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How Does a Barcode Time and Attendance System Work?

Barcode technology can be helpful for maintaining time and attendance systems at organizations. A barcode time and attendance system helps in saving money by reducing labor expenses. The most important advantage of the system is that it increases the efficiency of payroll activities. Let us know about the working of this system.

A barcode time and attendance system mainly includes three steps. They are data collection, data storage, and data management.

Data Collection:
In order to calculate wages of employees, it is necessary first to collect details about the working hours of an employees. Each employee of an organization is provided with a card having barcode number. Linear or 2D barcodes can be used for storing data like employee number, job position, and other professional details. Symbol barcode and others are used by various organizations. A barcode printer with high efficiency is used for this purpose. Zebra printers are one of the types of barcode printers which are used most commonly.

When an employee is entering or leaving the organization, the employee card having barcodes, is scanned by barcode scanners. Thus, specific data of an employee are read. In this way, data of various employees is collected.

Data Storage:
Data collected from the scanning device is stored in a database. Therefore, the barcode scanners are attached to PCs having specific time and attendance software. The data can be stored in a database of company server or a shared file on a specific computer.

Data Management:
This includes the role of a time and attendance software. A specific software is used which helps in managing the data. This software is used to calculate the working hours and payroll wages of employees. Some of the features that the software can include are: analysis of performance of individual employee and team, comparison of employee performance of each department, and others. So it is necessary to choose the best time and attendance software.

In this way, the process of payroll management can be made easy by barcode time and attendance systems.

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Know About CCD Barcode Scanners

Barcode is defined as a machine-readable representation of information in a visual format on a surface. Barcodes earlier store data in widths and spacings of printed parallel lines. However, these are also coming in different patterns such as dots, concentric circles, and hidden in images. The barcodes are printed on labels called barcode labels. The code is read by optical scanners termed barcode scanners.

Many types of barcode scanners have been in use. CCD scanners are one among them. CCD scanners are camera-based scanners that are available in market these days. The full form of CCD is Charge Coupled Device. This is a newer technology which is being used by pen and laser barcode readers. An array of light sensors are present at the head of CCD scanner. These sensors analyze the light intensity from the barcode labels. The image of the label is picked up automatically by the CCD scanners.

There are no moving parts in CCD barcode scanners. Hence they are less prone to failure. LEDs are used for light illumination by these scanners. They last for about ten times as long as laser light diode. Hence the durability of these scanners is also very high.

Gift cards, debit and credit payments are swiped through the CCD barcode readers. These are able to read the magnetic stripes which are present at the back of cards. CCD scanners also have their applications in shift track of employees for security reasons at universities and public events.

The scanners are most often used in retail stores. When compared to a pen wand, these have better read-range. A wider range of applications are seen with the help of CCD barcode scanners. CCD scanners can be available with USB and keyboard wedge connections. Newer scanners with this technology help the users to read even smaller barcodes along with high efficiency. This also helps many industries in maintaining their inventories with accuracy.

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Know About 2D Barcode Scanners

The barcode system has been advancing in technologies day by day. Earlier one dimensional barcodes are available and hence single dimensional barcode scanner has been used. These days as the technology is getting advanced, two-dimensional barcodes are used. A two-dimensional barcode scanner is to be used for reading two-dimensional barcode.

2D scanners can store high volume of data in a small area. Hence they have been more popular these days. Increased data and accurate readings are done with portable and mounted scanners. The 2D scanners can use dimensions which run perpendicular so that the added data can be stacked on the information that is already present.

Storing, Identifying, and decoding complex barcodes is possible through the use of 2D barcode scanners. For accuracy and integrity of medical records 2D barcode scanners are being in use by medical professionals. Inventory of medical supplies and information of patient’s intake and discharge, and tabulation of medications given to the patient are done by the use of 2D barcode scanners.

Conventional scanners and laser scanners have been replaced by 2D scanners in the market use. Complex 2D barcodes can be read by 2D barcode scanners. CCD and imaging technologies can be used by these scanners in order to get the right output. These scanners may be integrated with a computer through a USB port or a Bluetooth device. Then they would be configured with some software for getting the data into a specific file.

In order to reach the increasing requirements for storing the data efficiently, the 2D scanners are in great demand. Some of the examples of 2D scanner are two-dimensional Symbol barcode scanner, 2D Metrologic barcode scanner, and 2D Datalogic barcode scanner.

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Know About Portable Barcode Scanners

Barcode technology is a technology, which is used to run the business in efficient way. In order to use this barcode technology, one needs, barcode scanner. Barcode scanner is a device, which can decode the information, which is presented in the barcodes. Barcode scanner is also called as barcode reader.

There are many types of barcode scanners, which are available in the market. Generally standard barcode scanners use the USB connection to connect the scanner to computer device. Because of rapid technology movement, now a days, portable barcode readers are also available in the market. If you want to buy portable barcode printer for your business, then you can go for Symbol barcode scanner. The main goal of the barcode scanners is to make business more convenient.

