Tips for Effective Contextual Campaign

Contextual advertising helps to target the visitors based on the website content. They can see the relevant ads that the visitors are searching for or reading in the website’s page. These advertisements are displayed in a vast number of websites that your ad network having to serve. The advertisement can be on websites or other media such as mobile. Now we will see some tips to lead the contextual campaign effectively.

  • Audience analysis: For a successful contextual advertising analyzing your audience will play a crucial role. Conduct a thorough internet usage habits study before you targeting a specific demographic. With this data, you can publish your ads during time slots where the internet usage by those demographics is high. You can deliver targeted offers and messages. It will increase overall conversions and brand image can grow substantially.
  • Exclude the less conversion sites: In case of contextual advertising, you need to track your click through ratio (CTR) and responses. With these, you can find some websites having high conversion rates and some are only increase advertising expenses with less conversions. Rather than using large negative keywords lists, exclude the worst performing websites from your campaign.
  • Keywords: Keywords are crucial in the contextual marketing. When you are creating a keywords list for your campaign, try to create thematic and broad list of keywords instead of using approximations and synonyms for a few words. The contextual advertising does not work exclusively scanning by matching keywords; it works by scanning for similar content, because such type of list is necessary. A list of synonymous or approximations keywords mean your ad displayed only on the sites that your keywords corresponding specialized only. A thematic keywords list will help you to reach a broader range of customers.
  • Make it attractive: Carefully observe your competitors contextual ads and consider them. Find and try a way to make your ads stronger in terms of both creativity and keyword selection. Remember, you really have to stand out, among that the contextual targeted ads morass out there. To boost up your click through rates, consider using powerful offers, capitalized text and customer testimonials. Do design differently for each type of advertising if you have different campaigns. Since the purpose of each type of ad, campaign differs. Try designing different descriptions for advertisements and different landing pages based on final goal of concern campaign.

Contextual targeting ads ensure a decent return on investment (ROI) and can introduce your business brand and products and/or services to millions of potential prospects. However, contextual ad campaign requires proper approach to attain proper success.

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