Guidelines for Designing a Website

website monitoring serviceWhenever you design a website for online marketing, you must take the help of a web designer for designing your website because the website represents your business. The web designer creates a website that is attractive, easy to access and functions optimally. It will convince visitors regarding how useful it is for them. Before planning and designing the website, you should consider some points.

Following are the guidelines for designing an effective website:

  • Usability is the first thing you need to consider when designing a website. So make sure that your site is usable by everyone.
  • Whatever content you are providing in your website for visitors, it should be of quality, related to your business, without any grammar and spelling errors, knowledgeable information. Always keep in your mind that you provide the valuable information in your site because visitors may find your website useful as it benefits them.
  • When you design your website, keep in mind that your website should load in any browser because today so many browsers are in use. Get your website designed in such a way that it works properly in the most widely used web browsers.
  • Regularly check all site links whether they are properly working or not.
  • website monitoringMost people move away from websites which take more time to download. It is therefore important to make your photos and graphic files to as small as possible without sacrificing quality of picture to make them web compatible.
  • Use background colors if you are using white colored text and also use same colors for links to distinguish the text from links. By doing this, users can easily differentiate links from text.
  • Keep your pages clutter free and avoid unnecessary content or things that distract the visitors’ attention.
  • People have slow Internet or devices that are not multimedia-compatible. So, try to use streaming media as it reduces download time. Put if any important information present in multimedia in the form of text so that visitor can access the information without using multimedia.
  • Avoid using frames. It becomes difficult for users to bookmark any page that may visitors find useful.
  • Don’t annoy visitors.

The main thing is to make a design of the website in such a way that users are attracted to visit your site.

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