway decorative elements like monsters or simple hanging lanterns including orange glow sticks. Also, brighten your outdoors or yard with orange glow sticks and glow necklaces. Connect a large number of longer orange glow sticks in such a way that their arrangement forms a glow garland. Hang them over the branches of the trees or decorate the trees and shrubs of your yard with them. Even orange glow necklaces can be used along with the glow sticks. Accentuating various Halloween decorations like pumpkins, skeletons, monsters, ghosts and so on with orange colored glow sticks are very much apt for the festival.

Orange glow sticks, necklaces and bracelets are the perfect party favors for Halloween celebrations. Even, they are considered to be the perfect accessories for your scary costumes. These bright colored glow sticks are the perfect favors for tricks or treats for kids as well as adults. As the color is very much bright, they even ensure more safety to your kids. Hence, get orange glow sticks in bulk to enjoy the Halloween party.


Green Glow Sticks and Their Uses

As you know, glow sticks are found in different colors like red, green, blue, orange, pink and so on. Distinct colored glow sticks are used for different situations like entertainment events, emergencies, etc.

Among many other colored glow sticks, green glow sticks have brighter illumination as those of orange and yellow colored ones. Hence, they are ideal for use in handling emergency situations. Rescue operations done after natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, blackouts, etc. include use of emergency green colored light sticks. As glow sticks are wind-proof and water-proof, they can be used anywhere. With brighter light, green glow sticks illuminate the dark regions even in water. You might have observed red and green colored glow sticks in the hands of a traffic police. They appear bright in dark and allow to control vehicular traffic. Travelers can easily see the green illumination from a longer distance. Green glow sticks are even used as safety kits at home, schools and other institutions in case of emergencies.

Another popular activity where green glow sticks are used is fishing. Light from these glow sticks is similar to the glowing light produced due to bioluminescence by some kind of fish. Hence, by attaching a green colored light stick to the fishing rod, the fish get attracted towards it and get trapped easily.

In addition, you can also use green colored light sticks for night parties and used in birthday parties, beach parties, raves, clubs, etc. They enlighten the Halloween, patriotic and other famous celebrations adding more fun and entertainment.


Decorating Your Party with Glow Balloons

Are you planning to arrange your kid’s birthday party at your home? Then among many considerations, you need to think of the decorative pieces to make your home look attractive. When planning for the party at night, you can bring more elegance to it by creative applications of glow sticks. The moment you think of decorations, you remember balloons. Balloons are the best decorative items for wedding receptions, birthday parties and any other occasions. It is very easy and simple to use glow balloons.

Glow balloons are generally those which are filled with certain glow paint that makes them glow in dark. However, there is another option for making glow balloons using glow sticks. Fill the balloons with colorful glow sticks. Make sure that you bend the glow sticks such that the inner glass vial breaks allowing the chemicals to react. Upon activation of the glow sticks, blow the balloon and seal them with a knot. Decorate the room with these balloons in different designs. Turn off the lights in the room to see attractive balloons glowing in the dark.

When planning to arrange the party in your backyard or garden, you can hang the glow balloons on various branches of trees. You can even decorate your garden arches and porches with them. Give them to the guests, kids in particular, to have fun. Mini glow sticks or glow bracelets can be used to fill the balloons. Purchasing wholesale glow sticks is an economical way to host a birthday party with glow sticks in order to make it more enjoyable.


Know How to Make a Glow Ring

Like all the other glow stick products, glow rings are also more popular. They are quite apt for any kind of night parties. Especially, kids and teenagers like to wear them to look attractive during parties and Halloweens. Since they are very small objects you can make them from your glow bracelets using connectors or you can prepare them at home using some chemicals and wax.

Even though they are easy to make, parental supervision is always advisable if kids are doing it. Let us have a quick look on the ingredients and the process involved.


  • Paraffin wax
  • Sugar
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Isoprophyl Alcohol
  • Toothpicks and
  • Protective glasses and goggles.


  • For making glow rings you need some glow liquid. In order to prepare this liquid take 50 gm of sugar, 25 ml of sodium hydroxide, and 5 ml of isoprophyl alcohol in separate non metal containers. Always wear gloves while handling solutions.
  • Now take the vessel containing sodium hydroxide and add sugar to it. On mixing them both you can see some green color.
  • Now add isoprophyl alcohol to that mixture and stir well. Now you can see the glow.
  • Take the paraffin wax and mould in to a ring, according to the manufacturers instruction in your required size and shape. However you have to make it hallow.
  • Once it is done make a hole in it using the tooth pick and on the top.
  • Now pour the glowing solution in to the ring using a syringe. Use some wax to close the hole.
  • Let it dry by placing it in your shelf. You can use it once it is dried.

Like this you can make a lot of homemade rings of different sizes.


Know the Uses of Glow Sticks for Military

Even though the inventors and first users of glow sticks are the Navy people, the immense applications of glow sticks made them used by military as well. They are very useful for military people for doing different search and rescue operations, defense operations and so on. Previously these glow sticks are used as emergency lights and man overboard float lights in Navy. Later their use is wide spread in Military.

Let us see how the Military uses them for different operations.

For night operations: Because of the light produced by Glow sticks they are used mostly during night operations. Since they are available in different colors they can be used for different identifications and markings. The military first used glow sticks as signaling devices. Since they are not flammable and are safe to use in explosive environments they are often used to mark locations. For night operations at a greater distance, the light sticks are often used with magnets attached to the base to stand vertically on any metallic surface and provide a full 360-degree visibility through the scope of weapon.

