Effect of Food on Teeth

Teeth are important for chewing food. It is important to maintain oral hygiene. Intake of food also effects the teeth and gums. So it is better to know what type of foods are better for healthy teeth and what type of food causes dental problems.

Good food for teeth
1. Fiber rich foods: These foods increases the saliva secretions. Fibers have detergent effect which removes the bacteria from teeth.

2. Vegetables: Vegetables containing more water content are best food for teeth. These water content removes the bacteria from mouth and also neutralizes the food we take. Sources of water containing vegetables are carrot, beat root.

3. Fruits: Fruits containing water content are recommended for healthy teeth. This water content removes the food particles from mouth and prevents bacterial growth and protects teeth and gums. Sources for this fruits are grapes, apple.

4. Cheese and milk: Cheese stimulates the saliva secretions there by removes the bacteria. Milk and their products contains calcium and phosphates. Calcium makes teeth more strong and phosphates remineralize the teeth on enamel.

5. Tea: Green and black tea contains polyphenols which interacts with plaques on teeth and kills the plaque. Taking tea prepared with fluoride water shows more effective for removing dental decay.

6. Chewing gums: Chewing gums increases the secretions of saliva which prevents the teeth from decay. Chewing sugar free gums is recommended as sugar may cause decay problems.

7. Fluoride foods: Fluoride helps to prevent dental decay and gum problems. So foods with fluoride content like sea foods and cereals are best suitable for healthy teeth.

8. Vitamin-C: Vitamin-C helps to keep gums healthy and reduces many periodontal diseases. It has an anti oxidant property which prevents the inflammation of gum. Sources of vitamin-c are guava, oranges, lemon are best foods to make teeth healthy.

Worst food for teeth
1. Sticky foods: Sticky foods are the worse food for teeth. These may get stuck in the teeth and leads to dental decay. This can be avoided by rinsing mouth after eating.

2. Acidic foods: Acidic foods destroys the enamel on teeth and there by teeth gets effected. Acidic foods like citrus fruits removes the enamel and teeth become sensitive. So it is better to limit acid foods.

3. Sugary liquids: When we take sugary juices, the exposure of enamel with the sugar takes place and enamel gets destroyed. Sources of sugary liquids are soft drinks and juices.

4. Medications causing dryness of mouth: Medications which causes dry mouth should be avoided. This may dry the mouth and promotes the growth of bacteria and leads to dental problems.

5. Tobacco products: Tobacco products reduces the saliva secretions in mouth and mouth becomes dry and promotes bacterial growth.

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