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How to download music?

They say, if you love music, you’re in good company. Recent research shows that listening to music improves ones mental-well being and boosts physical health in surprising and astonishing ways. If we take a music lesson or two, that musical training can help raise our IQ and even keeps us sharp in old age. There are many amazing scientifically proven benefits of being hooked on music.

  • Music makes people happy. Therefore one who listens to music regularly has less sad hours compared to those who don’t.
  • Music enhances mood, lowers stress and improves health.
  • It reduces depression and helps sleep better.
  • It is clinically proven that one eats comparatively less while listening to music.
  • Music reduces pain and improves recovery in stroke patients.

So it is never too late to start listening to music. The more a person listens to music, the more happy he becomes from inside. One has to try closing their eyes and imagine colours or try to picture the music with their current life setting for an appropriate situation. Use their emotional interpretation to intuit what the composer is trying to express. They should try connecting with the composers reality and listen emotionally, by which they will disconnect with the world and live with themselves.

Downloading Music

There are many ways and different types of media from where one can listen to music. One can download or save music offline in their smart phones, computers, ipads, ipods, tabs, laptops etc from various apps such as Wynk, Saavn,, Google Play, itunes, Hungama and freely download from websites such as,,, etc. To save songs offline in smart phone from an app, first you have to install music app and then log into it through facebook or google. Then it allows to save your favourite songs for free. If you want to download a song from a website in a laptop or a PC, you need to open the browser and type the title of the song you want to download in the search bar. There will be a download button just under the title of the song. When you click on it, the song will start downloading.

Not all Websites are Trustable
Be aware that not all websites in the internet can be trusted. Many of them can and may contain virus and malware. So one cannot just download music from random sites. Music should only be downloaded from trusted websites.

Another alternative option to download is to listen to music online in various websites and music applications (apps). Few people find listening to music online convenient while others find saving songs offline or downloading convenient. Young listeners are now opting to go to online streaming music but not to their own music play list. Because, they feel owning music is a lot of work and its eats up their device’s memory. Pandora, Spotify and 8tracks are few of the sites that offer people the ability to listen to music and are changing the way people consume music.

Software – A Source to Increase the Productivity

Some times organizations fail to meet the targets of their business on time and loose their clients and new customers. This makes the business to shutdown or go through a big loss. All this happens in some cases because of being less productive of employees. Where they are unable to maintain the effectiveness of their work and deal with the work with low efficiency. So to deliver the effective results on time and increase the productivity of the employees, usage of software is essential.

How is software considered to be a source of increasing the productivity?

1. Less Error Prone
Working with the software enables the employees to work with more accountability. Because software works on integrated program structure there will be minimal occurrence of errors in a business process. And when the process will be completed with the less errors, then automatically gaining more credibility in an end result will be easier. In many repetitive business processes software stands as the best source to reduce the errors.

2. Saves Time
The traditional way of working is a time consuming process because the organization has to depend upon an employee. And if in any case the employee is absent then organizations will have to suffer the losses for not able to deliver the results on time. But in the case of usage of software, it is not like that because of software like Microsoft Office that is easy to use by anyone. And it helps the organization to save the time for other useful activities. Performing more strenuous work on a daily basis becomes easy, and work can be done for a longer period. One of the examples is the spreadsheet, that is used for various level of calculations, where the calculations are done in a very less time.

3. Cost ReductionTime and Billing Software
Many times providing the training to an employee and purchasing the office equipment is a worthless deal, and makes an organization to face the losses. But working with the software helps to save the cost because a software can be used the number of times without spending a large amount of money.
For example, there are some cab services that uses the software to communicate with their customers. As software are easy to use and can be operated by anyone which makes it more favorable. But those cab services that uses costlier devices for communication are more likely to bear the cost, and maintenance of such devices is also difficult for the long run.

