Ten Things You Must Know about Your Car

Every person who drives should know the car one is going to drive, else it may be troublesome because one is familiar with such situation.

Following are ten things that everybody should know:

  1. Know your car make, year model: knowing this information, you can shop parts or accessories for your car, you can give your car for servicing, or also you can choose best automobile insurance cover. It is also helpful to know the value of your vehicle when you wanted to sell.
  2. Checking tire pressure: Monitoring tire pressure is a better thing for your car. As the tire goes compressing you need to pump air levels in for warming up. By maintaining correct levels of air pressure in tires, you can increase your car tires life.
  3. Changing a tire: If you are going for an important appointment on a long drive where there is no service of automobile and your tire is punctured, what will you do? You don’t have enough time also to wait for someone to arrive. So, it is better to learn changing a tire. This will help you in emergencies.
  4. Wiper blade changing: As time passes, wiper blades become brittle. If this happens in a snowstorm, or heavy rainstorm, you have to change. If you know this, you can change wiper blades on your own without going to parts store or service.
  5. Know the fluid insertions and check points: Knowing of all fluids insertions and their appropriate check parts, you can maintain your car for longer periods.
  6. Place of Battery: You need to know that where your car battery is located because your door buzzers, flash lights, bells all work on this only.
  7. Type and Grade of fuel: Every vehicle performs differently on different fuels. Find the right choice of fuel for your vehicle.
  8. Time of last oil change: Remember when was the last time you changed oil in your car so that you can know the mileage levels.
  9. Maintenance intervals: Maintaining records of your car will help you know about condition of your car.
  10. Noises: Knowing the common noises produced by your vehicle, you can decide what to do at that time.

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Updated: February 17, 2016 — 5:24 am
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