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How to Implement Successful Workplace Drug Testing Program

To promote drug free workplace an effective drug testing program should be implemented on the employees as it not only maximizes their levels of productivity, but it also decreases employee turnover and absenteeism. This article explores the types of employee drug testing and how to implement successful workplace drug testing program.

  • Clearly define and set objectives: For any organization it is highly recommended to conduct drug testing program. Conducting drug testing program at workplace helps in reducing absenteeism, prevents workplace accidents, improves work performance, reduces compensation claims and keeps healthy and safe work environment. For this the employer should clearly define and set objectives. After setting the objectives, inform all the employees about the importance of drug testing program or give a handbook.
  • Types of employee drug testing at workplace: Employee drug testing is broadly categorized into 5 types – Pre-employment drug testing, random drug testing, post accident drug testing, reasonable suspicion drug testing and periodic drug testing.
  • Pre-employment drug testing: This type of drug testing helps the employer to prevent from hiring the applicant who uses drugs. In general, the test is conducted on the applicant who has been offered the job. The employer should notify the applicant about the drug testing program as a mandatory rule. If the results are negative the applicant will not be hired.
  • Random drug testing: In this type of testing, employees are randomly picked based on the computer generated results. Each employee of the organization has an equal chance of being selected for testing whether the person is recently tested or not. This test is performed without any prior notice. This test is mandatory for those employees especially who work in critical positions like handling big machines, driving vehicles and others.
  • Post accident drug testing: This type of drug testing is done to know the factors responsible for the accident (personal injury or property damage) at workplace. In general, this test can be conducted within 12 hours of accident. By conducting the test the employer gets to know whether the accident was due to drugs or it was just an accident.
  • Reasonable suspicion drug testing: This testing is done when the manager or supervisors finds signs and symptoms in an employee of drug use. But, if the employer fails to show valid reason for suspicion, it can turn to liability. Therefore, it is very important to have clear definitions of what type of behavior justifies the drug testing.
  • Periodic drug testing: Generally this type of drug testing is done on an annual basis. Employees will be notified about this test in prior. Hence, it is more accepted test than unannounced tests.
  • Keep the test results confidential: The test results should be kept confidential to respect the privacy rights of the employees. This makes the employees feel better among the co-workers.
  • Use quality and reliable drug testing kits: Use reliable and quality drug testing kits, especially the ones that are approved by FDA. Because the results are accurate.

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Benefits of Instant Drug Testing with Drug Testing Kits

Now a days drug testing has become rather simple. You can test it anywhere. Drug testing is helpful to detect whether the person abuses drug. Many different methods and devices are available for drug testing to test out drug abusers. Drug testing kits are one such devices which have made the instant drug testing possible. Due to this benefits, they are considered to play an important role in drug prevention.

Instant drug testing involves testing the samples from the individuals to find out the persons drug abusing. The instant drug testing uses methods like urinary drug testing, saliva drug testing, breath alcohol testing, hair drug testing.

Benefits of instant drug testings:

  • Instant drug testing methods are very convenient to all places like homes, workplaces.
  • Immediate drug test results.
  • Helps in increasing the employees productivity by workplace-drug-testings.
  • Decreasing the employees absenteeism: conducting drug test motivates the employees to develop good habits.
  • This instant drug testings can be conducted by many methods, no experts support required.

Instant drug testing creates safe and healthy environment at homes, offices and schools. Make use of inexpensive, easy to use and accurate drug testing kits which give faster results and help you take the necessary action as soon as possible.


Importance of Drug Test Detection Period

Use of illicit drugs and alcohol has become common today. Conducting drug tests to identify drug abusers has, therefore, become substantial. Drug testing is nothing but a test that is conducted to detect the presence of illicit drug or its metabolites in the given sample. Various methods such as urine, saliva and hair drug tests are conducted by simply designed test kits. Drug test detection period for a test kit is the amount of time after consuming a drug that a particular drug testing method can show a positive result. Drug detection period varies with frequency of drug usage, type of specimen, cutoff levels, test method, metabolism, and other factors.

Urine drug tests detect drugs and their metabolites in urine sample. The detection period for urine drug test kits is obviously higher when compared to blood tests that are conducted in laboratory. As said, drug detection period for urine drug testing varies for different drugs – 30 days for marijuana, 3 to 5 days for methamphetamine, 3 to 7 days for phencyclidine (PCP), 4 to 5 days for cocaine, and 2 to 4 days for opiates.