4. Reduces Workload
In many business activities, maintaining the records of the clients increases the workload and security of such records also become an issue many times. But when the data is recorded in a software then it can be easily maintained by the employees, can be edited or modified without much hassles. And some software products have user authentication for security which allows only authorized person to access the data.

5. Performance Analysis
Nowadays, many software is available like MIS (Management Information Software) that enables a management to retrieve the number of records related to development and growth of the organization, working projects, employee’s performances, etc. It helps the management and higher authorities to make better decisions and plans by analyzing such records, and necessary actions can be taken in order to improve the productivity of the business and employee’s performance too.


Paid Web Hosting Vs Free Web Hosting

website monitoring serviceDid you know the differences between paid and free web-hosting? Knowing the difference could help you choose one that is more suitable for your business. Be aware that one webhost service company offers their services free without any benefit for themselves. We are of the view that free hosting has many disadvantages when compared to the paid hosting and it is the fact that many people are not aware. In this article we differentiate one from the other based on the benefits and drawbacks.

Free web hosting – why you should not opt for
Free web hosting has many disadvantages when compared to a paid service and are listed here.

  • No customer support: As the service is offered free, many hosting providers won’t respond to the troubles that you get in the service they offer. They may or may not give you customer support when necessary. They may not have any customer service at all, let alone respond to your queries, etc.
  • Low bandwidth: Free hosting service providers do not give enough storage space or enough bandwidth for your website. In free hosting you get limited resources.
  • Downtime: Your site may have downtime or loading problems as multiple domains are hosted on a single shared server in free hosting.
  • No option of customization: The complete control of the site will be in the hands of hosting provider in case of free hosting, and they will look after all the configurations. Therefore, you won’t get the option of customizing your site as you want.
  • Vulnerability: There is a chance that the free hosting service provider could put ads on your site which may make your site vulnerable. And, you won’t have the right to remove them once you sign up for their service.

monitoring servicePaid web hosting – why you should choose
Most of the drawbacks in free web hosting become the advantages when it comes to paid hosting and apart from those there are a few other benefits based on the type of paid hosting service you choose for your website in paid hosting.

  • Automatic data backup: Many paid hosts will make the backups of your site. Some do it daily, some weekly and some monthly. Therefore, you will have your data lost ever which is not the case with free web hosting.
  • Your own domain: Through paid you don’t need to use the domain name of the hosting company. Thus, you can have your own domain name without any problems. But in case of free service, some hosting companies put your domain name in the sub-domain rather as main which will show that it is not yours.
  • Comprehensive control: Apart from customization, you can also control software plug-ins, account settings, etc. and you can also see the web stats.

These are some of the major benefits that you get from a paid web hosting service apart from the minor benefits. Therefore, it is a sensible idea to opt for a paid hosting.


Why to Choose Digital Printing for Packaging?

Today, the demand for digital printing is rising in packaging. This has made businesses focus on improving the value of the packaging by better quality and branding using color digital printing technology. Businesses choose digital printing technology because most packaging requires low volumes and packaging keeps on changing. There are thus multiple major benefits that make businesses use digital printing in packaging. We’ll discuss them here briefly.

Reduces supply chain cycle time
Before the advent of digital printing, conventional methods used to take nearly weeks for printing – from order placement to the release of the printed material or final material. However, digital printing has overcome all these challenges. It has reduced 50% of lead time over the offset printing. Digital printing will just take 5 to 10 days to complete the entire process from collecting materials to the final execution of the print. Thus, it helps lessen the supply chain cycle time.

More vibrant colors
The ease of the digital printing in making more vibrant colors along with the consistency has made marketers use this printing technology, as it helps them to use more realistic images than the traditional methods. Therefore, digital printing has become an ideal solution for packaging in industries like beverages, pharmaceuticals, foods and other durable and non-durable goods, etc.

Package versioning
Now-a-days packaging industries are focusing on the changes in the package versioning for various types of targeted consumers based on the age, gender, geographic location, etc. Therefore, it requires frequently changing the package versions, private labeling to target their audience. For the quality of easy and fast customization and fast turnout, packaging and marketers find digital printing an ideal option.