Large items cannot be scanned with normal stationary scanner. Or, if you have a big storage room or large building, in which your business products are stored, then you can not carry all the products to the scanner. You can purchase the portable scanner, which helps you to do the things easily as you can carry this anywhere. You can try the Symbol scanners for portable scanners which long last. These scanners also provide accuracy and speed like standard scanners.

The above information is about the portable barcode scanners, which are more flexible and convenient.

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What are the Different Barcode Reader Technologies

Better functioning of business process with efficient and accurate automatic identification of products can be possible by using barcode scanners. There are different barcode technologies which can help businesses in tracking inventory, monitoring stock movement, increasing operational efficiency, improving employee productivity, and more. There are different types of barcode reader technologies such as:

Pen style reader: This is one type of technology which is also called as wand barcode reader. It has a light source and a photodiode, positioned next to each other at the tip of the pen reader. These pen readers are suited for low volume and desktop applications and they are small and durable.

Laser scanners: The more precise readability of barocdes can be offered by these laser barcode scanners. Instead of a light source, a laser beam is used in these laser scanners in order to work efficiently. Brightness and sharpness of the laser beam helps to have preciseness and greater accuracy in reading barcodes while reading. Symbol Barcode scanners are the best example for these laser barcodes. The main advantage of these scanners is that they can read barcode labels even from a great distance.

CCD readers: These scanners are also called as linear imager barcode reader. They consist of a series of tiny light sensors which measure the intensity of the light. The distance at which these barcode readers can read barcodes varies from few inches to several feet way. These scanners are designed to withstand hard and harsh working conditions.

Camera-based scanners: Camera-based barcode scanners are the latest barcode technology. They are also called as 2D imaging scanners. A small camera can be used to take an image of the barcode and in order to decode the barcodes advanced digital image processing techniques are used. Even wrinkled and damaged barcode labels can be read by these barcode scanners. Symbol scanners are the best example for this scanner.

The above information is about different technologies which are used in barcode scanners to get efficient and accurate reading.

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Know How to Keep Track of School Equipment Using Barcode Labels

Barcodes labels are printed by baracode printers. Barcode labels contain the information about product. This information can be read by barcode scanners like Symbol barcode scanner. Barcode labels are used to inventory management and asset tracking.

Because of technology advancement, portable IT equipment and other teaching aids are being used in schools today. So, it is important to keep track of the assets of school. Equipment tracking means, when a member of staff or student wants use somethings, it can be found easily with out wasting time.

Problems in schools: It is a challenging thing to keep track of the equipment in schools. Many members of the staff need to use many types of equipments at different times. So it is difficult to monitor everything.

They want to protect the items like musical instruments along with IT equipments. It is necessary and critical to keep track the instruments in school.

Trying asset labels to track equipments is considered as the best way. This means, a label (barcode label) is assigned to each item with a unique number. Using barcode labels save time while tracking an inventory. They use the asset labels in conjunction with an asset register. Asset register is the record of all equipments and can be kept as hard copy.

There are different materials used to create asset labels like aluminum, steel, and polyesters. Like this school equipments can be tracked by using barcode labels.

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Differences Between Direct Thermal and Thermal Power Transfer Barcode Printers

As the use of barcodes has been increasing day by day, obviously the use barcode printers has also increased. Most of the manufacturers are using the barcodes because of the advantages like asset tracking etc.

Some of the people get confused in detecting the best type of printer for their use. There are different types of printers which can be used for printing the barcode. But the most commonly used barcode printers are the thermal printers. There are two types of thermal printers. They are direct thermal and Thermal Transfer printers. There are many differences between these two types of printers. Based on the requirement people select the best thermal barcode printer for their purpose.

Now, let us see the differences between the Direct thermal and thermal transfer printers.

Thermal transfer Barcode printers: Here a ribbon is used for printing purpose. Ribbons are available in many colors, so the printing can be done in many colors apart from black. One face of the ribbon is coated with the wax or the resin material. This coated side will be in contact with the label on which you want to print and the heat is applied from the print-head and the ink is applied to the label surface. This is the working procedure of this printers.

The Thermal transfer printers are most durable, the printing is crisp. For printing the large density of labels this thermal transfer printers are useful. Even for the longevity purposes this thermal transfer printers are useful. For the wide variety of images and for the long lasting of these images, these thermal transfer printers are used. But the disadvantage with this type of printers are – ribbon should be of good quality for providing good images and the ribbon should be changed frequently. They are used mostly for certifications. The cost of this barcode printer is high.

Direct Thermal Barcode Printers: No, ribbon is used for the printing. Here the heat activated thermal ribbons are used. Only the black color barcodes are provided using this printer. When compared with the thermal transfer barcode printers these are not crispy and they can be produced only in black color. The color of the barcode printers may fade with the time. They are not used for longevity purposes. They are sensitive to heat, light. So, they are used in the industries of food processing, parking tickets, event tickets etc. The cost for this low. They stay for less than 1 year.

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