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Impact of Marijuana Abuse on Driving

Marijuana is a one type of drug it has many negative effects on health. Essential motor skills like alertness, concentration, coordination and reaction time are effected by marijuana. These skills are required for safe driving. Judging distances and react to signals can be made difficult by marijuana use. If any body smokes marijuana, these effects […]

Few Facts About Depressants

Depressants are classified mainly into two types. They are: Barbiturates and Benzodiazepines Barbiturates: They have been popularly used in the first half of the 20th century. Symptoms after using these barbiturates include slurred speech, loss of motor coordination. They are naturally used as sleep aids. Depending upon the dosage, for length of the time the […]

Infectious Diseases and Drug Abuse

Drug abuse causes health risks which are sometimes as dangerous as the physiological effects of the drugs themselves. Injecting drug users (IDUs) are at high danger for direct vulnerability to various blood-borne bacterial and viral infections. HIV/AIDS: Injection drug use is the main reason for the cause of AIDS in more than one-third of all […]

Prescription Drug Addiction At Schools

Schools are another place apart from home where teens can access prescription drugs, since some students should take prescribed medications during the school day. Administrators and nurses of school should make sure that only those students with prescriptions should bring medications to campus.  In order to make clear about prescription drug abuse among students, school […]

Athletes and Performance Enhancing Drugs

Before every game athlete drug testing is carried on every athlete who wants to participate or who selected for participating in the games. Athletes are tested whether they use any performance-enhancing drugs for increasing their efficiency. Sometimes, competitors have many questions if any participant wins the game. These tests are practiced for identifying any use […]

Types Of Depression

At this time in US billions of people are suffering with depression. Some it cause for deaths and suicides. Now I share some information about depression and major type’s depressions. In Major depression the episodes can be either single happening or recurring. A single occurring episode will vanish after the treatment has taken effect. For […]

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