Brand owners are also focusing on online sales for which they require attractive packaging designs and digital printing is ideal for this continuously changing online world. This printing technology helps in maintaining the uniqueness in a brand, which differentiates it from others within the competitive market.

More sustainable and environmental friendly than conventional methods
Today, digital printing uses more sustainable materials such as mineral oil for printing by which it yields superior results than the conventional methods. Along with this, it also reduces the wastage of materials like ink and other support materials and printing plates which in-turn reduces the cost of printing. This overall reduces time consumed in printing and enhances the the efficiency of supply chain.

Further, digital printing uses inks with mineral oil as the prime ingredient, and it is approved for indirect contact with food.

These benefits makes digital printing makes advantageous for packaging industries over conventional methods.
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Overheating of a Car Engine and Radiators

The power and torque is produced in an engine through upward and downward piston action and the reciprocating motion of the connected rod and the crankshaft. Whenever continuous movement between machine parts happen, friction comes into picture. Friction due to rubbing of surfaces with each other like piston rubbing against the cylinder and the connecting rod and crankshaft generates heat in the machine components. Certain amount of heat is generated by the ignition of fuel in the cylinder.

Consequences of engine heating
The heat generated depreciates the economy of the fuel as a part of the energy generated by ignition of fuel is getting wasted in the form of heat due to friction and more effort has to be put to overcome the friction. A high engine temperature can reduce the life of the engine due to the fact that heat disorients the grain structure of the material and leads to deformation and wear and tear of the machine. This increases the maintenance cost and decreases the life of the engine.

Reasons for engine overheating
If the engine of your car is facing over heating problem, it can be because of many things. Starting from the basic, it might be possible that the engine oil is not being used or either it is of bad quality. Another major cause for overheating of engines is inadequate coolant levels. So you have to ensure on regular interval of times that there is enough coolant present in the tank. Sometimes, the coolant level decreases in the tank due to leakage. So timely inspection of car should be done to ensure that things are in proper condition. Often the cooling system fails to operate because the thermostat becomes dysfunctional. This can lead to many associated problems like fan failure and non-circulation of coolant. These are few of the major reasons for heating of an automobile engine.

Radiator system for car engine cooling
The heat generated by the engine has to be removed from the engine so that work can be obtained from an engine for long hours. Else the engine will breakdown. Part of this done with the help of engine oil. Engine oil lubricates the sides of the cylinder and ensues that the piston movements over the cylinder surface is smooth and does not generate much heat.

Even then the generated heat is much and cooling systems have to be employed to counter the heat generated. Car cooling system is majorly a heat exchange system which uses a coolant liquid to extract the heat from the engine. Many a times, water is used as coolant. Radiator consist of coolant tubes that circulate water over the engine. The passing water over the engine extracts heats from the water thereby reducing the temperature of the engine. A turbulator is provided to agitate the tubes so that the water is heated uniformly and not just on the tube surface. This increases the efficiency of the system. Due to heating, the coolant expands. Due to excessive heating, the pressure may rise in the tubes which may cause them to blast. To avoid this, protective caps are provided which opens in case high pressure is generated in the tubes.

Often, this process is supplemented by a cooling fan over radiator. Coolant is sprinkled over the radiator and a fan cools the liquid by passing air through it. This helps in further cooling of the coolant. This way the heat generated in the engine is removed. With the help of cooling systems, life of the engine is improved and it can be used for long hours continuously.
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Things To Take Care of While Designing Circuits

For a good circuit, a good circuit design is the prerequisite. A good circuit created is the critical part of the task. A good circuit offers the foundation for good operation of the circuit. It enhances the life of the circuit. A good circuit contains minimum components and caters to the needs of its application. A good circuit is capable enough to offer self protection against hazards.