Hair drug tests can detect any of the metabolites of illicit drugs for up to 90 days. The metabolites of drugs pass through blood to various parts of the body. They get deposited at hair shaft and remain there for as long as three months. So, habitual drug use can be detected by hair drug test easily. Saliva drug tests, however, can only detect recent drug abuse. The detection periods for various drugs with this method is not known. It is found that it can detect illicit drug use for 2 days. So, based on the mode of testing, the drug detection period varies. Also, consider various factors that affect the detection period when conducting drug testing. Read the rest of this entry »


Group Therapy for Treating Addiction

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves two or more individuals who work with one or a group of therapists. These methods have great positive effect when they are used to treat the patients with the substance abuse problems. They may be very effective than individual treatment or one on one therapy to overcome drug addiction.

Following are the different types of group therapies used for treating drug addicts:

Peer Group Therapy:
The most common type of peer group therapy used for treating the drug addicts is the expressive therapy. In this type of therapy the patients are allowed to express their thoughts and feelings, which may be conscious and unconscious and which can’t be orally communicated. By the feelings and the thoughts of the addicts the therapists can know the condition of the patients and this helps the therapists in giving further treatment.

Family Group Therapy:
Family plays an important role in treating a drug addict. Hence, the family is the perfect setting for group therapy. Family therapy has two main goals out of which one goal is, the strengths of the family are integrated to design ways to stop drug abuse. Other goal is to reorganize and counteract the impact of the patient’s dependency on drugs and this also helps to manage the effects of drug addiction on the family.

Culturally Specific Group Therapy:
Bringing the patients who share similar cultures at one place can be very effective way of group therapy. By knowing their shared beliefs, cultural rituals and healing practices helps the counselors in treating the drug addicts.

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Attributes Required by a Drug Test for a New Testing Material

Illegal drug abuse affects the physical and mental health of a person. It also has an effect on his or her personal, professional as well as social life. It is therefore necessary to conduct drug tests frequently. Urine, saliva, and blood are the testing materials used more commonly to check for drug usage. However, these days hair is also used for drug testing. In order for a new drug testing material like hair to be useful for drug testing, the test using that material must have certain attributes.

  • The testing material must be obtained easily. The drug testing method should be as non-invasive as possible.
  • The biological testing material should contain the drug or its metabolite.
  • The available technology must be able to detect drugs or their metabolites accurately and precisely.
  • You should be able to establish the relationship between the concentration of the drug or its metabolite and the drug dose taken.
  • There must be low rate of false negative results. The amount of drug or its metabolite appearing in the biological material after the use of a single dose of drug must be sufficient for routine detection.
  • The risk of false positives resulting from the environmental contamination during drug testing must be minimum.
  • The time course of appearance and disappearance of the drug or its metabolite in the drug testing material must be established clearly. It should also be matched with the purpose of testing.

If a test is able to follow these attributes, then the testing material can be considered as efficient for its use in drug testing.


Know About the Importance of Drug Testing in Construction Industry

Drug and alcohol abuse in workplaces result in several problems. Employers find it difficult to control the situations that arise due to drug abuse. Employees addicted to drugs are absent for work frequently and this decreases the individual as well as team productivity. Organizations of construction industry conduct drug testing in order to ensure safety to their employees.

It is necessary for employers to make sure that their employees are healthy. Any problems related to drug abuse are treated and employers have to consider the health insurance costs. In addition, injuries and accidents are more common at construction sites. Co-employees or even general public may suffer from injuries due to drug addicted employees working in construction firms. Such incidents which take place at an organization also affects the fame and image of the company. Also, construction companies are required to submit their employee manual, regarding their safety when applying for insurance. So it is necessary for construction organizations to conduct regular drug testing on their employees.

Reasonable measures are taken by the contractors, owners, project managers, subcontractors, and supervisors. Drug-free workplace policies have to be designed and implemented at regular intervals of time. Strict rules and regulations should be made in order to take disciplinary actions against drug abuse at workplaces.

It is better to conduct drug testing for applicants who wish to join the organizations. Many construction companies therefore conduct pre-employment drug testing in order to avoid future accidents at workplaces because of them. Drug testing in construction industry therefore ensures safety and also reduces worker’s compensation costs.

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Know About Various Types of Nicotine Testing

Various diseases including heart diseases, lung cancer, respiratory diseases, COPD and so on are seen in nicotine users. Therefore it is necessary to conduct nicotine tests on smokers to avoid further addiction. Various types of nicotine tests are conducted by employers, insurance companies, and other organizations. Urine, blood, hair, and saliva tests are conducted for nicotine testing.

Urine Test:
Cotinine test with urine detects the concentration levels of cotinine. Cotinine is a metabolite of nicotine. Urine tests can detect cotinine for four days after consumption. Cotinine is only tested in urine because the half life of other metabolites is lesser when compared to it. The cut off concentration of urine test for nicotine is 200ng/ml.

Blood Test:
Blood test also detects for cotinine. Nicotine cannot stay in bloodstream for longer time. However, its metabolites stay in blood for longer periods. The metabolites through blood tests can be detected for 3 weeks after consumption of nicotine.

