All You Need to Know About Head Hunting

Head hunting is a professional approach in searching, tracking and selecting people who are talented and are working in some other company. It is mostly used by large organizations. Head hunting differs from other recruitment process. Patience, commitment and much efforts are needed in this process. A lot of time is involved in this process. It is done to select the best candidate who can make your business successful.

Things that you need to know about head hunting:

  • Updating your profile: Your LinkedIn profile should be updated, as it will keep you in demand and noticeable. It should be updated with current information.
  • Using keywords: Keywords are used by recruiters for searching on Google and LinkedIn. If appropriate keywords are not there in your profile, you will not be ranked in recruiters search.
  • Reviewing your CV: Latest version of your CV should be loaded on LinkedIn and Google and must be given to recruiters as it will be saved in their database.
  • Registering with relevant recruitment agencies: Before registering yourself, see to it that the recruitment agency is relevant or not.
  • Making yourself known: Getting involved with networking groups, speaking at events, publishing articles, etc is the best way of making yourself known. In this way you will be recognized by many industries and head hunters. You will be approached by many companies and head hunters.
  • Be good and make yourself present: People will not like you, if you are not good, pleasant and fair (not in complexion, but in work). They may also not recommend you if you are on LinkedIn or Google.
  • Having a twitter account: Create a twitter account as twitter helps making someone more visible. To get double coverage, get linked to LinkedIn.
  • Posting your CV online: This is the best way of getting head hunted, as most companies search on website for talented candidates.
  • Creating a portfolio: Making a slide share power point presentation can also help in your profile getting raised.
  • Facebook: Facebook is often used to find out junior candidates attitude, your facebook privacy setting should be checked so that you won’t get overlooked by recruiters.

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