In early days of development, designing used to be done on a piece of paper or fabrication used to be done directly on a dotted PCB with real time designing. At least, this is how amateurs used to do it. Today, the designers have the aid of software CAD for better and neat designing. This article discusses things to take care of while designing circuits.

A good circuit is the result of simple things that you need to keep in mind while designing them.
Here are the points:

  • The first thing that has to be kept in mind is the application or the motive of the circuit designing. It decides all other factors that rule the designing process.
  • The voltage is a major thing to be considered while designing a circuit. The application decides it all. The voltage ratings are dependent on the output requirements (power and voltage).
  • Every component on the circuit is rated by its voltage, current and thermal ratings, etc. Hence, it should be ensured to adhere to the ratings of the components. Otherwise, the components can get damaged, which makes the circuit fail to function.
  • In case of DC circuits, the polarities of the power circuit and the components should be taken into consideration while connecting them. Connecting them in wrongly can lead to short circuiting, which damages the components and the circuit. The components and their polarities should be marked at the time of designing as well.
  • Proper designing and placement of components should be decided beforehand using a good PCB designing software if possible.
  • Minimal number of wires should be used and as far as possible, they should be avoided. Minimum track lengths should be used. This ensures minimum power loss.
  • All the grounds of the circuit must be shorted. You can use a common ground node for the purpose.
  • Fuses, diodes and voltage regulators should be used for protecting circuits.
  • Wherever undue heating is happening, a heat sink should be installed.
  • After fabrication, the circuit should be checked for unwanted shorting. Unwanted shorting can lead to improper functioning and damage to the circuit.

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Hacked Website and Steps to Take When a Website is Hacked

website monitoring serviceIs your website hacked? Here are a few steps to identify a hacked website and also the steps to be taken after a site is hacked.

How to know a website is hacked?
There will be some signs for a hacked website. Some of them are:

  • Defaced website
  • Malware usage on your local system to identify the log in credentials.
  • Changing passwords of the site by the hackers
  • Using outdated software in your website.
  • Unusual activities in your website.
  • If you have technical skills you can just look up the files of coding in your website whether it has been changed by the hacker.
  • They place something really increases the bounce rate.

You can detect this problems by using some tools like Google webmaster tools, Better WP Security, etc.

website monitorSteps to be taken after hacking:

  • If your website is being hacked then follow the steps stated under to get rid of the problem.
  • If your website is hacked the first thing you have to do is tell the people or the visitors about your problem through social networking sites so that they will come to know otherwise there is a chance of completely loosing your website visitors.
  • If you yourself detected the problem and if you are able to rectify it then go to solve the problem otherwise approach your host.
  • Contact your hosting company. They will detect the problem and will take necessary actions.
  • Next thing is in your hands, change all the passwords and log in ID’s that your website is having. Change the passwords with strong/unbreakable passwords so that in future the problem won’t repeat again.
  • Install the software’s which are necessary and acts as a firewall to your website and avoids the problems like crashing, and also protects your site from attacks and injections.
  • All the files of your website must have a back up so, there won’t be loss of information.
  • Save all the drafts in offline cloud and also in your personal system. If any one of them is lost the other will be available.
  • Your local systems must also be scanned for malware and virus before saving the file.
  • Keep monitoring your site regularly to avoid further problems.

These all steps may help your web site free from hacking and also recommends you for future precautions and alerts.
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How to Use a Nebulizer

Nebulizers are drug delivery devices used to convert the liquid medicament into mist so that it can be directly inhaled through mouth or nose. It is used to administer dose to the asthma patients or respiratory tract infections. Nebulizers are also used to limit the side effects of steroids.

Working of nebulizer:

  • Nebuliser consists of a compressor which is used to convert the liquid medicament into mist.
  • Compressor is connected to the medicine holding container with a tube. In some nebulizers, a pressure regulator also connected which controls the flow of medicament.
  • The liq


How the Parts of an Engine Lubrication System Work

The lubrication system in an engine performs the function of reducing wear and tear and ensuring smooth functioning of the moving parts of the engine.

