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Cocaine Addiction and Its Effects on the Body

Cocaine is a powerfully addictive stimulant that directly affects the brain. Cocaine is a strong central nervous system stimulant which affects the brain’s processing of dopamine. Intake of the cocaine causes constricted peripheral blood vessels, dilated pupils, and increased temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. Repeated cocaine use leads to tolerance, dependence, and addiction. Cocaine […]

Know about Basic Types of Addictions

Addiction is a condition where the individual becomes permanently or temporarily becomes dependent on the substance consumed. There are many types of addictions but there are some basic types of addictions which are very harmful for the individuals who are addicted and those are here under: Drug Addiction: Drug addiction is the condition resulted from […]

Facts about Drug Abuse and Addiction

Drugs are the chemicals, which have susceptible impact on neuro-chemical balance of human brain that effects feelings and actions of an individual. Abusing drugs often or regularly leads to addiction. Although there is no particular age limit for drug addiction, earlier abuse causes more serious drug addiction. Reasons for addiction Every abuser has a different […]

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