The Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry Procedures

This procedure is used because it is clean as well as less invasive than surgical methods. This process heals much faster when compared to conventional surgical procedures. This laser is used after the removal of the calculus and the tartar to selectively remove the infected or diseased tissue lining which are pockets around the teeth. It also removes the bacteria that cause gum disease and it also promotes healing of your gums around the teeth.

The soft tissue laser dentistry procedure includes the following:

Lengthening the Crowns:
The gum tissues are reshaped by the dental lasers and also the bone to expose healthy as well as solid tooth structure which is to aid in the placement of dental restoration that includes crowns and fillings. It is done when the tooth is to be fixed.

Gummy Smile:
To improve the appearance of the gummy smile the dental lasers are used to reshape the tissue of gum which is not only improves the appearance of the smile but also to expose the healthy tooth structure.

The Attachment Of Muscles:
For the children, who are tongue tied and also for the babies who are unable to breast feed adequately due to the limit tongue movements the ideal treatment option is laser frenectomy.

Soft Tissue Folds:
For the soft tissue folds, that are caused by the ill-fitting dentures, the dental laser may be used to the painless and suture free for the removal of the soft tissue folds.

Removing Swollen Tissue:
Dental laser is used to remove the excess tissue which is caused due to the medications, poor oral hygiene or the systemic diseases.

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