Promoting Your Business Using Low Cost Ways

How can you promote your business when you have just started doing business or when you don’t have money? Here are some low cost ways that will help you promote your business.

Set up a website
If your company doesn’t have a website, then set up a new website. Take help of someone who can help you provide templates and tools to create a basic website if you cannot afford to hire someone for designing your website.

Write articles
Write an article about your business and publish in local magazines, news papers and official websites.

Set up business profile in social networks
Set up your business profile in social networks like facebook, linkedin, Google plus, Twitter, etc. Make sure that the profile should be clear and link to your website. Create groups so that you can talk about your company products.

Create business cards
If you do not have your business card, create it. Make sure that your company website and contact line is printed on the business card. Make sure that tag line of your company should be on every page of the business card and distribute to targeted group.

Talk to all vendors
Talk to all the vendors whom you buy products and services from. Give them a business card and tell them about your business products.

Attend conferences
Attend conferences and meetings of professional groups. Distribute your business card and tell them about your company and products. Actively take participation in one or two groups and make real contribution to all of them by offering some of your products.

Publicize your business with people who are satisfied with your business products. Publicize your business in social websites.

Give a demonstration
Give a demo on your business and products. If your office does not have space, then take help of other similar business and co-host your demonstration in public about your products.

Make calls to targeted group
Collect all the contact numbers and e-mail addresses of targeted group and make cold calls and send e-mails to all your targeted customers. Tell them about your company objective and explain them how your products are useful.

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