Video Factors’ Influence on Auto Shoppers

More people are interested on do it your self attitude. Instead of searching for someone to know about the automotive information, people are depending on videos increasingly. Video is one of the best effective media to tell clearly both visual and audio explanations. Videos also play a prominent role in the auto shoppers buying process. In this article, we will see a recently released research by Google to know about the video trend clearly.

  • Video research is on the rise: The online video research is on the rise among automotive shoppers. In the last year (2012) 78% of video researchers plan to watch videos the next time they shop for a car or truck. For the next year (2013) these are raised to 84%.
  • Time spent on watching videos is increasing: The amount of time spent on watching videos is growing. At present half of auto shoppers watch 30 minutes or more. 1 in 4 auto shoppers watched more than one hour while researching, which is up 57% over last year.
  • Brand discovery and consideration: Videos are helping to advance brand discovery and consideration.
    • 57% of auto shoppers said watching videos online helped them to introduce new brands.
    • 47% of auto shoppers said that they first heard about cars or trucks by watching online videos.
    • 74% said that videos are helped them to learn more about specific trucks or cars.
    • 65% auto shoppers said that they were able to narrow down their options after watching.
    • Online videos are became the top format for driving brand consideration. 37% said that online video ads prompt them for brand consideration. The tablet advertising, direct mail and cell phone ads are closer to this with 36%, 35% and 35% respectively.
  • Shoppers are taking action after watching video: The auto shoppers are taking some action after they watched the videos online.
    • 61% of auto shoppers used their computer to find more information after watching a video.
    • 49% of auto shoppers visited a dealership after watching a video.
    • 37% of auto shoppers searched dealership’s inventory after watching a video.
    • 33% of auto shoppers talked to friends, family or colleagues after watching a video.
    • 22% of auto shoppers said they viewed the video next to them they were watching.
    • 22% of auto shoppers used their mobile devices to find more information after watching a video.

Among all the formats of online advertising, online video is the No. 1 for influencing factor among shoppers. This report was done by the Millward Brown Digital and Google with more than 2,000 surveys and above 4,000 purchaser digital paths click stream analysis fielded up to May 2013.

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