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How to Remove a Sink without Damaging the Countertop?

Do you want to remove the old skin installed in your kitchen countertop? Worried about the countertop damage during the removal? Then read this article, it will help you by giving the simple step-by-step process of removing the sink without damaging the countertops.

Removing the sink is a simple process and can be done by a few simple steps as follows:

Step-1: At first use, gloves to your hand because the removal process can be hard as the rim of the sink will be hard. Now start the process, shut off the water at the shut off valve that is under the sink. To catch the excess water that is flowing out, you need to place a bucket.

Step-2: Now if your plumbing is attached to the disposal or a dish washer remove the plumbing connection that is below the countertop by loosening the slip-nuts. If they are corroded and difficult to remove, cut down the faucet pipes with a tubing cutter. To remove the remaining nuts, you can apply oil to the nuts and leave it for some time. Then, it becomes easier for you to remove.

Step-3: Loosen the mounting clips and unscrew them that are under the sink. Then use a knife to cut any adhesive or caulk and remove the seal slowly that is around the edge of the sink without damaging the countertop at the edges of the sink. For this, use a caution of the blade. Know lift out the old sink slowly.


  • Protect your countertop surroundings with a shielder, so that it doesn’t get damaged when un-installing the sink.
  • To avoid the scratches or stains on your conutertop during the removal process of sink, use a soft cloth over the countertop and let it bind to the countertop until the removal process is completed.
  • Sometimes the sealant applied over the sink edges is too hard to remove in that situation take the help of the professional to remove that, because as they are expertise in that particular field they will have some techniques to remove it smoothly without making any damage to the countertop.

These steps are likely to help you remove the sink without affecting the countertop adjoining. Follow this step-by-step process and remove the old sink from the place and replace it with a new sink that suits your kitchen countertop.
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Ideas for Using Old/Used Objects as Containers in Your Garden

Fairy HousesAre you worried of your limited budget for purchasing containers for your garden? You don’t have to worry about buying the containers because, you have enough containers in your home. Confused? Then, we will clear your doubt. See, you can use many of the old/used objects in your home as containers for your garden plants. Some of them are as efficient as your garden containers. So, we have listed few ideas of using your old objects as containers. See the list and use them. This will help you save money.

If you have old cabinets which are not used, then see them whether it is in a good condition or not. Check the walls of the cabinet and make sure that they are not broken to protect the soil to not go out. Drill some small holes for the drainage system and then use it as a container for the plants.

Water bottles
Generally, people use the same bottle for sometime and later dispose them, but disposing them won’t give you any benefits rather increases the plastic on the land and makes environmental affects. So, you can cut those bottles in the middle and use them as a container for small plants especially seed plantings.

If you basket has become too old, don’t throw it. Because, with minor changes you can use it as a container which gives innovative look to your plants.

Coffee bags
Using coffee bags for hanging the plants and it is a creative idea. Coffee bags usually look attractive and are durable. So, with small drainage system you can use it for long time with small seed plantings.

Miniature plantsKettle
Kettle works for small herbs. So, if you have any stainless steel kettle that is old and un-used, you can use it for planting herbs. But, you should water it carefully because including the drainage system in steel is some what difficult.

If you have old and big shoes that are not used. Then, use it as a decorative piece by adding tiny plants in them. You can transform its look within few minutes.

Bathtubs gives large space for planting group of plants in it. Plan the area properly and use it for similar plant species if necessary.

Water cans
Water cans were also one of the good options as containers with some alterations.

These are the few old objects that you can use them as containers for your garden plants. This will save you lots of money on garden containers.
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How to Construct a Fire Pit in Your Garden?

Do you want to construct a fire pit in your garden? Here are the steps that you can go through for building a simple fire pit without the help of the builder. Fire pits are especially important for winter to make you and your garden warm. Fire pits can be constructed in various shapes and sizes. Read this article for steps to construct your own fire pit in your garden.

fairy housesSteps to construct a fire pit
Choose the location in your garden: To start construction, the first thing you have to do is the selection of the place or location. The best place would ultimately be the garden for the construction. Again in garden you should choose the location for construction the fire pit. It, depends on your choice, some people love poolside or some would like to have this in patio or deck etc. So, based on your interest and choice select the location in your garden.

