Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Car battery maintenance is important, as this part plays a major role in smooth functioning of the vehicle. For maintaining car batteries, there are a number of things you can do to prolong its performance. You need not have to do much about caring for the battery and just need to follow certain tips so that your car won’t stop and make you stand in the middle of the road.

In this article, we will discuss tips to improve the performance of your batteries.

  • Keep battery clean: Clean the batteries terminals so as to ensure the terminals as well as the connectors are dust free and there is nothing to interrupt the supply of the power. Moreover, batteries that are dirty can lead to corrosion and discharge.
  • Get your engine serviced regularly: Engine that is in poor condition may overload the battery and reduces its life.
  • Perform regular inspection and tests: It is easier to detect problems in the batteries when you regularly maintain. Perform the basic car battery check up routine once in a month for ensuring optimum performance.
    • First step in this battery check up routine is to make sure that the battery is clean and dry. Dirt and grime can interrupt with the battery performance. Clean/wipe off the dirt with the clean cloth that is static free.
    • Inspect the clamps, screws, cables and terminals for any damages, loose connections, cuts, scratches and breakage. Also, check for corrosion and see whether the connections are tight.
    • Then check the battery case for any cracks or any other damage. If any cracks in the case, there is the possibility that the car battery was overheated.
    • Inspect the water levels to ensure that they cover the top of the battery plates. If needed, fill it with distilled or demineralised water. (Do not overfill so as to avoid water spillage)
    • Check battery with a voltmeter (battery analyser or hydrometer) regularly. If needed, charge the battery.
  • Keep check on when the service is needed: Keep checking when the batteries require servicing. This is very important step. Poor maintenance can effect the efficiency of the the battery performance.
  • Remember that excess of cold is not good for the batteries: Opting for an engine or battery heater is the best way. This helps in smooth functioning of the battery.
  • Follow manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines: Car’s battery manufacturers have recommended maintenance and care procedures for their products. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines for ensuring the batteries’ integrity and function.

Many car care service centers are available that will check your car regularly. It also help your car to get inspected by a trusted and experienced mechanic.

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Updated: March 16, 2015 — 3:48 am


  1. Great useful advice. Cold weather is the biggest problem with a car battery, when battery fluid get freeze and car need extra charging, a battery warmer is a great solution for cold weather.

  2. Good tips! These will definitely come in handy to keep your car battery in good condition. Maintenance is very important, it is not only safer but also extends its lifetime.

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