Facebook Timeline- Favorite Application of FB Users

Facebook timeline is the new application launched by Facebook. It is the application which has made the total look of a profile more appealing. Timeline consists of three parts.

Facebook Timeline Cover: This appears to be seen first when a user visits your profile. It is loaded with a unique image that represents the best of you.

Facebook Timeline Stories: This represents the story of your profile from months and years that is; from beginning, middle and till date. It shows the Facebook posts, photos, videos and life events.

Facebook Timeline Apps: It shows the social apps that represent who you are from the things you do.

Facebook timeline will become available for all user’s, once you activate timeline, you’ll have 7 days to preview your timeline to others.

Timeline allows users to select and highlight the posts, photos and life events which let you tell your story. Timeline also comes up with privacy options, letting you show the events only you wish to your friends.

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