Gather the tools and materials required for constructing: Once, you are done with the location, collect the required tools and materials for building the fire pit. Tools include stones, cement, trowel, motor etc.

Select the stone options for your fire pit: When you are gathering the tools and materials for your fire pit, the first choice you have to make is choosing the type of stone for your fire pit. The stones that you choose for your fire pit should match the look of the garden. For example, for rock garden use natural stones available in the nature. Some of the stone choices are graveling, raise brick, simple brick etc. You can select the gravel to use inside the fire pit, so that the ground of your garden does not damage with the fire.

Start the Construction: Before, you start construction make sure that all the necessary materials are present. At first, dig the hole with the width, depth, size and the style you want for your fire pit. Start with the foundation using the rock and cement. Make the pit solid with concrete, clay etc. Make this dry for some time and then, fill the edges. For not making the ground of the pit damaged, fill the inside with the layer of the river rock or gravel.

Sit around the fire pit and have a great time: Place chairs around your fire pit and lit the fire and enjoy its warmness. Do not let the fire come out of the pit. For this, you should take the necessary precautions. As it is located in the garden make sure that the plants and grass are wet so that even if the fire comes out it will not spread. Fire pit makes your garden more beautiful. Garden is the best place to enjoy both the nature and the warmness that comes out from the fire pit.

This is how you can construct and enjoy the essence of the fire pit.
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Things to Consider When Planning for a Patio

Planning for a patio in your home? It’s a good idea. Patio is a place were you can spend your time in a pleasant and natural atmosphere. So, while miniature gardenplanning for a patio you need to consider some things that adds beauty and natural look to your patio. Here are a few things that you need to consider.

Size and location of the patio

Once you know the purpose of the patio that you are planning then, it becomes easy for you to choose the size and location of the patio based on the purpose. For example, if yours is a big family with many people and your family likes spending evening out then, you can have a big patio which is of round shaped. To give your patio a natural and pleasant look it is suggested to locate your patio near the garden or the pool side.

Stones for patio flooring
When planning for a patio see that flooring to be done with the stone that suits your interior. Stones will be available in various types and should be chosen based on the necessity. Stone that you choose for your patio should be cool and should resist sunlight without making the floor heat.

Use furniture that reflects your home
Place all the furniture that you want for your patio like tables, chairs, etc., for spending your time over there. The furniture that you use for your patio should reflect your interior of the home i.e., they should match the design and pattern of your home. If it is classy use classic furniture.

Decorate with miniature pots
If you are planning for patio garden side, then you can use some container miniatures in or around your patio. Miniatures give charming look to yourFairy garden patio. Apart from the miniatures, you can also plant around your patio with small plants that makes your patio more visual. Before planting, see whether the landscape is hard enough.

Using sculptures
Using stone made sculptures in your patio will stand as the center of the attraction and also fabulous to the eyes. They make your patio more charming.

These are some of the things that you can consider when you are planning for a patio in your home.
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Staycation is a Great Way to Enjoy Summer at Home

The word staycation has become popular in last two years. Due to financial crises, people are choosing this type of entertainment. Today, fuel and hotel price price spike. Therefore, those who want enjoy within your budget, it is the best option. If you are on staycation, you stay home with families and plan for a local trip or some thing different to routine life. If you want to make your staycation memorable for your children and for your family, you need to plan perfectly. Following are a few tips to select your vacation trip.

Take a trip to the big city
if any city is near to your place, then you can select that for your trip. Because it is very helpful for you according to the budget level. And you need to plan like visiting museums and one day event activities like that. Even your kids also enjoys a lot in this type of trips.

Switch homes with someone you know
If anyone of your friends are living in near beaches or near to mountains you can invite them to your place, may be they want to enjoy your location and in return you can ask for staying their place. It is like exchanging places for a shorter span. It will decrease your hotel rentals and all.