Use of infrared glow sticks: With the innovation of latest technology some Infra-red glow sticks are developed which are very helpful in the success and safety of night operations. These glow sticks work with IR or NV imaging system. These sticks are invisible to the naked eye and emits a distinct thermal image which can be seen only by wearing special glasses. They do not emit heat which avoids further detection. These glow lights are highly helpful for military people to mark targets clearly which helps them in increasing the shoot to kill ratio. Since they are light weight and durable they can be easily carried by the military men and women.

As emergency lights: These lights are very useful for emergency situations which happen after some natural calamities. After the natural calamities like cyclones, earth quakes and hurricanes there will be no electricity. Then these glow sticks are used to identify people to rescue them and also by the military people to reveal their identity. Use of glow sticks indoors after hurricanes for light helps in preventing open flames from candles.

Apart from these there are many other uses of glow sticks which are widely used in military. They are used both for tactical and non tactical operations.


Different Glow Products Giving Fun for Kids

Kids are more excited and love to use different kinds of glow products, especially glow sticks. A glow stick is a plastic tube having a glass tube inside it. One chemical is present in the glass tube and the other outside it. When you bend the plastic tube in such a way that the glass tube breaks, the two chemicals combine and react to give the cool glow. It is even colored because of the presence of a fluorescent dye. It is safe to use glow sticks as these chemicals are not that harmful. Hence, they can even be used by kids.

Glow necklaces, earrings and bracelets are the more common forms of glow sticks that children use. Glow necklaces are nothing but glow sticks which are about 22inch long that are connected by means of connectors. Kids like to wear glow necklaces in their neck and also as a band in hair. They are available in different individual as well as tri-colors. Glow bracelets are smaller in size and are worn in the wrist. They are even attached to their apparel to make it a glow costume. Apart from these, they also love to wear glow earrings and glow rings.

Children even like some other glow products like glow eyeglasses, glow bunny ears and glow cups. Glow eyeglasses of various colors are the best glow novelties for boys and girls. They can even be made by attaching two glow bracelets with connectors. Kids like to use unique and tri-colored glow bunny ears. They are more popularly used in July 4th summer events and county fairs. Serving drinks in glow cups at kids’ birthday parties is one way to add elegance. They are available in different colors like red, blue, yellow and green, and also in assorted colors. They can also be used in camping and other night parties. Apart from these, glow toys are the best products which give more fun for kids.


Know how to Make your Own Glow stick at Home

Everyone of us wish to enjoy well in parties. People of all ages, youth and kids in particular, are more interested to use glow sticks at parties. Glow necklaces and glow bracelets are the most popular items of glow sticks. However, you can use a glow stick for improving an aesthetic sense of many other items. You can make glow hats, glow balls, and so on. Glow sticks are inexpensive and you can get them at much cheaper prices when purchased in bulk and online. However, you can make your own glow stick at home to save money. The process of making a glow stick is very easy or simple and it also gives fun to your kids.

Are you interested in making your own glow stick? Then go and get a plastic tube, LED flash light, and an electrical tape. Use an older glow stick tube which no longer glows. Cut the end of the tube and empty the contents present in it. You can also use any other neat and clear plastic tube available in your home. Clean the tube thoroughly. Now, two cuts are made lengthwise on the tip and at the end of the clear plastic tube. Then, the small LED flashlight has to be placed into the slits with the light facing into the glow stick. Use an electrical tape to tape or seal it thoroughly. That’s it. Your glow stick is ready to use.

If you wish to make a glow stick using chemicals, then browse the internet to know about the chemicals used. Purchase the ones that are non-toxic and easily available in the market that can be used to prepare the glow stick. Add appropriate amounts of the chemicals into the clear plastic tube. Ensure that you wear gloves to avoid contact with the chemicals. Sealing the tube properly completes the process of making the glow stick. It can be used for fun or as emergency and safety light at home.


Glow Sticks Serve as Decorative Items

Glow sticks can be used for recreation, emergency, and other general purposes. They are used as jewelry and also as decorative items. Glow sticks used at night parties can give a neon effect when all other lights are turned off. They give a beautiful and new look at party decorations. Glow bracelets and glow necklaces are a part of glow jewelry. However, these items can be used in decorating home and outside places for events and parties.

  • You can keep glow bracelets of various colors around the reception tables in wedding receptions. You can also light up the center piece by elegant colored glow sticks.
  • You can combine glow necklaces or glow bracelets with frames and connectors to make glow balls, glow flowers and so on.
  • Chair legs and arms, coat stands and standing lamps, and stair banisters at home and other places can be wrapped with glow sticks for giving a stylish look. Large sized glow necklaces can be used for these purposes.
  • Champagne glasses, tableware and silverware can be decorated with glow sticks.
  • Glow balloons can be kept at childrens’ birthday parties. A helium balloon can be filled with glow bracelets and smaller glow sticks. Generally one inch glow sticks can best fit for this decoration. Place some glow sticks in a large sized balloon. Then fill it with air to some extent and then keep some more glow sticks. Then blow it fully and place where ever required.

It is based on one’s creativity to use a glow stick as decorative item. They are inexpensive and can be bought on wholesale. One can feel satisfied by decorating parties and events with glow sticks at low cost.

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