Check Oil Fluids in Your Car to Avoid Leaks and Engine Wear

Constant monitoring of oil fluids can keep your car in tip-top shape. You can see the figure of the engine in the owners manual where you can find all the oil fluids. Suppose you lost the manual or never you have it, then you ask the mechanic or one of your friends who knows about locations of oil fluids present in your car.

Following are the oil fluids you have to check in your car to avoid leaks and engine wear.

  • Car engine oil: It is usually present in front part of the car I.e engine and on it a label you can find as ‘OIL’. You can check the oil level after engine is OFF. Use stick to find the level of the oil or you can take reading on the dipstick. Sometimes it is hard to see the fresh oil, so have to hold the dipstick to the light to get a good reading. You will find two marks indicating minimum and maximum level for the oil on the dipstick.
  • Transmission fluid: Check with the dipstick to know the level of fluid. It can be found at the engine backside. You have to check the fluid by looking at the owners manual or on the dipstick.
  • Engine coolant: Don’t open radiator cap until and unless your engine is cool. If you open, you may get hot splash from it. You can find the marking levels in overflow bottle present in it. Maintain coolant levels in between these markings.
  • Power steering fluid: This fluid helps you steer the car. You can also check the level using dipstick but at optimal temperatures.
  • Car brake fluid: You can check brake fluid level directly from the top of the master cylinder.
  • Windshield washer fluid: This is the blue liquid that you can find out of your hood. Markings you may not find because this will be beneath the cars.

So, before you fill the fluids in the car, try to know the levels and fill fluids accordingly.

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