Camping is also one of the best way to enjoy and relax. Even your kids also likes because sleeping outdoors under the stars is a thrilling experience to everyone. If you want to go like with group of people like friends and families you can arrange one camp fire. Getting some food along with you saves your money. And you can share it with friends, and you can taste their food. You can get all the tents are required materials for rent with an affordable price. Just check out the whether forecast before you go. And according to that you can plan.

Have a party
If you are not planning to move anywhere then you just do a party in your back yard. You can invite the friends for party and planning for some games and events will give more interesting to everyone.

Take a day trip
It is just like picnic just have your breakfast at home and pack your lunch and then go for a day trip. It is better way to go a trip in budget.
By all the above ideas you can enjoy your staycation.
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How to Make Wedding Cake Yourself at Home?

To make your wedding cake yourself, first you need to select how much inch layer you need- 6 inches, 8, 10 or 12, better it we take the big one 12 but remember, for this you need to use hand held mixture to beat the egg whites. Therefore, you should have an extra-large standing mixer.

For 12 inch layer you need two cups of cake flour, two teaspoons orange extract, one cup of butter which is melted, four teaspoons grated orange peel, half teaspoon cream of tartar, two cups of superfine or granulated sugar, twelve large eggs.

For making a cake you need round cake pans of different sizes for making different size layers, which should be height of two inches on sides, cardboard cake rounds of different sizes, this will be sold in cake decoration supply stores. Plastic drinking straws or 1/4 inch of wooden dowels, a narrow flat-bladed offset or icing spatula, a pastry bag and a plain 1/4 inch tip for piping cream at base of each layer, decorative tips for piping and any embellishments on the finished cake.

First butter the bottom of the appropriate fan, then line the bottom with the cooking parchments, or a waxed paper, butter paper and dust with flour, to make each layer of the cake.

Then in a bowl, stir egg yolks, melted butter, orange peel and orange extract together. In a large bowl, with an electric mixture at high speed, beat the cream of tartar and the egg whites until the mixture holds the very soft peak. Add sugar and beat it again to dissolve the sugar completely and the white should hold stiff and shiny peaks. Then add whites to yolk mixture and sift flour over the whites, then using the flexible spatula, gently fold in deflating the batter as little as possible.

It is the time to scrape better into the preparation pan and then spread the level. Then bake it in 350 degree Fahrenheit oven until the top springs back when lightly pressed in the center. Here we took 12 inches then we have to keep it for 50 minutes. Then set the cake layer on the rack to cool completely, after that runs a knife on the edges of the cake to release. Invert the layer onto the matching sized cardboard round which should be corrugated. Peel off the paper.

Repeat the procedure for other layers by changing the pans and quantity of ingredients as per the size. For example, half the quantity of the ingredients for eight inch layer. Make the cream as you like but here we have chosen orange flavor so make the orange cream, and apply on the layers, then arrange one by one according to the sizes after applying the cream. After that if you want to decorate the cake then decorate as per your choice. You can also decorate it with the original fresh flowers that give pleasant look.

These the procedure to make the wedding cake, hope you will make one on your wedding to surprise your partner.
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Choosing the Right Neighborhood for Your New Home

Buyers spend considerable time by looking at listings in the websites, searching for their dream and within-budget home. Few people spend a little time on knowing the neighborhood. If you are buying a home means, you are investing on the neighborhood. It may be for resale or for your permanent address, neighborhood is an important consideration. We will see how to choose the right neighborhood for your new home.

  • Crime and safety: Crime and safety in the neighborhood are very important. To know the crime information of that area, search in the internet using search engines like MSN, or Yahoo or Google etc. You can find some information about the crime in that particular area or community. If it is a big city, you can get clear reports. In small towns, some basic information has been maintained. If you are not getting sufficient information, just contact the police department located in or nearest to that area. They can provide good information about the area or community. Check the area by drive around and look for vandalism or graffiti those are like broken windows, strong deterrents for homes like, high fences, signs of beware of dogs, bars on accessible windows etc.
  • Transportation: Most communities are designed around town center concept. This provides to the residents can walk to entertainment, shops, restaurants and sometimes to work. Homes that located near to popular commuter routes and subway stations are more costly than the longer distance homes.
  • Check for traveling time to your office, have to go with or against the traffic, route navigation, public transportation alternative, taxi fares, transit stop distance and other your personal requirements. Ask the realtor if there is anything available for low cost with these facilities. If not available and you need them, you may need to compromise and have to take a smaller one.

