How to Make Wedding Cake Yourself at Home?

To make your wedding cake yourself, first you need to select how much inch layer you need- 6 inches, 8, 10 or 12, better it we take the big one 12 but remember, for this you need to use hand held mixture to beat the egg whites. Therefore, you should have an extra-large standing mixer.

For 12 inch layer you need two cups of cake flour, two teaspoons orange extract, one cup of butter which is melted, four teaspoons grated orange peel, half teaspoon cream of tartar, two cups of superfine or granulated sugar, twelve large eggs.

For making a cake you need round cake pans of different sizes for making different size layers, which should be height of two inches on sides, cardboard cake rounds of different sizes, this will be sold in cake decoration supply stores. Plastic drinking straws or 1/4 inch of wooden dowels, a narrow flat-bladed offset or icing spatula, a pastry bag and a plain 1/4 inch tip for piping cream at base of each layer, decorative tips for piping and any embellishments on the finished cake.

First butter the bottom of the appropriate fan, then line the bottom with the cooking parchments, or a waxed paper, butter paper and dust with flour, to make each layer of the cake.

Then in a bowl, stir egg yolks, melted butter, orange peel and orange extract together. In a large bowl, with an electric mixture at high speed, beat the cream of tartar and the egg whites until the mixture holds the very soft peak. Add sugar and beat it again to dissolve the sugar completely and the white should hold stiff and shiny peaks. Then add whites to yolk mixture and sift flour over the whites, then using the flexible spatula, gently fold in deflating the batter as little as possible.

It is the time to scrape better into the preparation pan and then spread the level. Then bake it in 350 degree Fahrenheit oven until the top springs back when lightly pressed in the center. Here we took 12 inches then we have to keep it for 50 minutes. Then set the cake layer on the rack to cool completely, after that runs a knife on the edges of the cake to release. Invert the layer onto the matching sized cardboard round which should be corrugated. Peel off the paper.

Repeat the procedure for other layers by changing the pans and quantity of ingredients as per the size. For example, half the quantity of the ingredients for eight inch layer. Make the cream as you like but here we have chosen orange flavor so make the orange cream, and apply on the layers, then arrange one by one according to the sizes after applying the cream. After that if you want to decorate the cake then decorate as per your choice. You can also decorate it with the original fresh flowers that give pleasant look.

These the procedure to make the wedding cake, hope you will make one on your wedding to surprise your partner.

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