How Dangerous is Drunk Driving?

Drunk driving is not only illegal in every state but also unsafe to operate any vehicle. If any person drives in this condition, his mind won’t work properly. If he continues to drive in this condition, he may behave differently and may become out of control because he don’t know what he is doing. However, a person who drinks alcohol cannot predict the things properly and may become over-aggressive. This results injuries and or accidents.

After consuming alcohol, it passes or absorbed into the person’s blood stream. This results improper functioning of brain. So he don’t receive signals immediately from his eyes because information that he receives gets processed slowly. However, alcohol slows down the brains reaction time by 30%. It also disallow or disables the person doing from multiple tasks.

The other effects of alcohol is, it lowers the visibility. Person when in under the influence of alcohol, he can’t see the distant objects because his vision becomes blurred sometimes he may see double objects. Perceptiveness becomes weaker. Because of this, he don’t know what’s happening on the road. This leads to accident risk.

A driver with alcohol concentration levels of 0.10 or more than this level may involve in motor accidents than the persons who don’t consume alcohol. However, most people complained that drunk driving had affected their lives.

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