Saliva Test:
Saliva is collected from the individual though a swab and checked for presence of nicotine. It is easy to conduct nicotine test by saliva. It is a non-invasive method producing quick and accurate results. Nicotine and cotinine can be checked for 7 to 10 days by saliva test.

Hair Test:
Hair sample taken from face, arms, legs, or head of an individual is tested in hair test. Metabolites of nicotine gets deposited in hair follicles which are detected by this test. Accurate results are provided by hair test as they employ high laboratory processing. So hair tests are more expensive than all other tests.

Any of these methods can be used to check for nicotine or its metabolites.

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Necessity of Pre-employment Drug Testing

Drug testing in the workplace is becoming a necessary requirement for most of the companies. Employee background checks are conducted by various companies while hiring new employees. Pre-employment drug testing is conducted on job applicants to avoid problems caused by drug abusers at workplaces. It also helps in increasing productivity and profitability of companies. Let us know why a pre-employment drug testing is necessary for employers.

Necessity of Pre-employment Drug Testing:

  • It is necessary for employers to ensure safety at workplace environment. Any workplace injuries, accidents and crimes can be avoided by pre-employment drug screening.
  • Lot of money is being spent by companies for health insurance and workers’ compensation costs due to drug abuse at workplace. In order to avoid these problems, it is better to avoid hiring such employees. So pre-employment drug testing is performed to enhance effective hiring decision making.
  • Loss of productivity, decreased quality of work, unprofessional behavior, and corrupt workplace environment are some of the problems caused by drug abused employees. In order to avoid these issues, it is essential for employers to conduct pre-employment drug testing.
  • Certain disciplinary actions are taken against current drug addicted employees. Sometimes they are terminated from employment. They have to be replaced by hiring new employees. This would waste a lot of time and money. So it is better to conduct drug testing before hiring a new employee.

The testing is conducted by various methods including urine drug testing, hair drug testing, and saliva drug testing. Most commonly urine drug testing is implemented by many companies. Many multi-panel drug test kits are available which can detect multiple drugs at a time. Pre-employment drug testing results in increased productivity, quality of work, and profits for organization.

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Know About Home Based Kits for Marijuana

Marijuana drug testing is done in many places for checking the drug users. A marijuana drug test is done in many ways by using urine, saliva, blood and hair. Certain drug test kits are available which can be used at workplaces, home, and other organizations. It is very difficult to conduct test through laboratories, and hence the need for drug kits is in rise.

Home based drug test kits are also available for detection of marijuana. There may be many reasons for using home test kits. Privacy is the main reason that makes many people prefer to use home drug test kits. Collection of urine samples at laboratories is difficult as the individual requires privacy. The test can be performed in privacy at home using these kits. Drug usage may also affect social and economical status of an individual. One may feel shy to go to a laboratory for getting the test done. Such people can also use home drug test kits.

The kits are so designed that they are user friendly. These include certain methods and are based on home based remedies. They can be easily handled by users. The results obtained from such home drug test kits are also quick and accurate. The only disadvantage of using home based kits is that the chances of adulteration of sample are high. This may not give an appropriate result. So it preferred to use the kits without any adulteration. As the test is done in privacy at home, the result can also viewed in privacy. Test cards, strips, and cups are some of the models of home drug test kits used for marijuana testing

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Know About Hair Drug Testing at Workplace

It was estimated by the U.S. Department of Labor that the cost to employers for drug use in workplace is $75 billions to $100 billions annually. Hence there is a need for performing employee drug testing. Employee drug testing is done through various methods by using, blood, hair, urine, and saliva. Let us know about the importance of hair drug testing at workplace.

Nourishment of hair is through bloodstream. So anything that is ingested, injected or inhaled gets deposited in the blood and later in hair. If any drugs are consumed, they are also deposited at the hair shaft. It is very difficult to adulterate a hair sample and hence many organizations prefer hair drug testing. This is the most important advantage of using hair follicles for employee drug testing. Pre-employment drug testing when done with hair follicles, helps in preventing the hiring of drug abused people.

A continued drug use over a period of 30 to 90 days or longer can be detected by hair tests. Employment drug testing by hair is the preferred method for employers. Hair drug test helps in detecting the drug abuse instead of occasional drug use. As short as one-half inch of hair sample from any part of the body can be essential for performing hair drug test. Hair can be collected for sample from head, armpit, chest, face and legs.

Hair drug testing is the most efficient way of screening already existing employees as well as yet to be hired candidates. Certain issues such as testing employees who behave erratically and who are impaired while on the job, and people who are involved in accidents at workplace can be done through hair drug testing.

Some of the advantages of using hair drug tests are listed below.

  • Non-invasiveness
  • Low Cost
  • Ability to measure a large number of potential and toxic drugs

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