  • Schools: If you are planning to have children or already have good schools in a community is already a higher priority. Even you do not have children to educate or don’t plan for children, schools in the neighborhood should be must.
  • It will add considerably to value of your home. In a nationwide survey conducted by Redfin a real estate company in 2013 reveals that Americans pay $50 more per square foot to the homes that have top ranked school in neighborhood than average ranked school.

  • Taxes and Property values: Find out the current tax rates in that area and changes in the tax rates in past five years as well is there any increase expected. Find out the present value of the houses in that area, past five and ten years average values. Check how much the property value increased. Is there any development in the past five and ten years, and check the future development plans in the future years. You can find this information at the local chamber of commerce or city hall. If there is any development in that area, traffic and taxes will be increase.

Make your own preferences about your neighborhood for your new home. Those are based on your interests like anonymity, newer development or older neighborhood, proximity to restaurants and shopping, parks and trees, walking to amenities, busier active area or quiet streets, etc.
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Buying a Home With Resale Value Based on Location

There are so many things that should be considered when buying a house. Since most home buyers expect to purchase a better and bigger home someday in the future. So resale value is an important factor in the buyer’s decision making. You use the proceeds from selling one house to buy the next home. While no one can guarantee that the house will grow in value, there are steps you can take that to maximize your potential gain.

  • Location: “Location, location, location” is almost hackneyed phrase and is a most common in real estate literature. The real estate agents may also throw at you when ask for advice. Location is extremely important to the resale value of the home. The idea to buy a home that will appeal to the largest number of potential home buyers in future. A good choice of location can maximize positive influences, and minimize the potential negative influences on the future resale value.
  • Local community, town or city: You need to choose what communities or cities you and your family members would like to live in before you can actually pick out a home. There are many factors you need to pay attention, it is not only for yourself, because you intend to eventually sell the house to someone else. Carefully choosing of your community is the first step that can help to maximize your future potential resale value.
  • Economic stability: When choosing a community for your home purchase, a city with a stable and viable economy will makes the most sense to purchase. Five years, a decade or even more from now till you want to sell your home, you can keep a reasonable expectation that the community will still in demand to live. Make sure in addition to residential neighborhoods, a healthy mixture of business and commercial districts. These will provide jobs to local residents, add an income source and the city can maintain and upgrade services and roads.
  • Local government: Check the services that provided by the local government those like library branches, books stock and the recent best selling books. Look into the local crime statistics and compare the city with the national average and other nearby and similar local communities. See the responsive and effective to community needs by the police force. Also see for the fire stations to arrive quickly when any emergency.
  • Schools: Even you do not intend to have children or not have school age children, you should pay attention to the local school system. This is because when you sell the property or house, most of the potential buyers will have these concerns.

The property taxes also effect on home buyers. Property taxes may be higher in a town than another nearby city, and where the taxes are higher cost per square foot of home is lower. Buyer get at lower price, but need to bare higher taxes. So consider also property taxes while you planning to invest with a view of resale.
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How to Care for Your Antiques

Antiques need special care to retain their value. If your antiques have any issues regarding condition, its value declines. You should always keep a check on your antiques’ condition especially when planning to resell in future. Every piece of antique needs special care and treatment to increase its value, usability and appearance. This article presents you basic tips on taking care of your antiques.

Caring for antique furniture
Following are tips on how to care for antique furniture:

  • Dust antique furniture often using a piece of soft cloth.
  • Antique furniture should be polished once once/ two a year. After applying the polish, leave it overnight for drying.
  • Avoid using a spray polish as it contains silicon that builds a surface that is sticky. Further, this can lead to depletion of natural oils in the wood.
  • Make sure to check on temperature as too much humidity can damage the wood. Extreme temperature changes also damage the veneer of the furniture. This mainly occurs when transporting furniture from one climate to another climate.
  • See to it that your antique furniture is not exposed to sunlight, as it has many damaging effects on antiques like it can dry out wood, fades away the polish, deteriorates the fabrics integrity etc.
  • On sunny days, keep the curtains of the room drawn to avoid too much sunlight, which can damage the furniture.
  • If there is a requirement for repairing the damage, choose a reputable shop.

