Importance of Language in Translation

Language forms an important part in whatever case it may deal with. If language is not correct then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains pending; if this remains undone, Art and morals will degrade; if justice vanishes, people will remain in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no intolerance in what is said which is what matters above everything.

How language forms the important factor in translation?

  • Language translation and interpretation has been described using various terms like internationalization, localization, globalization and translation.
  • With importing and exporting transactions taking place widely interpreters and translators are in to transferring documents, agreements , manuals and conversations from source to target language.
  • If a break down occurs at the level of communication results in commerce breaks off which leads to loss of billions of dollars and opportunities.
  • This shows how important is language in translating and the interpreters who work on these.
  • Depending on the language you are translating, the same language may be translated differently between countries because of the words which convey different meanings based on the location they are used.
  • Mistranslation of the meaning or word becomes offensive and in cases few of the literal translations are not correct always.
  • By keeping the original message and meaning from the source in the translation process becomes more of an art than science.

Translator specializations
Translation deals with the method of converting a meaning of text from one language in to another language. The following are few specializations of translators:

Technical translators: Technical translators will be specialized in technical and scientific field and deals in translating technical and scientific documents. It is required to have some knowledge with respect to the subject field.

Literary translators: Translators of this type translates literature between various languages they deal in translating journal articles, poetry, books and short stories. Along with creative writing this translation needs adequate writing of the content in particular language.

Legal translators: Translators in this specialization translate legal documents like court orders, laws and treaties. They ensure to perform the task by even translating the unclear or doubtful statements.

Localization translators: They deal with converting the entire product in to different language and culture such as internet, software or manufacturing products.

  • They should possess strong language skills, audience which obtains the product and technical terminology.
  • The primary aim of this specialization is to make the product to be appeared similar to that of the produced product by the target selling country.
  • In few situations these translators will be computer sensitive and should have specific software or scientific knowledge skills.

In present days, language translation and interpretation are being used in every sphere of daily life from school or university level to business end. The above article gives information regarding the important of language in translation and the various specializations associated with translators.

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