Importance of Meditation?

Our world is a noisy, busy, chaotic, and not conductive to spiritual attainment. We people start the day with busy and end our working day with impatience and frustration. So, to avoid these effects of daily struggling, meditation is the best tonic. Many people confuse about what is meditation and how can it be done or unable to meditate.

Meditation is just the quieting the mind by stopping all the thoughts coming in. It will increase the concentration, attentiveness, and relaxation on a needed point. Most people who attempt to stop all the thoughts found that quieting the mind is difficult. But routine practicing of meditation can bring the results.

Meditation is anything that brings us to the present and keeps us there. It connects the time and a heightened awareness of yourself in conjunction with everything around you. In the busy schedule, it’s easy to get overloaded and miss out on the most part of life like the joy it can bring. We need to slow down and go into the deep to find those sweet memorable moments of inner calm and clarity. Meditation is do just that. Through slowing down and controlling the mind, meditation increases consciousness about what is happening around our surroundings and creates an awareness of our inner-selves.

The main principle of meditation is that:

  • Focus- Focusing on an object or breathing can help you to concentrate on what you want.
  • Quieting the mind- Your mind passes through many thoughts, concentrating on one thought will suppresses remaining thoughts. The mind will wonder and you will be distracted from your object of concentration with other thoughts. With time and practice, the mind learns to tune out these distractions and the sole focus remains on the object.
  • Control-In meditation, you can tap into the flow of Prana through breathing to increase, decrease or focus your energy.
  • Senses-With the help of meditation, you can control all your senses of sight, sound, smell, and feel to bring you to the present.

Therefore, meditation is a technique that helps us control our mind and relax our bodies.

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