General Strategies for Learning Grammar of Any Language

Language learners feel frustrated when it comes to learning grammar part. They find disconnection between knowing the rules and grammar and applying them in reading, speaking, listening and writing. This shows the difference between the declarative and procedural knowledge. Here, the declarative knowledge is the knowledge of something that enables the learners to describe the rule of grammar and apply it in pattern practice drills whereas, procedural knowledge helps the learners in applying the rules of grammar in communication. To address these, learners have to know and apply for a few strategies.

Relating knowledge needs with learning goals
The declarative and procedural knowledge should be related to learners goals for language learning. They should be used according to the context of using the language i.e., learners who are planning to read journal articles should focus on declarative knowledge of grammar and address structures which help them understand the texts whereas, learners planning to live in country should focus on procedural knowledge that help them in oral and written interactions.

Using higher thinking skills
Teaching students the language gives students an opportunity to compare with the language the learners know, and helps them to improve their thinking in a critical way and also improves their analytical skills. This process can help in the improvement of innate understanding which qualify procedural knowledge.

Providing appropriate and plentiful language input
Learners understand and develop both declarative and procedural knowledge based on the input they receive. So, the teachers should carefully provide the fine input which requires the attention of the learners in understanding the relationship between, meaning, form and use of particular grammar rule allows the learners to encounter the rules of grammar in various contexts.

Using predicting skills
Communication types are defined by the clusters of linguistic features that are common. Verb tense, length of the sentence, structure of the sentence, etc. may all contribute to improve communication type. Some text books use complex sentences. So, being aware of all these features will help learners to anticipate the structures and form they come across in the given communication task.

Limit the anticipation for drills
Mechanical drills show that grammar is boring and communication drills encourage learners to connect the form, meaning, etc. Here, the content is not set in advance and the responses are based on the grammar point from the learners.

These strategies are likely to help learners to learn grammar of a language.

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