Vitamins Specific to Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a very crucial stage for women, and therefore, needs special attention and proper care. Any negligence in health care may affect fetal development. There are some vitamins that should be taken by pregnant women as well as those who want to conceive.

This article is about the vitamins that are necessary during pregnancy.

Folic acid – If the mother has folic acid deficiency, newborn is affected with neural problems like ‘spina bifida’ which means incomplete formation and splitting of spinal cord. Daily recommended folic acid for pregnant women is 10mcg per day. Because of this reason doctors suggest folic acid capsules to overcome neurological disorders.

Vitamin D – Main function of this vitamin is absorption of calcium for bone development. Deficiency of this vitamin will affect improper bone formation leading to fragile, weakened bones in new born. It is required in high amounts by mother, as most of the calcium is taken away or utilized by the fetus for calcium and phosphorous metabolism.
Pregnant women having deficiency of this vitamin can have early softening of bones leading to a condition called ‘osteoporosis’.

Calcium – Calcium is mainly involved in bone formation and development. Vitamin D deficiency disables absorption of calcium from intestine and deposition of calcium in bones.

Vitamin B complex and vitamin C – Both vitamin B complex and vitamin C help in developing resistance against diseases. They help in effective functioning of immune system. During pregnancy, women with this vitamin deficiency have regular vomiting, tiredness, vomiting sensation in early morning.

Iron – It is an important mineral required during pregnancy. Deficiency of iron leads to inadequate supply of oxygen to baby, sometimes leading to abortions, low birth weight of newborn. Generally, iron is required in large amounts by mothers because blood is lost during child delivery, if it is not replaced, it leads to anemia that is, low production of red blood cells which may at times lead to unconsciousness.

Vitamin that should be avoided – Vitamin A should be avoided during pregnancy. It is proven to have negative effects on development of fetus.

Be careful about the diet you take, see that your food includes all the vitamins discussed except for vitamin A. Taking iron rich foods like leafy vegetables, can prevent anemia, milk compensates vitamin D and calcium deficiencies. Today, prenatal vitamins are suggested by doctors to meet the requirements of vitamins. These supplements contain folic acid, iron, calcium and vitamin D.

Having enough sleep, avoid situations that increase stress, listening to good stories, having a pleasant environment around you and having healthy diet will help in giving birth to healthy and normal baby.

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