Reasons for Auto Dealership not to Ignore Bing

There is no question about the domination of search engine market by Google. It is often the only and first thought when dealing with the search engines. However, sensible marketers understand that auto dealership should not to ignore other search engines, especially Bing. Here are some reasons for auto dealerships should consider Bing when crafting an online marketing strategy.

  • Bing ads are efficient and cheaper: Are Microsoft Bing advertisements cost lower and are more efficient way of generating leads for auto dealerships? Google’s Adwords program often gets the core share of the digital advertisement budgets, but may be it is time to rethink that strategy. When using Bing there is certainly very less competition and a lower cost to nabbing highly coveted keywords, and cheaper need not mean less effective. According to Brain Utter (general manager of Bing), healthy clicks over the past year from the Bing advertisements have seen a 25% increase. These clicks are important because they can maintain an advertiser’s ROI (return on investment).
  • Easy way to expand your market: Bing is not only a simple to implement, but will also help you to reach millions of unique Internet searchers, including those who do not search on Google search engine. If your dealership have Google Adwords account and is already set up, it just takes a few clicks to port over the Google campaigns into the Bing advertisement platform. There are 163 million unique searchers on the Yahoo and the Bing network in the United States, and whom 54 million do not search on Google. Once you port it to Bing you can access them. In addition to this, these searchers spend 23% more than the average Internet searchers and 5.6% more than the Google searchers online. It shouldn’t be ignored as it is certainly an untapped market.
  • New updates: The new interface by the Bing is more visually appearing and certainly cleaner. They have tightened the brand elements, introduced new fonts and updated the logo. However, revamp is not strictly cosmetic. The page zero helping before finish search, as it allows the users to take action or to get answers even before they see results page. The pose position is designed for high confidence results, it is the surface area at the top of search results page.
  • Bing search result are preferred over Google nearly 2:1: Microsoft blind tested Bing in the recent Bing it on challenge against search engine champ Google. It was carried out by “Answers Research” an independent company, conducted ten searches drawn from out of 450 possibilities. The results reveled that more people preferred Bing over Google. Of nearly 1000 participants, 57.4% choose Bing, 30.2% chose Google more often and 12.4% resulted in a draw.

Bing continues to increase its search market share. While Google still has a commanding lead in United States in explicit core search, Bing has been making a healthy showing. According to the comScore’s recent search engine rankings, the market share of Bing is 18%. It is large enough of the pie to make savvy marketers sit up and take notice.

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