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Applications Of Home Automation

Home Automation has become an all round technology which is used for all the purposes. It is used in many ways for different services. Some of the applications of home automation are: HVAC – The first and the foremost applications used in any industry are heating, ventilating and air conditioning which includes temperature control and […]

Application Of Barcode Technology In Laboratories

Barcodes are progressively being used to assist laboratories to automate the recognition of slides, microwell plates, tubes and other containers. Customized barcoding systems can assist laboratories in tracking samples through different  locations by eradicating the risk of error. One leading barcode company produced a custom software application and relational database to discover samples in an […]

How Barcode Attendance Systems Work

Barcode Time and Attendance system consists of three components. There are barcode readers which are used to make employees to perform quick and accurate time transactions. Now data is collected from these devices is managed and stored by PC’s. After this, administration of the time transactions, payroll generation and detailed reports is performed by the […]

RFID Application In Inventory Control

Even though several companies are using advanced warehouse management systems combined with supply chain systems, enterprise systems, and electronic data interchange (EDI), the movement and tracking or locating of goods by using manufacturing and supply chain procedure is difficult to manage. Using RFID technology, inventory will be restored in real time without product movement, scanning […]

Importance Of Barcodes In Medical store

In health care systems, there is inclusion of standards based technology in order to progress business systems and processes. While product identifiers i.e., barcode systems are successfully implemented in the retail, apparel and grocery industries universally, the health care industry has also implemented this for supply chain efficiency. Health care facilities can be easily identified […]

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