Why is a lubrication system needed?
When different working components, for example, parts of an engine move while working, they constantly rub against each other. A direct consequence of this is wear and tear of these parts. Other consequences are performance speed and noise. Imagine a number of strong metal parts inside an engine rubbing against each other continuously at high speed. They create a lot of noise. Apart from the noise, since there is friction, which in other words is resistance, a lot of energy is wasted on the extra effort needed in the working of these moving parts.

What a lubrication system does
An engine lubrication system performs three important functions

Lubrication oil decreases engine wear by occupying the space in between the moving components like bearings shafts etc. Thus, the moving parts of the engine do not come into contact directly, but move on a layer of lubricating oil between them. This saves a lot of power in the engine system as a whole.

When engine parts move, they produce heat due to friction. This heat has to be removed for proper functioning of the engine. The lubricant oil receives this heat and goes back to the oil pan where it is cooled. Some engines also spray oil on the back of the piston, which thus cools it.

The oil seals the area between the walls of the cylinder and piston rings. This reduces the leakage of gases from the combustion cylinder of the engine

Parts of an engine lubrication system

  • Oil Pump: The gear type of oil pump has a pair of gears. The space between the gears are filled with oil. This oil pump sends oil through the filters to the main bearings and other parts. Main bearings and rod bearings are lubricated enough to perform their functions in an adequate manner. In the rotor oil pump type, there is an inner and outer rotor. As the inner rotor is driven, it drives the outer rotor, forming gaps in between them for the oil to pass through. As the oil which enters the rotors is already is under pressure, it is forced into the outlet.
  • Oil Pan: Oil also flows through the grilled holes and flows into the cylinder head lubricating the galleries, it then returns to the oil pan from where it was taken.
  • Oil Cooler: Oil cooler is a system which prevents excess-heating of lubricant oil. For this, oil is circulated through lines that carry hot oil.

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Things to Know About an Emergency Brake

When you are learning to drive, you will have some idea about almost all the components and controls that are directly involved in the working of a car. This may include, the steering mechanism, acceleration, transmission and braking. When you finish learning and become a driver, these separate mechanisms will simply function in your mind as a single unit through intuition. But, there is a component that does not easily fit into your driving intuition without exclusive study and thought about it. It is the emergency braking system in a car. It is different in functionality than other mechanisms of a vehicle because, it technically overrides the braking system in the car and has the lowest regard for the nature and the possible processes the other working components may be in. In other words, the emergency brake, does not ‘work’ with the vehicle as a whole, but stands alone only to be used in emergency situations. So, a little care needs to be taken in selectively learning how an emergency brake works and how to handle it in different situations.

Facts to keep in mind about an emergency braking system:

  • Using the emergency brake other than emergency situations will severely damage the braking system. So, if it happens, check your brake discs and other parts of the braking system to make sure everything is fine.
  • The emergency brake can be used as a parking brake. While parking in an uphill position, make sure to activate your parking brake.
  • In automatic transmission vehicles, it is better to set the emergency brake before you release the service brake pedal. This will help to keep the vehicle’s weight off the transmission gears.
  • It is possible that one can forget that the emergency brake is on. To avoid riding off with the emergency brake on, tighten it as hard as possible.
  • In some vehicles, the emergency brakes engage the front wheels and not the back. So, before using an emergency brake, make sure the kind of mechanism that is involved.
  • Always remember, using an emergency brake in a brake failure, is not a perfectly safe option. It is only a counter-measure, and a last resort to stop the vehicle.
  • To use the emergency brake in a brake failure while riding, one should have a deep understanding of car dynamics, road conditions and a quick grasp of the surrounding. Because, as much as an emergency brake can stop the car, at high speeds, it may fishtail, lockup or skid making you lose all control of it.
  • It is best to keep the emergency brake under check always. This is because, brake wires might disengage in case of rusting. This is dangerous as it happens unexpectedly, and when you need it the most.

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