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Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is performed for people who require improvements in their dental health and for the one’s who are effected with dental infections like teeth decay, gum diseases, etc. Cosmetic dentists perform the treatment based on the type of the problem the person is facing. Types of cosmetic dentistry Teeth whitening Teeth bleaching Dental veneers […]

Contraindications of Dental Implant Placement

Dental implant placement is a very safe and effective procedure. However there are very few contraindications to dental implant placement such as: Relative contraindications Absolute contraindications and Local contraindications Relative contraindications: Relative contraindications for dental implants are diabetes, angina pectoris, radiation therapy on neck and head, pregnancy and tobacco and alcohol dependents. Diabetes: Patients having […]

Why are Mouth Ulcers Formed?

Mouth sores, which create much discomfort, are open wounds in the mouth. They may be formed on the mucous membrane of the mouth on the lips, cheek, tongue, soft palate, floor of the mouth, or surrounding the mouth. They may also be formed sometimes inside the throat. Mouth ulcers are usually white in color surrounded […]

Advantages of Taking Basic Dental Care

Basic dental care is necessary for an individual in order to prevent the possibility of serious dental problems in future. Basic dental care includes, brushing at least two times a day, regular flossing, using tooth paste with flouride, brushing teeth in right directions, using tooth brush with soft bristles, having proper nutritional food, maintaining hygiene, […]

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