Due to global warming, most people are facing uncomfortable in summers because of heat. So, in order to keep their house cool they purchase AC, coolers etc, that give a lot of burden to them in the terms of electricity bills.

Here are some of the tips for keeping your home cool:

  • When the outside air is cooler than the inside air of your home then open your windows so that your home occupies a breeze of fresh and cool air.
  • Never open your windows whenever outside air is so hot because your home will occupies hot air.
  • Have window tinting to your home which prevents the sun rays entering into your home and makes your home so cool.
  • Never open your windows whenever the sun is hitting the glass otherwise the temperature in your home will be increased.
  • To some extent ceiling fans are helpful in making your home cool. The cost of ceiling fans in the electricity bill is less even you run them continuously.
  • Air-conditioning is the best choice for keeping your home cool but it will lead to heavy electricity bill.
  • Install white window shades, drapes, or blinds to reflect heat away from the house.
  • Never use the appliances that emit heat with the other appliances this will lead to raise in interior room temperature.
  • Never cook the food items whenever the interior of your house is so hot. Always get the interior air out by using vent fans.
  • If you have curtains to windows or doors then cover the windows.
  • Plant shade tress around the house so that most of the sun rays won’t fall on your home.

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