Why Throttle Body of Your Car Needs Cleaning and How to do it?

Throttle body is an important part of your car. It helps in managing the air intake which increases or decreases the engine power of the car. People mostly neglect the throttle body cleaning because of which it leads to delay in the response of the throttle, wavering idle, hard gas pedal, etc. To avoid this you should clean it and the procedure of cleaning is very simple.

The main purpose of the throttle body cleaning is to control the amount of air intake with the help of throttle control plate and also to avoid carbon build up on the inner side. Throttle body cleaning procedure is given in a step by step procedure. See it and clean it regularly to avoid problems like bad idling and stalling power.

Steps for throttle body cleaning
Gather the tools needed: Take all the tools and materials that are needed to clean your throttle body of your car like choke cleaner, paper towels, screwdriver, tooth brush, etc. Once you collect or gather all the tools locate your throttle body by seeing the air intake. It is usually located in between the air filter and the intake manifold and usually attached to the mass airflow sensor.

Inspect the throttle body: Once you locate the throttle body take the air filter out and inspect it on the both sides. If it is dirty clean it or else change it as it effects the performance of the car.

Expose the throttle body: After cleaning the air filter now unscrew the air hose connected to the throttle body with the help of the screwdriver. Once you unscrew, the throttle body will be exposed and usually it will be in a charcoal color with small hole inside called as IAC (Idle Air Control Valve). If it is dirty clean this also.

Start cleaning the throttle: Know spray the cleaner into your throttle body and clean it with the help of a tooth brush to remove the junk and also wipe away with the paper towel or cloth that you have chosen to clean the throttle and also clean the valve that is on top of the throttle.

Then, find out the opening of the throttle and clean it with the cleaner as much as possible. Know reattach all the parts back and start the car. At first it may be trouble for you to start the car after you cleaned it but, start running it to remove the excess cleaner that remained in the throttle. With this, the process is completed.

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Updated: December 1, 2015 — 1:10 am
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