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Health Benefits of Bicycling You Need to Know

To stay active and fit one needs to follow certain physical activities. By regularly practicing physical activities it helps you stay away for health problems such as heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes, obesity and cancer. To get relief from the above said health problems, one of the best physical activity is bicycling. Riding bicycle regularly reduces […]

Yoga And Its Eight Stages

Yoga means oneness and it reunite the essence of every religion, the essence of every creed and the core every spiritual path. It came from connecting to god context and just as the word religion means in a western context. The native yoga-paths are part of Vedic culture and it is referred as Hinduism. Yoga […]

Know About Major Yoga Asanas

Yoga is an old health practice for stronger-flexible body, toning of muscles, reducing stress, and physical well-being. Different yoga asanas are effective for different parts of a body. Following are the major types of asanas in yoga: Vinyasa It means a breath-synchronized movement in which, performance of a series of poses called sun-salutation matched to […]

Common types of yoga

There are many types of yoga. The common types of yoga are: Iyengar Yoga: These types of yoga exercises are completely focused on the alignment and exact movements. Performing these types of yoga will provide a good knowledge of standards in yoga poses and becomes basic fundamentals in other style of yoga practice on how […]

Athletes and Performance Enhancing Drugs

Before every game athlete drug testing is carried on every athlete who wants to participate or who selected for participating in the games. Athletes are tested whether they use any performance-enhancing drugs for increasing their efficiency. Sometimes, competitors have many questions if any participant wins the game. These tests are practiced for identifying any use […]

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