Caring for antique wall art
Following tips can help you in caring for antique wall art:

  • Paintings should be cleaned regularly with a soft muslin cloth for maintaining its lustre.
  • Avoid using wet cloth to clean antique painting.
  • Make sure that these antique paintings are not placed near fireplaces or near the window where direct sunlight falls as this can fade away the color, especially if they are oil paints.
  • When you carry painting for cleaning or for some other reason, make sure that you don’t hold on top edge of the frame. Lifting the painting from the outer edges or from underneath is a better way.
  • Keep in mind the environmental functions, when trying to store an antique painting.
  • When storing many paintings together, make sure that you place pads between and under them.

Caring for antique collectibles
Following are some tips to care for antique collectibles:

  • Hold the antique item by its main part of the body. Do not lift or hold antique collectibles by its handle, as it is the weakest point. Often there is a damage to the handle which is not seen, lifting or holding the handle can cause further damage or can destroy the entire item.
  • Never use harsh cleaners to clean the antiques.
  • If antique collectibles are very dirty, use a sponge to clean gently.
  • Make sure that you don’t use any kind of tape on the antique collectibles, because peeling it off can remove gilding or enamel from the surface of the paintings.

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Benefits of Using Nitrogen Filled Tires for Your Car

The tires filled with nitrogen keep the tire temperature and tire pressure more consistent. It helps to prevent the tire rot inside out. It is not a free add on. Upgrade might costs between fifty to hundred dollars, and it is vary based on the dealership. Some tire stores and dealerships claims that the nitrogen filled tires will offer better performance than the air and save money on gas. Actually nitrogen is much higher cost and has few benefits.

A typical nitrogen will cost you around six dollars. According to Get Nitrogen Institute, the nitrogen tire inflation through cooler running tire temperatures, improved fuel economy, and better tire pressure retention will provide fuel efficiency and improvements in vehicle handling.

  • Cooler running temperatures: Humidity condenses into a liquid form when the air is pressurized. The local gas station’s air storage tank collects that liquid. The water comes along with air when you add compressed air to your vehicle tire. When the tire temperature is increasing, the water turns into gas. When it expands the tire pressure will increase. But in case of nitrogen, it is dry. There is no water in nitrogen and will not effect on the pressure fluctuations. According to ExxonMobil a 2008 study, the change in the temperature when using nitrogen is negligible.
  • Fuel economy: The tires that are under-inflated will give lower gas mileage. For every one psi drop in pressure in four tires lowers the gasoline mileage by 0.3 percent. The loss of pressure in nitrogen tires than in the air tires are slower. Because it gives the better mileage.
  • Tyre pressure retention: A tire will gradually lose it’s pressure over time. The change in temperature will accelerate this process. For every ten degree fall or rise of temperature, one psi will loss. The nitrogen has larger molecules than oxygen and it has more stable pressure. The Consumer Reports conducted a study in 2006 for a year long to determine the air loss tire filled with air verses tires filled with nitrogen. In this study nitrogen won the test with a significant margin.
  • Cost and convenience: The cost for a tire to fill the nitrogen is between five dollar to seven dollar. But in case of air it is free in many gas filling stations. Or sometimes it costs only less than a dollar. The nitrogen tires requires nearly eighty four dollars per year per tire as additional expense than the air. As well the nitrogen filling stations found at very rare places. For that purpose alone, you need to go there when the tire pressure is comes down. If you fill air in the nitrogen again it will make problem.

There are some more extra benefits with nitrogen than the air. As well some limitations too. In most cases, the advantage decides the availability of nitrogen for your vehicle. So compare before migrating to nitrogen tires. Read the rest of this entry »