How to Ensure Claiming Benefits of Workers’ Compensation?

If you are at the work place and injured while you are working, then you are covered under workers’ compensation act and you can get all the possible benefits under this act, if the injury or accident is claimed to be true. This act covers all the medical costs, protects the employees who can no longer work because of the injury etc. But, unfortunately many false claims are submitted, making the system tough. Though the system is difficult, you can get the best possible benefits. To ensure whether you are getting the possible benefits under this act, you need to follow few steps that are listed below.

Report the injury
If you are injured or ill because of your work, you need to report the same through the correct channels. Not just telling about the incident; but, also make sure that you have the detailed written report of the incident filled and it is mandatory because, if no written report of the incident exists with the employer, they may deny that you never complained them about the incident. Also, ensure that you get the paper work done and a call from the insurance adjuster. If not it is understood, then something is going wrong.

Keep the detailed medical records of the injury
It is better to approach the doctor recommended by the employer and keep all the medical records with you so that they can forward your medical records for workers compensation. But, if you visit the doctor, the one not suggested by the employer, then, you need to take certain measures. Make sure that the doctor is certified for workers compensation claims, file all the copies of the hospital and that everything is included in the medical reports.

Don’t stay drunk at your work place
Sometimes you may be tested with drug test after the injury or accident; and if it is known to be positive, then your claim will be denied. So, make sure that you are not drunk while you are at work place.

Ask the employers about the coverage
It is better to talk to your employer regarding the workers’ compensation act and the benefits that you can receive under this act, in advance. So that, you can take necessary steps accordingly.

Be cautious of employers who refuse the coverage
Some employers may convince their employees saying something on the act or that you will not be covered under this act. But, know the facts – you can be covered under this act even if you have caused the accident.

Apart from this, better go through your state’s workers’ compensation law and know the facts of the law.

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