How to Read and Write a Foreign Language

The first thing to do before reading and writing a foreign language is to understand the language. It is important that you attain good levels of speaking a language with a good accent. The art of writing and reading can be easily mastered if approached in a systematic way. It may not be the conventional way of learning a language, but it is a lot more faster and effective way to learn one.

  • Get an accent and learn simple grammar: You have to get an accent in that language and learn how to frame correct sentences. You can hire a tutor online or in your locality to help yourself out. This is your foundation stone for learning good writing and reading skills later.
  • Get a bestseller book and hire a good tutor: When coming to achieve writing and reading skills of a language, it goes without saying that you need to have good commands over the grammar skills of the language. So you can start with buying a good dictionary and a book that will enlighten you with the grammar of the language. These skills are something that require proper guidance from a skilled person.
  • Start simply: It’s time to start. Start with a gentle pace. It’s tough and human nature to be resistant to change and new things. Start gently with a normal pace and gain in the span of time. Start with simple things after learning alphabets. Start with simple everyday words and cognates. Learn how to write good amount of simple words. Now that you have ample number of words in your mind, try to connect them logically to frame some meaningful sentences.
  • Read literature: Now that you can write simple sentences, focus on reading the language. Subscribe to a newspaper and try to give it a good reading everyday. Keep a dictionary beside you for tough words. This way you will improve both your vocabulary and reading skills. Alternately you can go for reading blogs and other interesting material available on internet in that language.
  • Adopt intuitive learning: Instead of waiting for the things to come to your mind, go for a hunt by yourself. You already have good knowledge of grammar by now and you also have speaking skills. Taking all these things into consideration, you can logically connect the dots based on your intuition. This way you can reach the profound depths of the language by adopting some logic and intuition in your learning process.
  • Learn further grammar and go for writing: You have appreciable knowledge of grammar and know reading. You can frame good sentences also. Practice writing as much as you cam. Start from simple to complex sentences. To enhance your writing skills, keep gaining good knowledge of grammar in your process. Combining both these aspects, you will master the writing skills at good ease over a short period of time.
  • Practice, practice and practice : This is the key for learning. The more you practice, the better you will be. Do not give up your endeavors and keep striving. Success will embrace you in the end with perfection. This has been the key for all the people who has achieved greatness in their life.

A final note
Make short term smart goals. This means that the goals should be realistic and achievable. Work towards them with dedication. Achieving them will give you confidence and zeal to learn further. At any stage during your learning, do not try to overburden yourself with unrealistic goals. Always stay optimistic and never give up.

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