Tips for Towel Care and Maintenance

There is nothing as helpful as a fresh and clean towel when you come out after a shower and bath. Each of us use our own towel in our house. After bathing or showering we use a towel to clean the wet on our body. Make sure that the towel is hang to dry up after using it.

Some care and maintenance is essential towards towels.

  • The towels should not be washed after each use. They wear out very quickly if washed frequently.
  • Wash the new towel with warm water before using it, in order to eliminate extra dyes and residues from manufacturing.
  • A good way of washing towels is by using white vinegar for every six to eight weeks.
  • You can use half the amount of detergents recommended by the manufacturer while washing towels.
  • Make sure that light and dark items are separately washed.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners, as they cause build up of residue on the fabric fibers.
  • Mild bleaching will help to prevent whites from dulling and to retain the color.
  • If the towels are dried in a dryer, it kills most of the bacteria.

With proper care and maintenance, towels appear clean and fresh. Free from bad smell, enables the towel to last longer. Looks fluffy and more absorbent. Gives a great look and feel to the user.

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