Tips on Reducing your Water Consumption

There are a number of ways to reduce the water consumption which doesn’t require much effort. Here are some tips for water consumption.

  • Always check your faucets and pipes for leaks because a small drip from a worn faucet can cause waste of some gallons of water.
  • Turn off the tap when you are brushing and turn on when required.
  • Always run your washing machine and dishwasher whenever they are full, because it saves a lot of water.
  • Always wash fruit and vegetables in a bowl full of water this will help you to save water.
  • After washing the fruits and vegetables, pour remaining water to the plants.
  • Never use a pipe to clean your home instead, use bucket. This will help you save more water.
  • Instead of throwing aquarium water outside, pour this water to plants. It helps you fulfil the required nutritional elements to the plants.
  • Never use the toilet for flushing small things such as cigarettes, papers etc. Always use water for the intended one so that the water will not be wasted.
  • Use water-saving shower heads and low-flow faucet aerators in your bathrooms so that the water will not be wasted.
  • If you want to bath with shower, then turn off the shower while you soap and then turn on the shower while you rinse.
  • Never put the sprinkler for smaller gardens to wet. Always use the sprinkler whenever you are having larger garden areas.
  • Pour water to your lawn whenever it is required.
  • While cleaning the car, never let the water to flow freely.

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