Contraindications of Dental Implant Placement

Dental implant placement is a very safe and effective procedure. However there are very few contraindications to dental implant placement such as:

  • Relative contraindications
  • Absolute contraindications and
  • Local contraindications

Relative contraindications: Relative contraindications for dental implants are diabetes, angina pectoris, radiation therapy on neck and head, pregnancy and tobacco and alcohol dependents.

  • Diabetes: Patients having diabetes with blood glucose level less than 150mg/dl have low risk of complications if special care is taken.
  • Angina Pectoris: Angina pectoris is a pain in the chest or cardial muscle. Patients having a history of angina pectoris in the last two months can not undergo implants surgery.
  • Radiation therapy on neck and head: Patients who are undergoing cancer therapy on neck and head are also not suitable for implants. It is suggested that better to avoid implant placement to avoid complications.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnant women have contraindication to dental implants. The medicines used and the stress during surgery is not good for pregnant women.
  • Tobacco and alcohol dependents: People who smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day are contraindication to implants. Smokers have less calcium absorption that leads to aging of bones.

Absolute contraindications:
Absolute contraindications are patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer, bone disorder, bi phosphate medications, immuno suppressants and hypertension.

  • Cancer: Patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer have contraindication to implant placement.
  • Bone disorders: Dental implants require enough jaw bone density. Bone disorders like osteoporosis is a contraindication to implant because it lowers the bone density which leads to failure of implant placement.
  • Bi phosphate medications: Use of bi phosphates leads to death of jaw bones. Therefore patients who are undergoing bi phosphate medications are not suitable for implants.
  • Immuno suppressants: Patients under the treatment of immuno suppressants are contraindication to implant placement as they suppress the immune system and it does not heal quickly.
  • Hypertension: Hypertensive patients who are taking medicines will effect the implant process. The side effects of hypertensive drugs like hyperplasia are contraindication to the implant placement.

Local contraindications:
Local contraindications to dental implant placements are:

  • Patients having low bone density and quality
  • Patients having poor oral hygiene
  • Patients suffering with dryness of mouth
  • Patients with clenching of teeth
  • Patients having mucous membrane related problems
  • Patients having unbalanced relation with upper and lower teeth

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