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What are the Features of Mainframe Computers?

Businesses/companies rely on mainframes because of their great features. Here we help you know about mainframe features.

  • After processing massive amount of data, mainframes continue to perform the task accurately. No malicious attacks.
  • Mainframes are known for its long-term performance. Once installed and operated, they run for many years.
  • Mainframes can prevent huge loss by detecting problems in early stages.
  • Mainframes have higher capacity of processing levels to handle huge amount of data at reliable speeds.
  • These computers have high storage capacity because they process large volume of data and they have the capability of storing the data.
  • While processing data, some amount of workload is shared among different processors and input/output devices. This facilitates higher performance.
  • Mainframe system allows centralized computing of operations.
  • Mainframe systems can run multiple operating systems at a time and thus we can say it is not a single computer.
  • Mainframes gives access to multiple users and operate data simultaneously because of its time-sharing feature.
  • Input-output connectivity levels are at peak state.
  • Provides maximum band-width for input-output.
  • Handles and manages large number of users.

These features make large companies or business enterprises consider mainframes as their best computing device for processing critical applications.

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Facebook Timeline- Favorite Application of FB Users

Facebook timeline is the new application launched by Facebook. It is the application which has made the total look of a profile more appealing. Timeline consists of three parts.

Facebook Timeline Cover: This appears to be seen first when a user visits your profile. It is loaded with a unique image that represents the best of you.

Facebook Timeline Stories: This represents the story of your profile from months and years that is; from beginning, middle and till date. It shows the Facebook posts, photos, videos and life events.

Facebook Timeline Apps: It shows the social apps that represent who you are from the things you do.

Facebook timeline will become available for all user’s, once you activate timeline, you’ll have 7 days to preview your timeline to others.

Timeline allows users to select and highlight the posts, photos and life events which let you tell your story. Timeline also comes up with privacy options, letting you show the events only you wish to your friends.

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Medication Safety Tips

People of age above 50 years or older take more medications than any other age group. Taking medications some times risky to those people as a group tend to have more long-term, chronic illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases etc,. Because they may have a number of health issues at the same time they tend to take multiple medications.

Taking multiple medicines is not always easy because it may be hard to remember what each medicine is for, and how and when you should take it.

So, below are some helpful instructions about taking medicines to avoid any mistakes that can cause severe health issues:

  • Always take medication which is prescribed for you only so that the dosage will be correctly meet according to your needs. Here make sure that don’t take others medicine because it can be extremely dangerous.
  • Before taking it, always check the label on your medicine whether it is intended for the correct person or not.
  • Throw the medications which are expired or discontinued because it loses its effectiveness, and keeping discontinued medication in your home can make it all too easy for mix-ups to occur.
  • Never put or multiple medications in the same bottle.
  • Don’t take the medicines which are not marked clearly by the doctor.
  • Read and save any written information that comes with the medicine.
  • At correct time, take the medicine.
  • Never take more or less than the prescribed amount of any medicine.
  • If swallowing tablets is difficult, then ask your doctor whether there is a liquid form of the medicine or whether you could crush your tablets.
  • Always keep medicines out of children.